Tests for ovulation: types, evaluation of results

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Last reviewed: 23.04.2024

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Today, the test for ovulation is in great demand among the population. It is used not only by women at home, but also by qualified doctors in medical institutions. It makes it possible to accurately determine the time when an ovum ripens in the body, and when its exit from the ovary is realized. It has long been an indispensable tool in the planning of pregnancy. It allows you to clearly determine the time of ovulation, and it is at this time to perform sexual intercourse, which will significantly increase the chances of conception. With this method, you can quickly achieve the desired results.

Positive Ovulation Test

Will show the moment of maturity of the egg and its willingness to exit. Usually, after the cell is fully ripe, its release occurs in the next 24 hours. If you want to get pregnant at this time, the ideal conditions for the implementation of sexual intercourse. Those who want to avoid pregnancy, you should avoid sexual contact or protect yourself.

Weak and pale stripe on ovulation test

The result is negative. Ovulation is not yet expected. It is either still far away, or it has recently happened.

Weak second strip on ovulation test

There is also a non-standard application, as one of the means of contraception. If the second strip has become highlighted, let it be very pale and inexpressive - a sign that the period of ovulation is approaching. Start using only protected sexual intercourse, or avoid intimacy. This method of protection is inexpedient, however, often practiced.

The test for ovulation showed two strips

High probability of ovulation. The egg has matured, sexual contact is needed if the woman wants to become pregnant.

Two bright strips on the test for ovulation

Detection of two bright strips on a recently performed test indicates that the result is positive. This means that the egg is already ripe, and very soon there will be a moment of onset of ovulation. It is possible to carry out a kind of quantitative analysis: the brighter the bands, the greater the release of the hormone occurred in the internal environment of the organism, and the faster the egg will exit. It is at this time that it is advisable to plan sexual contact. The chances of pregnancy are now at the peak of the likelihood of implementation.

The test for ovulation showed a bright second strip

About approaching ovulation, which will occur during the current 1-2 days, says a bright and expressive second strip, appeared on the test. This is a sign that the concentration of the hormone in the blood has reached quite high limits.

Smiley on the test for ovulation

When applying the digital version of the test, a positive result on the digital field forms a smiley. It is the ideal time to devote oneself to intimate relationships, since the probability of fertilization is maximal.

The strip on the ovulation test is lighter than the control

If such a result is obtained, this means that in the near future there can not be any talk about conception. The egg is not ripe, responsibly, ovulation will not.

Positive test for ovulation in pregnancy

Consider the essence of both systems, which will give us an understanding of the mechanism, how they operate, and also what, in fact, can be expected of them. These two tests have absolutely different mechanisms of action, and therefore there can not be any intersections between them. They catch absolutely different hormones. In pregnancy, determine hCG, to determine ovulation, you need to know the concentration of LH. In the first case, you get information about whether the fertilization of the egg occurred, whether it was implanted in the mucous membrane of the uterus. The second test answers the question of whether it has matured and whether fertilization can occur.

As you can see, the test for ovulation absolutely can not say anything about pregnancy. But in some cases, they do show a positive result. It is regarded as false positive, because it is a consequence of a cross reaction, an imbalance with the predominance of PH. But it is not a direct confirmation of pregnancy.

Although the cases are encountered, they are quite rare. Most will be negative as soon as the ovulation is completed, regardless of whether the egg was fertilized in the future, or not.

Ovulation after an ovulation test

Getting a positive result is already a good achievement in reproductology. This means that the first step has already been taken: namely, you know the time when a mature egg will exit the ovary. You just have to catch this moment. When trying to get pregnant, a woman should plan sexual contact. The probability to conceive right now is the highest, and is about 33%, which is a good indicator for obstetrics and gynecology. If there are no pathologies and complicating factors, fertilization takes place.

The test for ovulation is eviplan (eviplan)

This brand produces highly sensitive tests that enable the precise determination of ovulation processes, even with a minimal degree of their severity (LH = 25mU / ml). In addition, jet tests are also available. By sensitivity, they practically do not have any differences from the strips. The only advantage is that they provide high hygienic performance of the study. A packing instruction is attached to the package, where all the implementation of the procedure and interpretation of the received data are described in detail.

Ovulation test for ovuplan (ovuplan)

This is a domestic system, designed specifically to determine ovulation. A method that guarantees a fairly high result. The reliability is extremely high and reaches 99%. Refers to inexpensive test systems, the price ranges from 200-250 rubles.

