Freckles: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

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Freckles (ephelids, ephelides) are small brownish spots that appear in individuals of I-II phototypes against the background of insolation, small pigment spots on the face and body. Freckles are more often observed in blondes with fair skin and blue eyes. Appear in childhood, there are always, but in the period of active insolation the amount of pigment spots increases and intensifies their coloration. With age, their number decreases, and they can disappear completely.

The owners of freckles are called solar people, and the epheldids themselves are the kiss of the sun. Let's consider why they appear, whether it is possible to get rid of them and how to look after the skin with pigment spots.

Ephelides can be light yellow or a more saturated dark brown color. Scientists have proved that they have a hereditary predisposition. Pigmented spots can be located on the hands, shoulders, face, less often on the chest and back. In winter, they become less noticeable, but in the spring and summer season, they become larger, they are brighter and more saturated. Most often, blond people become freckles. These pigment spots begin to appear at the age of 5-6 years and gradually disappear with age. They give the person special tenderness and charm. People who want to remove pigment spots from the body, underestimate this gift of nature.

Very often freckles are confused with such pigmentation spots as chloasma. They come in different sizes and colors. In winter, they turn pale, and in summer and spring become more intense and noticeable. The reason for the appearance of such "pigment spots" is illness of the intestine, liver, kidneys or pregnancy. To get rid of such pigmentation it is necessary to cure the disease that caused the appearance of ephelides. And only after that, with the help of cosmetic procedures you can get rid of pigmentation.

People who have ephelids by nature and are not caused by diseases should also follow certain rules for the care of their sun marks. So, in the end of winter, early spring, it is recommended to apply sunscreen on the skin. This will allow the skin to keep freshness and beauty. In addition, regular care will protect the skin from the appearance of new ephelides of a darker color.

Day of freckles

Day of freckles is the sunniest day of the year. April 30 is considered an international day. The sun's favorites are people with fair skin and bright eyes. As a rule, these are red-haired and blue-eyed.

But the appearance of ephelides is associated not only with heredity, but also with hormonal changes in the body. If you have dark hair and brown eyes, and pigmented spots suddenly appeared, it is worth thinking about the state of health of the body. If you are the owner of ephelids from birth, then do not forget that once a year you have a real holiday.

Causes of freckles

The disease is genetically determined. Insolation stimulates the active synthesis of melanin in large melanosomes.

The causes of the appearance of ephelids are diverse, but heredity plays a decisive role in the appearance of pigmented spots. So in people with a genetic predisposition to their formation, melanocyte cells undergo structural changes that synthesize the pigment of melanin. Because of this, melanin is produced much faster. Ephelides may also appear due to the uneven distribution of melanin under the influence of ultraviolet rays. They can be called safely the protective reaction of the skin and the body to ultraviolet radiation. The skin is rescued from sunburn and protects the body from the appearance of malignant pigmentation.

Let's look at the main reasons for the appearance of freckles:

  • Sexual maturation. Efelids can appear with hormonal changes in the body.
  • Physical stress and stress. These factors also contribute to hormonal changes in the body, and therefore, provoke their appearance.
  • Problems with the production of melanin. As a rule, this applies to fair-skinned people.
  • Incorrect food. Fat food can cause ephelides.

In addition, the causes of the appearance of pigmentation on the face and body can be various diseases and frequent cosmetic procedures, for example, skin peeling. Curing pigment spots is not possible, but it is necessary to carry out preventive procedures that will help get rid of the cause of their appearance and make them less noticeable.

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From what do freckles appear?

Owners of solar marks, for certain the question interests, from what there are freckles? First of all, they appear under the influence of sunlight. They begin to appear in the spring, and by winter they gradually fade. That's why the name of the freckle appeared, that is, in the spring. In a scientific way, freckles are called efelids. In translation from the Greek language, this means "solar markings".

They appear from disturbances in the process of pigmentation. If a person has a similar problem, the body can be covered with various pigment spots and freckles are one of them. With a hereditary predisposition to the ephe- leids, they appear during puberty and under the influence of sunlight. The sun forces the body to produce melanin, which evenly spreads over the skin and forms a tan, but in some people the tan turns into ephelides.

Freckles after sunburn

Freckles after sunburn appear due to an incorrect distribution of melanin. This can be due to hereditary predisposition, problems with the body and certain diseases of the skin and internal organs. In some people, the appearance of pigmentation spots causes panic. If you belong to their number, then we will tell you about how safe, and most importantly, quickly get rid of freckles and hurt your skin.

