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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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Silver is not only an excellent metal for chains, earrings and rings, but also an important microelement for the body. Silver has always been used not only in rites for the expulsion of evil spirits, but also for the expulsion of disease.

Preparations with silver

Preparations with silver

The most popular of them are silver nitrate and silver colloids. They are called collargol (first group) and protargol (second group). In their composition, silver is like tiny particles, which are difficult to even consider. But they are surprisingly solid.

Silver is heavier than water, so that it does not fall on the bottom of the drug, it is bred with special additives that make the liquid more homogeneous.

Preparations that are used to dilute a silver solution contain albumin, an egg protein. There is a lot of silver in it - up to 75%, the rest - additives in combination with egg white. The preparation can look like a powder of blue color.

True, it does not always happen in the form of a powder. Its forms are different: cream, rubbing, ointments, solutions. These drugs - protargol and kollargolom - rubbed places of inflammation, trauma.

Preparations with silver are used for the following diseases

  • Diseases of the eyes (eye drops with silver)
  • Ointments for healing and disinfection of wounds
  • Ointments and liquid solutions based on silver for the removal of inflammation of the mucous membranes
  • Ointments and solutions with silver to remove purulent infections in wounds
  • Preparations in the form of solutions and creams for the treatment of skin affected by erysipelas

Silver is good because it actively fights against infections. This function is very useful for the elimination of severe skin lesions.

Silver in the correct dosages

Silver in the correct dosages

Silver, used in medical preparations, helps fight inflammation, reduces the likelihood of infection. But you need to be careful with the dosages: if the silver is put into the solution more than normal, the tissues can be burned. To treat eye or skin diseases, a solution of silver nitrate is required in no more than 2% concentration.

For a solution of silver, which is taken orally, an even lower concentration is required: up to 0.06%. Even such a small amount of silver can fight with inflammation, stomach ulcers, gastritis.

If you take a part of silver nitrate and mix it with two parts of potassium nitrate, you can successfully burn the wounds on the skin.

Water with silver: useful properties

Such water also heals and disinfects. If you put a very small amount of silver in the water, it silences the growth of bacteria in it. Water becomes very clean and much more useful for use. And you need only silver - for 1 ton of water it will be enough to 30 grams of this amazing metal. True, there will be a slight taste of silver.

But if you dilute silver in a slightly higher concentration - up to 50 grams per ton - the taste will not be heard at all, but the water still retains its useful properties.

It is because of this valuable property that silver is cleaned by water. Such water is poured into filters and coolers. True, it is more expensive than usual.

For swimming pools, too, water is used with small doses of silver. Such water is capable of destroying plants and harmful micro-organisms, but for humans it is not dangerous. To not exceed the doses of silver, they are strictly controlled, especially for cleaning pools.

How do silver ions clean water?

They destroy the structure of molecules of harmful microorganisms and thereby neutralize them. Silver ions disinfect water, connecting with amino acids and thereby enhancing their purification properties.

Very good for purifying water would be solutions of mercury and copper, but they are more harmful to the human body. Destroying harmful bacteria, they at the same time fill the human body with toxins and destroy it along with bad microorganisms.

Overdose of silver is dangerous

If silver in the water is more than normal, water no longer cleanses the body of toxins and does not fight infections, but causes various diseases. The immune system begins to react hostilely to increased concentrations of silver, immunity decreases and instead of the noble function of fighting infections, silver, on the contrary, reduces resistance to them.

If you overdo with silver, the cerebral vessels may expand too much and cause headaches. The same applies to the vessels of the spinal cord, which can cause the risk of developing blood clots.

Higher doses of silver can also provoke disruption of the internal organs, in particular, the liver, thyroid, heart, kidneys. Excess of silver doses also disrupt the functioning of the nervous system. True, silver has the property of being excreted from the body quite quickly. But it is better not to take risks with large doses.

How do silver overdoses affect the skin?

The skin under the influence of silver changes its shade from healthy to bluish-pale. If the body constantly receives doses of silver, even if small, develops a disease such as argyria.

Silver can accumulate in muscle tissues, bone tissue, brain, kidneys, liver, spleen. A person who is constantly exposed to doses of silver is immediately visible from the bluish skin color, sometimes quite dark. True, this can take many years, but still you need to beware of the unregulated use of drugs with silver.

Signs of poisoning the body with silver are very slow, but the consequences are irreversible: it is very difficult to neutralize them later. A healthy skin color will not return. Although a person does not feel sick with silver poisoning.

The only positive moment with argyria is disinfection of the body and the destruction of infections.

Before you start taking medications with silver, be sure to consult your physician in order not to exceed the doses.

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