Contour plastic cheeks

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Last reviewed: 19.06.2018

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Contour plastic cheeks is based on the introduction of special biopolymer drugs - fillers, also one of the options for plastics can be lipolytic when the patient's own fat tissue is introduced into the neck area.

Of course, the effect of injection techniques is less durable, but complications in the form of edema, postoperative scarring, these methods do not have.

The volume and shape of the face depends to a large extent on how resilient the cheeks look. Full, slightly protruding cheekbones, cheeks give the face a younger, fresh look, while the sunken cheek zone creates an image of fatigue, exhaustion. The problem of restoring attractiveness and youth can be solved by contour plastic cheeks, which is an excellent alternative to a full-fledged surgery involving the use of biocompatible implants. A safe method allows you to restore the elasticity of the skin, to simulate the overall contour of the face and return the woman a fine mood from the result seen in the mirror.

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What drugs are used in the contour correction of the cheeks?

Most often, doctors prefer to work with various types of fillers based on hyaluronic acid, also collagen can be introduced into the cheek-cheek zone, however, the choice of the drug depends on the skin condition of the client. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to accumulate and retain the natural moisture of soft tissues, so the cheeks not only acquire volume, but also look young, the skin becomes more elastic. Collagen acts somewhat differently, except for the volume it gives the cheeks an attractive elasticity, filling and smoothing it from the inside. One of the advantages of such fillers is their complete compatibility with the facial tissues and the property of "anchoring" in the right sector, without shifting under the skin. A longer result can be achieved if biopolymers are introduced into the cheek area, but they have one drawback - their administration causes more discomfort and after the procedure it is possible to form fibrous capsules and maintain puffiness for 3-4 days. In the contour plastic cheeks, silicone and biopolymer gels are currently used rarely, since any client still prefers a painless and safe procedure, that is introduction of fillers based on hyaluronic acid.

How is the procedure for contouring the cheeks?

  • Treatment of the antiseptic correction zone is carried out.
  • Local anesthesia is mandatory.
  • Before driving the drug, the doctor makes a cheek zone marking according to a special technique (according to Hinderer), the patient at this time should be in the sitting position in order for the doctor to see the maximum signs of ptosis (sagging, omission of the skin).
  • The first injection is carried out at a point from which it will later be convenient to distribute the filler with true tunneling technique, capturing the entire correction zone
  • On average, on each cheek can go from 1.5 to 2 milliliters of filler.
  • Contour correction of the buccal area can be performed with the help of a cannula. This method is considered more painless and less traumatic for the skin. Cannula has a specific tip in the form of a miniature bullet, which, without tissue rupture, allows the drug to enter the desired zone, moving along previously marked lines.

Correction of the cheeks can be carried out with the help of injections of botulinum toxins - substances that are neutral and do not affect human organs and systems. The main effect from the introduction of botulinum toxin is the blocking of the transfer of impulses along the nerve endings in the muscle tissue of the face, and consequently the result is almost instantaneous: smoothing of deep facial wrinkles in the lower part of the cheek-cheek zone and weakening the tone of the masticatory muscles creating a visual "bulge". The introduction of Botox makes it possible to somewhat reduce the overall cheeks and create a more elongated, "aristocratic" oval face, if the woman really wants it.

Thus, contour plastic cheeks can be carried out in such variants: 

  1. Increase in the volume of the cheek-zygomatic zone (filling the lack of fatty layer) - injections of the filler.
  2. Elimination of mimic wrinkles - injections of botulinum toxin.
  3. Correction of oval face with pronounced, age-related insufficiency of adipose tissue in cheek area - lipolyfting.

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