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Cellulite and cutaneous abscess in dogs


Cellulite is an infectious process involving the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue. In most cases, its development leads to chipped and lacerated wounds, deep scratches, bites. The development of cellulite can usually be prevented by appropriate treatment of wounds.

The site affected by cellulite will be sensitive to pressure, hotter than the surrounding skin, not as soft as normal, and appear more red than normal. As the infection spreads beyond the wound, you will be able to feel under the skin sensitive strands, which are swollen lymph vessels. In addition, in order to keep the infection, regional lymph nodes in the groin, axilla or neck can grow.

Cutaneous abscess is a localized pouch with pus under the epidermis. Acne, pustules, boils and abscesses are examples of small cutaneous abscesses. A large abscess feels like a liquid under pressure.

Treatment: cut the hair - this will help localize the infection. Apply three times a day for 15 minutes warm lotions. Can be used salted (1 teaspoon: 10 grams of table salt, 1 liter of water) or Epsomovsky lotions (1/4 cup: 33 grams of Epsom salt, 1 liter of water). Splinters and foreign bodies under the skin continue to be sources of infection and should be removed.

Acne, pustules, boils, abscesses and abscesses that have not been opened (not drained) independently, should be opened by a veterinarian. If the cavity is large enough, your vet may tell you to rinse it once or twice a day with a diluted antiseptic surgical solution, such as chlorhexidine, until it is completely healed. In a large abscess, your veterinarian can impose drainage, in order to speed up the healing process.

To treat wound infections, cellulitis, abscess and other pyoderma, tableted and injectable forms of antibiotics may be prescribed.

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