Exercise on the bench

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You will need:

A bar and a training bench.

Strengthens: Triceps

  • Initial position

Lie down on a bench and take up the bar, the distance between the hands - about 30 cm. Hold the bar at arm's length above the chest, palms look forward.

PLEASE NOTE: This exercise creates a strain on your wrists and elbows. Avoid it if you have problems with these joints.

  • Basic movement

Slowly lower the bar to your chest.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not arch your back - this is a scam. So you do not pump yourself big muscles.

  • Final position

Touch the crossbar of the chest, then slowly lift it back to its original position.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not sharply lift the bar from the chest. Make sure that you do not close your elbows on top of the movement.

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