Dietary Supplements

Caucasian hellebore: how to take it to lose weight

Caucasian hellebore is a poisonous grass that occurs in the Caucasus mountains, from where it got its name. As a remedy is mentioned in the medical treatises of Avicenna and in later medical works.

Pills for weight loss "Trimeks": reviews

Among the many means for weight loss there are particularly effective drugs that can not be bought uncontrolled, but only by prescription. These include trimeks for weight loss, the principle of which is to suppress the think tank, which is responsible for feeling hungry and appetizing.

Fiber for weight loss: Siberian, flax, wheat, pharmacy

Fiber is food fiber of food of vegetable origin. From it, the cell membranes of plants are built. It is not digested with enzymes in the stomach and duodenum.

Application of herb thistle for weight loss: useful properties, reviews of those who lose weight

Milk thistle is a scientific name for a plant that many people know as a thorn, a weed growing on vacant lots and roadsides. At the same time, it is a useful medicinal plant, which is widely used in medicine due to its composition.

Spirulina slimming: instructions for use

What is spirulina? This is one of the types of blue-green algae that is grown under special conditions and is used as a forage and biologically active substance.

Products Typhoon for weight loss: tea, green coffee, cream, tablets

A series of typhoon drugs for weight loss is relatively new, but actively gaining popularity. The manufacturer of the product is the concern "Fitobiotechnology" (Ukraine). What is the reason for the popularity of the typhoon among people who want to lose weight?

Glucophage tablets for weight loss: how to take, dosage

This drug is addressed to people with insulin-independent diabetes and overweight in order to reduce the initial concentration of glucose in the blood serum, as well as to reduce this index stimulated by food intake.

Diet pills with sibutramine: instructions and treatment

Currently, the sale of medicines with this active ingredient is temporarily discontinued in the territory of the European Union, in Australia, the USA, Canada and Ukraine, in Russia they can only be bought on prescription.

Slimming night snack

The drug will be the optimal solution for people leading a low-activity lifestyle, because it promotes the activation of metabolic processes.

Siyushu for weight loss: pills, capsules

The effectiveness of this remedy is based on the ability of the algae to leave a feeling of satiety in the stomach. In addition, they consist mainly of indigestible fiber, which is completely eliminated from the body.


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