Ovulation test frautest (frautest)

One of the most popular tests, which is very fond of Russian women. It is recommended by gynecologists before beginning treatment of infertility and ovarian stimulation. Which is quite logical, because you can just not fall for the period of ovulation. Knowing exactly the time, when it occurs, the problem can be solved naturally, without resorting to additional medical interventions. Applying the test is easy. First, you need to take a material for further research. This will require a dose of morning urine. First, the toilet of the external genitalia is performed, sufficiently light, superficial, without the use of any additional means. Then, the first portion is released, the middle portion is collected, after which the urine residue is also released outside the jar. It is better to use disposable sterile jars, sold in a pharmacy. In the jar, lower one of the strips, wait for the system to react and show the result. You can see preliminary results in a few seconds. But to get accurate, well-established results, it takes about 10 minutes. Then you will be sure of the reliability of all the results, exclude the possibility of errors and errors.

The same company established the production of special kits that already contain an ovulation test and a pregnancy test. First, using the first test, ovulation is determined, the ideal time for sexual intercourse is selected. After a few weeks (an average of 7-14 days), a pregnancy test is performed, indicating whether the cell has fertilized. The company is focused on a wide range of consumers, almost everyone will be able to find the kind of product that is ideally suited to him. For example, there is a separate issue of test strips for women who do not have a regular cycle. Many people are skeptical about the stripes, expressing a clear mistrust towards them. And such people also have something to please and surprise. There are special test cassettes. Convenience of cassette methods is also different in that it is not required to produce a special collection of urine, it is enough to substitute a cassette for a stream of urine.

Ovulation test i sure

This is, perhaps, one of the best test systems, which is highly efficient. It is very reliable and accurate, allows you to achieve the definition of ovulation with a probability of 90%. The average cost is 150 rubles.

Ovulation test answer

With the help of this technique, it is possible to determine the level of LH, and accordingly, the period of ovulation. The accuracy is 90-92%.

Femiplan Ovulation Test

In this case we are talking about a flatbed test system. The material of the study is urine. The device is reusable, quite comfortable for use. For the study, the window of the device is directed under a stream of urine, and the result is expected. It is displayed on the screen in the form of one or two strips. The test is the most expensive, however, it's worth it - very effective and accurate.

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Ovulation test solo

It is a test system in strips. It is directed to the definition of ovulation, manufactured by Pharmasco. The number of tests is 5 pieces. In the manual, a special strip is provided, with which you can calculate the day from which you begin testing. For most women, one package is enough to determine the day from which to start testing. In some packages, pregnancy tests are included as a bonus, which allows you to confirm or deny the onset of pregnancy.

Test for ovulation premium diagnostics

You can purchase tests of this company, both in the form of test systems, and in the form of strips and tablets. The reliability of the results is 95%.

Test for ovulation with monthly

If you have a menstruation, the test is useless. From the point of view of physiology, there is not exactly a fertilized egg in the body. It is excreted together with particles of the mucous membrane. A new egg will begin to form gradually only after the previous one is fully removed, which has not been impregnated. The test is carried out by the time the ovum is expected to end, which is not earlier than 12 days after menstruation, or about 17 days before the start of the next.

Home Ovulation Tests

Tests can be done at home on their own, without the intervention of a qualified specialist. They do not require special skills, complex equipment and adherence to special conditions, requirements, techniques. It is to the ordinary consumer that the test is designed, so the instruction is attached to it, where it is described in detail how the test should be carried out. They require urine or saliva. The period of ovulation can be recognized by changing the color of the indicator, after it has stayed in the liquid under study. Color has changed, respectively, this is the period of maximum probability of fertilization, to which it is necessary to "assign" sexual intercourse.

How to determine ovulation without tests?

One of the most famous and often used methods is the measurement of basal temperature. This method is reliable, does not require investments. The advantage is that the method does not require any material costs.

The essence of the method is the need for daily registration of temperature in the rectum. A temperature graph is built that has peaks and ups. Accordingly, it calculates a favorable period - they account for the maximum decrease in temperature indicators.

When to conceive with a positive test for ovulation?

Once, applying the  test for ovulation, you received a positive result, you can prepare for sexual intercourse. It should begin no earlier than 2 hours after the test, as the result of "+" means that the egg will be released after about 2 hours. Its viability is an average of 24 hours. To tighten up to the end of day too it is not necessary, as fertilization will not occur or happen right after sexual intercourse, and it is required still some time.

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