Romanian deadlift

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Last reviewed: 23.04.2024

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Move to the next level

Go to the next level of physical fitness with the following variations of the Romanian deadlift

These variations of the classical deadlift are aimed at strengthening the biceps of the hip and the central muscles. Before performing pulling, make slopes to stretch the hamstrings and lower back - two zones that the part is clamped at men. Bonus for athletes: this stretch is useful for golfers, tennis players and other athletes, it will strengthen the lower back, and also improve flexibility and balance.

Light level


Be straight. Press the gymnastic stick to the back. Lean forward, while the legs should be slightly bent at the knees, the back is naturally bent. The stick should maintain contact with the head, back and buttocks. Stop as soon as the stick falls below your buttocks. Fix in this position for 20 seconds, then return to standing position. Repeat the motion two more times.

Complex level

Average level


Stand on your right foot and lift the medical ball over your right shoulder. Take your hips back and lower the ball down to the inside of your right foot. Stop when the torso is almost parallel to the floor, as far as possible. Make sure that the back is not too curved and not too straight. Then repeat the movement in reverse order. Perform 12 repetitions, then repeat movement on the left foot.


Do this exercise in the same way that the thrust No.1 (described above), but enter one change to make it harder. At the beginning of the exercise, lift the ball over the left shoulder and, leaning, lower it down and across the body. This will improve your balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. Perform 12 repetitions on each leg.


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