Let's take a look at the simplest methods that will allow you to bring out the epheids. Alternative medicine offers a multitude of prescriptions that make it possible to withdraw such kind of pigment spots or make them less noticeable. Most often, dandelion juice was used for these purposes, as well as the roots and leaves of this plant. Another good remedy for freckles is to wipe the skin with fresh cottage cheese, in which egg white is blended. It is necessary to perform this procedure twice a day. To get rid of freckles after sunburn it is possible and with the help of infusion from juice of onions and horse-radish. Wipe your face with such infusion and the ephelin will become lighter, or even completely disappear.

Do freckles pass?

Everyone who appears ephelides, is interested in one question: are freckles undergoing? The first pigmentation spots appear at the age of 4 to 6 years and do not disappear. As soon as spring comes, and the first warm sun touches the body, the ephelinids wake up and cover the face, hands, shoulders, back. But by autumn they again become less noticeable, and in winter they almost disappear.

Many pigment spots appear during puberty. By the age of 25 their number ceases to grow and gradually begins to decrease. So, to mature age in many people they completely disappear. But there are cases when in 40, and even 50 years, epheliny appear for the first time. Such skin pigmentation is called age-related and it is associated with diseases of the internal organs, usually of the liver. If you have pigmentation spots appeared after sunbathing in the sun, then do not worry. This is absolutely safe pigmentation, which will eventually come down. The reason for the appearance of ephelids in this case is ultraviolet burn.

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Symptoms of freckles

Freckles are small spots of round, oval or irregular shape from light yellow to dark brown, localized in the open areas of the skin (face, back surface of hands, forearms, etc.). In some cases, rashes may be more common. Histological examination reveals the normal amount of melanocytes, in part of them, there are enlarged melanosomes that actively produce melanin.

Freckles on the face

Freckles on the face worry every girl, because every woman wants to look beautiful and flawless. For a long time the pale skin of milky color was considered the standard of beauty. But these times have passed, and now in a fashion a healthy blush, a natural complexion.

Ephelids on the face look cute and pretty attractive, but almost all the owners of pigmented spots want to get rid of them. If there are a lot of them on the face, then it is worth turning to a cosmetologist who will help to solve this problem. But you can also get rid of or at least hide the epheids yourself at home.

You can make special whitening masks for the skin, which will make the spring less noticeable, and the skin will be moistened and give all the necessary nutritional components. Typically, masks from freckles are made from natural ingredients, such as sour cream, potato starch, lemon juice, cucumber, parsley and others. Therefore, if your ephelids on your face interfere with you, then take a couple of minutes to prepare a simple face mask.

Freckles on the hands

In these places freckles do not just appear. The appearance of such pigmentation suggests that the skin is protected from ultraviolet radiation and prevents the appearance of burns. That's why there are few pigment spots on the body in winter and autumn, but with the arrival of heat, in the summer and spring periods they begin to appear and decorate all parts of the body.

The natural process of disappearance or excretion of pigment spots on the hands and body is very slow. To get rid of ephelids on your hands, you can make special whitening masks and consult a dermatologist. But do not forget that the appearance of pigmented spots is quite natural and beautiful.

Freckles in children

Appear at the age of three to six years. There are a lot of reasons for their appearance. First of all, it is genetic predisposition, that is, heredity. If the mother or father has pigment spots, then they will most likely also have a baby. The peak of their appearance falls on the period of puberty. But the efelids come off closer to the age of forty.

If you are concerned that your child has a lot of age spots, especially on the face, hands and chest, then be sure to consult a dermatologist. Since the cause can be not only in heredity, but also in skin diseases. If after visiting the baby, the doctor said that ephelides do not carry any threat, then you can rejoice because your baby "kissed the sun".

Freckles on the body

Freckles on the body most often appear in fair-haired and fair-skinned people. This is due to the fact that the skin tries to fight with ultraviolet radiation. They do not just appear, but because of the sun, that is, under the influence of sunlight. If you have ephelids on your body, then do not worry, because this is not a disease, but simply a skin reaction to the sun.

Many cosmeticians call ephelides a cosmetic defect, which, if desired, can always be eliminated. But do not forget that even after the removal of efelid no one will give you a guarantee that they will not appear again. If you do not like pigment spots on the body, avoid sunlight and use sunscreen on a regular basis.

Freckles on the back

Most freckles on the back appear due to sunburn. Since the back, shoulders, arms and chest are most exposed to the sun. Ephelids can appear after sunburn. As a rule, specks have a darker color and unusual shape. Such pigmentation spots will come off in a couple of weeks, and even months, as soon as the skin regains its strength.

