Ovulation test: principle of action, sensitivity

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Last reviewed: 23.04.2024

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Ovulation is considered as the main stage during menstruation, during which the maximum likelihood of fertilization is manifested. The date of ovulation is important from the point of view of family planning, since the couple who are trying to have a baby should know clearly the period when this phenomenon occurs. Ovulation means the maximum physical readiness for conception. Today, to determine a clear date is not difficult, to help create  an ovulation test - A specially developed test system, which makes it possible to determine the exact time the ovary exits from the ovary. This means full maturity. The principle of the test is based on the capture of the concentration of hormones, the level of which varies significantly during this period. Applying tests, you can significantly increase the chances of conceiving a child, because an accurate knowledge of the time of ovulation makes it possible to perform sexual intercourse in this period.

The sensitivity of ovulation tests

It is considered as high. The test is based on the fact that they can determine the concentration at each time of the finding of the luteinizing hormone. This is the hormone that is responsible for the possibility of fertilization. Its concentration rises sharply when it is planned to enter the fallopian tubes, where further fertilization takes place. When stimulating or planning a family, the doctor, using ultrasound, determines how mature the follicle is. Reaching a size of about 18-20 mm, indicates that he is able to ovulate. Then, at home, the doctor recommends that a woman be tested regularly. Further results will be obtained that will accurately indicate the time of release of the oocyte. In order to improve accuracy, it is better to monitor the indicators in dynamics.

Can the ovulation test be wrong?

The risk of errors and inaccuracies, unfortunately, also exists. This is due to the mechanism of the test. It catches only a change in the concentration of LH, which rises sharply in connection with ovulation. But due to various reasons, ovulation may not take place.

In addition, a sharp surge of the hormone also occurs due to various pathologies of the reproductive system, in some physiological and functional states. Increased levels of LH can contribute to ovarian depletion, disruption of normal hormonal metabolism and nervous processes in the body. Even kidney failure can dramatically distort the results. Many women experience similar bursts during the postmenopausal period.

Such changes can be permanent and variable. Many such changes occur after a woman suddenly stopped taking hormone drugs. Even a change in diet (harsh) can affect the level of the hormone. For example, if a person suddenly decided to become a raw food, or switched to vegetarianism. This is due to the fact that vegetable food contains a large number of phytohormones, which also affect the overall emotional background of a person.

The error occurs also under the influence of hormonal failure, which is not due to the LH jump, but is related to other indicators. Thus, LH at the molecular level has a structural identity with progesterone, which is produced during pregnancy. A certain level of similarity exists between other hormones, mainly of glycoprotein origin: hCG, FSH, TSH. They are also produced, cross-reactions occur, which are reflected as false positive results. This situation occurs in cases when a woman intentionally injected hormonal drugs that artificially stimulate ovulation. Therefore, it is necessary to take this moment into account beforehand, and not to do the test directly after such procedures, it will be completely uninformative. False negative indicators almost never happen, except if the test is overdue or incorrectly applied. Avoid confusion, you can not counting in controversial situations, and also when there is a hormonal failure. More accurate is the hardware study.

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Principle of tests for ovulation

It consists in the ability of the test system to recognize LH, to communicate with it, which is expressed as a positive result. In the absence (small concentrations of LH), the reaction does not occur, the test result is negative.

This is due to the fact that the maturation process is accompanied by a sharp surge of LH, indicates an approaching ovulation, during which it is possible to become pregnant.

What are the tests for ovulation?

First, they are distinguished by some external similarity with pregnancy tests. The material of the study is urine. There are tests produced by various manufacturers. They contain certain characteristics and accuracy. Are sold in a free access, differ in a different price category. The assortment is represented by traditional test strips, strip-systems and tablets. Inkjet and digital systems are also used.

Cheap and inexpensive tests for ovulation

The main difference between the tests is the accuracy and reliability of the measurements. Today, three manufacturers have proved themselves the best: Frautest, Eviplan and Clearblue. They are relatively inexpensive. They are the best option if you take the price-quality ratio. Are sold in a free access.

The company Frautest may interest the buyer with three sharply different products, which have different accuracy and direction of diagnosis. The main parameters can be characterized as high. The first version is presented by test strips, which are available in 5 pieces per pack. It is advisable to apply in the event that a woman can boast of the regularity of the cycle. The second set consists of 5 test strips that allow you to determine the period of onset of ovulation, as well as 2 tests to check if a pregnancy has occurred. The third set is ideal for women who do not have a regular cycle. In the package, you can find 7 strips. The average price category ranges from 350 to 800 rubles.

The company Eviplan offers a similar test system in an amount of 5 pieces. The reliability is not lower than in the first version. The cost is different - the average price is 300-310 rubles.

Clearblue can offer unique digital tests to consumers. The result will be recognized by the smiley, which will appear on the digital screen. Quite expensive option: the average cost within 1000 rubles.

Also, there are many domestic systems that guarantee the accuracy of the method by 99%. This is high enough reliability. But as practice shows, these systems practically do not attract the attention of women.


Test strips for ovulation

They react and trap LH in the liquid. It differs from the pregnancy test in that it contains various reagents that react to unequal substances. Used to identify very different hormones. The principle of application is primitive enough: you just need to take a strip and place it with utensils filled with urine. After a few minutes, you can already find out the result. Naturally, the method is not devoid of its shortcomings. They can not be called high-precision. Nevertheless, not one woman claims that they allow you to plan your pregnancy sufficiently effectively. It's quite easy to do this. If there is a positive result, a woman needs a sexual act, as she is ready for fertilization. If you do not want to become pregnant, you need to be as cautious as possible, protect yourself or avoid sexual intercourse.