Ephelids on the back appear in the summer and in the spring. They can be very much, especially if you wear clothes with an open back, which is fully accessible to the sun. You can prevent their appearance. To do this, avoid sunlight and use protective creams and lotions. In addition, it is possible to prevent the appearance of ephelids. To do this, in the beginning of spring, start using the bleaching masks for the skin.

Freckles on the shoulders

They are small pigment spots. The color of the epheldite can be from dark brown to light brown. The color depends on the effect of sunlight, the longer you are in the sun, the more pigmented spots appear on the body and the darker their color. Undoubtedly, ephelids give a special charm and with a properly composed image only enhance the natural beauty. But very often they become an excuse for constraints and complexes. Let's look at simple but effective methods that will allow you to whiten, or even remove them at all.

  • To make freckles lighter wipe the skin with lobules of fresh cucumber, grapefruit or lemon. Also, it can be done with currants, strawberries or strawberries. Based on these berries, you can prepare a special fruit mask. Mix berries and chop in a blender, if necessary, apply to the skin for 10-20 minutes.
  • For this mask from pigment spots, take sour cream and horseradish juice, mix the ingredients and apply to the shoulders. If you do not have shit, then safely replace it with fresh parsley juice. Frequent use of such a mask brightens the ephelids.
  • Take the egg white and whisk it into a tight foam with lemon juice. Spread the mass on your shoulders and wait for it to dry. You can add cucumber juice to this mask.

Freckles on the chest

Appear in people who have a hereditary predisposition. The rest of the people have boiled ephelids on their chests after about thirty years. Let's look at the main causes of the appearance of pigmentation spots and how to deal with them.

  • Freckles on the chest may appear due to frequent exposure to sunlight. To avoid this, use creams with sunscreen function. Such cosmetics will protect your breasts from ephelids and the appearance of dark pigment spots.
  • Dermatologists claim that the skin on the chest is even more delicate than the skin on the face. Therefore, the skin needs regular care. To do this, it is recommended to use cosmetics that are rich in vitamin A. The skin needs to be moistened and make nourishing masks. This will protect it from sunburn and will not allow the pigment spots to decorate your decollete.
  • If you have a lot of ephelids on your chest, then you can remove them with laser technology. But do not forget that after such a procedure you will have to give up a long sun bath.

How do guys treat freckles?

Many caulked girls are interested in a very unusual question: how do guys treat freckles? We will tell at once, not efelids in the girl the main thing! Suffice it to recall the celebrity girls who got world fame and glory, but at the same time are the owners of the epheldids. Among them are Lindsay Lohan, Penelope Cruz, Christina Aguilera and many others. All these girls are famous and have thousands of male fans. All this suggests that pigmented spots only emphasize the natural beauty and give its owner a special charm and charm.

Girls with ephelinas have the same chance to charm the guy, as well as ordinary girls. Do not get hung up on these cute sunspots. Proper skin care, an ideal makeup and a happy smile are the best recipe for every owner of the ephelids.

Diagnosis of freckles

Diagnosis of freckles in most cases is not difficult and is based on data from anamnesis, typical clinical manifestations. Histologically, an increase in the melanin content in individual melanocytes of the basal layer of the epidermis is revealed.

Differential diagnosis is carried out with lentigo.

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Treatment of freckles

Active photoprotection is shown, as well as external exfoliating and bleaching agents.

The treatment of freckles is a variety of cosmetic procedures. So, some procedures allow you to whiten pigment spots on any part of the skin, while others completely get rid of pigmentation. Many dermatologists recommend using several cosmetic procedures for the treatment of ephelids, as this will improve the result. Let's consider the most widespread and effective methods of treatment of ephelids.

Whitening masks and masking creams - these products contain hydroquinone. This substance, which effectively removes any pigmentation on the skin and makes skin tone even. If you use these creams over a long period of time, the pigment spots will completely disappear.

  • The use of drugs - retinoids. If you take such drugs for several months, then the ephelin will come down.
  • Phototherapy is one of the methods of cosmetic dermatology. During this treatment, the skin is affected by light flashes.
  • Laser treatment is the most radical, but at the same time, effective treatment for ephelides.

Removal of freckles

There are many methods and recipes that can help in the removal of freckles. Thus, the methods of alternative medicine offer safe and effective recipes that have evolved over the years. Let's look at the derivation of epheldids and the recipes that will help in this.