Multiple test for ovulation

Today, there are also tests that can be used repeatedly. They are usually presented in the form of a portable set represented by a reader and test strips. Strips should be dropped for a few minutes into the urine, after which they must be inserted into a special device, which makes it possible to read the results.

Microscope test for determining ovulation

It is a digital version. Quite highly informative. It is applied repeatedly. Saliva is used as the test material. Contains magnifying device. He gives an opportunity to examine the smear. When you leave the egg in the saliva will appear a picture that visually resembles a fern, a frost on a winter window.

Ovulation test for saliva

Almost every company can present a test to a consumer, react with saliva. Various tests-microscopes and digital systems mainly use saliva as the object of research. The method is based on the fact that the composition of the woman's saliva varies and the composition of saliva is determined by the phase of the menstrual cycle. The probability of an error is almost completely eliminated.

Ink test for ovulation

Today they have found wide application, rather highly informative. To make them even easier: do not necessarily put in a container, just substitute directly under the jet during the toilet. 

What day after ovulation do the test?

It all depends on how long one cycle lasts. Diagnose should be 5-6 days in a row. You can not miss a single day, because you can skip ovulation. It is quite easy to make calculations. So, with a cycle duration of 28 days, the testing should start from 11 days. In this case, the first day should be considered the date when menstruation began. If the cycle lasts longer than 28 days, you should start holding 17 days before the start of the next menstruation. If the cycle is irregular, it will be necessary to make a choice and make some calculations. So, you need to know the shortest cycle in the last 6 months. And proceed from this parameter.

Ovulation test for an irregular cycle

Certain difficulties arise when a woman does not have a regular cycle. In this case, we start from the initial data, typical for the minimum cycle for the last 6 months. It is these parameters that are the basis for calculating the start time of testing. It should also be taken into account that if the cycle is irregular and frequent dysfunctions, such testing can be irrational, more specialized methods are required.

How do I do an ovulation test?

Before using the test, it is necessary to determine the exact time that the menstrual cycle lasts. To do this, you need to calculate how much time has passed from the beginning of one menstruation to the beginning of the next. And take the averaged data. Before proceeding with testing, it is advisable to read the instructions. Then you can proceed.

To do this, you need utensils, in which you can collect urine. Take a small amount of urine, dip a test strip there. The plot, which must be immersed, will be marked. By this label and need to put eats. Then you just need to wait a few seconds for the result. The first indicators can be estimated after 5 seconds, but to obtain maximum accuracy and reliability, it is necessary to wait for 10 minutes.

When tests are conducted, several points must be considered. First, the tests should be conducted daily, at approximately the same hours, which will significantly improve the accuracy. Do not do the test immediately after sleep, because at this time the urine contains an increased concentration of the hormone. Later this amount stabilizes. Accordingly, the result is more precise.

Also, it is not recommended to drink water before the test. It is also important to maintain sterility and tightness. Remove from the original package immediately before use. It must be kept sterile, the optimum moisture level must be maintained.

When to test for ovulation: in the morning or in the evening?

After the maturation of the egg, a high level of hormones holds for a day in a row. Increase the likelihood of positive results by testing twice a day. Once it is advisable to check in the morning, the second time - in the evening before going to bed. It is not rational to conduct the test immediately, as soon as you wake up. After sleep, the concentration of the hormone in the urine rises sharply, and gradually normalizes. The optimal time is the time interval from 10-00 to 20-00, which will make it possible to avoid false positive results.

Results of the test for ovulation

The result can be negative or positive. Also, you can never spark the possibility of getting false results, no matter how accurate the technique is. Accuracy exists always, even in highly specialized laboratories. The results are determined by comparing the result with the control test. Control can be found on the edge of the test field. After the test, a bar appears. The result will not be long in coming. You can start deciphering it in 1-2 minutes.

If you received a negative result - it means that there is no ovulation. Immediately after ovulation, negative results also appear when the cell has already emerged from the ovary. This process is accompanied by a decrease in the level of LH. Also, a negative variant appears if the test is overdue, and the reagent did not react. Recognize the result can be due to the inconspicuousness of the test strip. She will be very pale compared to the control.

If a positive result is obtained, this will be seen by the appearance of a dark strip. It will either be darker, or will not have any differences from the control. This is a direct sign of hormone release. It is also possible that the strip does not appear at all. This happens when the execution rules are not complied with, if it was overdue, spoiled.

Reviews about the test for ovulation

There are various and very conflicting reviews about the tests. A microscopic test is of interest. He has become just a true helper for many families who are planning a child. It allows you to control the moment of onset of ovulation. Only a drop of water is required and after a few minutes you can get the result. Also, the manual contains detailed comments, which make it possible to calculate the optimal timing for conception, and also start testing.

The test microscope is convenient for those who have problems with the regularity of the cycle. This device makes it possible to clearly monitor the dynamics of the onset of ovulation. The errors in the work are minimal, the reliability of the results is very high. As one woman writes, she managed not only to calculate the period, but also to anticipate the birth of a girl.

Also of interest is the response of a woman who shares her experience of how she managed to conceive a boy. Before that, 3 years could not be conceived. The ovulation test was advised to her by a gynecologist after the examination. The doctor advised using a mini-microscope. After the application of the microscope, it was possible to conceive from the first time, since the ovulation day was selected exactly. The advantage is that such a microscope of repeated use makes it possible to constantly monitor its processes in the body. To disadvantages can be attributed a relatively high cost. The usual  test for ovulation is  much cheaper.

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