  • To get the ephelines, prepare a cosmetic mask from raw potatoes. Rub on a small grater one potato and add to it a couple of tablespoons of yogurt or sour milk. Mix everything well and add a couple of spoons of almond bran. The mask should be thick enough. Apply on face for 20-30 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Regular use of this mask allows you to completely get rid of age spots.
  • Cucumber mask. Pour the cucumber seeds with boiling water and insist all night. The resulting cucumber lotion can be washed. This tool effectively and in a short time displays ephelids.
  • Mask from fresh cabbage. Take a couple of leaves of fresh cabbage and chop them. Add to the cabbage a little infusion of chamomile, egg white and a couple drops of lemon juice. The mask is applied to a clean face for 10-15 minutes.

Please note that all procedures for the removal of ephelides are recommended to be done at night, that is in the evening. This is necessary to ensure that after the procedure the sun's rays do not get on the skin. After cosmetic masks and products that help to remove pigmentation spots, it is recommended to use creams with sunscreen filters.

Remedy for freckles in the pharmacy

If you want to get rid of pigmentation on the body, you can buy a remedy for freckles in the pharmacy. For these purposes, you can use such tools as: hydrogen peroxide and cream and ointments, which include mercury. The most popular pharmaceutical means against pigment spots is a cream based on the extract of celandine. The cream should be applied to the skin immediately after washing.

Also, among the drugstores from the ephelids, there are many cosmetic and whitening masks. The most effective are those that have natural ingredients in their composition. So, the whitening mask of white clay is popular, it not only allows to withdraw ephelids, but also tightens the skin. Effective will be the use of tonics and lotions for washing with an extract of parsley, grapefruit or celandine. Do not forget about the means of decorative cosmetics. If there is an opportunity, it will not be superfluous, the acquisition of a foundation with a natural foundation.

Makeup for girls with freckles

All girls with ephelin must know and be able to make the correct make-up. Let's look at how to do makeup for girls with ephelin.

  • The tonal basis. The tonal cream will help to level the tone and rip off skin imperfections. Choose a tonal base not for the color of freckles, but something in between the color of the skin and the color of the ephelids. The tonal cream should not completely mask the ephelides, they need to be translucent. Otherwise, the effect of vulgar make-up and inept treatment with a foundation cream is created. Do not forget to put the cream on your neck. Choose a tonal cream that has protection from ultraviolet radiation.
  • Powder. So, you're done with a foundation, now it's time to refresh the tone. Choose a good powder, which is a couple of shades lighter than your foundation. Powder will fix the foundation and give make-up special gloss.
  • Eyes. Girls with ephelines should abandon the eye shadow of brown color. This color will merge with the color of freckles, and make-up will look very sad. Choose a shade that will fit the makeup style, hair color and eye color.
  • Cheeks. Cheeks and cheekbones can be emphasized with the help of blush. Blush will add makeup to the brightness. Choose a blush to tone darker than your foundation.
  • Lips. As a lipstick or gloss is better to choose the color that best suits your natural skin color. The only thing you should give up is pink colors.

How to put on freckles?

If you decide to make a beautiful make-up or slightly change your image, then you will probably be interested in how to cover freckles, that is, temporarily hide your sunny marks. We offer you a couple of small tricks that will help to disguise the ephelids.

  • Adjustment. Acquire a pencil-proofreader of a shade that will mask your pigment spots. By the way, it is possible to mask not only the ephelinids, but also any defects on the skin, that is, pimples, rashes, scratches, and so on.
  • The tonal basis. Over the corrector, you must apply a layer of foundation, which will completely hide your ephelides from prying eyes. Use a foundation that will be lighter than your ephelin and fit your natural complexion. Do not forget to put the cream on your neck and fix it all with loose powder.

Why dream of freckles?

Freckles dream about joy and fun. A good dream is that in which you see many small epheldids on your body and rejoice at it. If in a dream you are saddened by the fact that you have a pigmented spot on your body, then your carefree and irresponsible behavior can become the cause of conflicts and hassle.

Different dream books offer different interpretations of freckles in a dream. Let's look at the most popular variants of the epheld values in dreams.

  • Family dream book. Freckles on the face of the girl - sad events in life, sadness. If in a dream a girl looks at her ephelinids, then it heralds the loss of a loved one and parting.
  • East dream book. Many ephelides on the body mean that on the way to your happiness there are many small misunderstandings. A viewing of the efelid in the mirror - the emergence of a rival or rival.
  • Love dream book. Look at freckles in a dream - to meet with an unusual person who will conquer you with his knowledge of love. To see freckles on someone means passion.
  • Dream Interpretation of Freud. Freckles in a dream symbolize your bright, unordinary personality. The more ephelids, the better for your happiness. Seeing a person with ephelides, heralds something unusual and exciting.

Freckles is a gift of a gentle sun. Do not be shy about the individual characteristics of your body. Proper skin care with ephelin, appropriate make-up and style will create an irresistible image.

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