Therapeutic fasting for Breis

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Last reviewed: 09.06.2019

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Somewhat reminiscent of the medical starvation system is Marwe Oganyan and the method of treatment for hunger of cancer and many other serious diseases of the Austrian naturopath doctor Rudolf Broys. This man, who does not have a medical education (medicine at some point became his hobby and brought him to the level of an alternative healer), however, became popular even in scientific circles. There is information that many physicians turned to him for help in difficult situations, and Breuss always helped them with good advice.

With the help of his system of  medical fasting  on herbs and juices, Broys tried (and by all appearances rather successfully) to cure cancer and other intractable diseases. Adhering to his scheme of healing the body, he lived a long life and died at the age of 91 years.

The basis of the treatment of diseases of hunger by Broyz is naturotherapy, which improves metabolism, strengthens the immune system, and promotes the normalization of the blood. Naturopath believes that this is quite enough to cure cancer at an early stage in the development of the disease, as well as many other serious diseases.

Where such confidence? The fact of the matter is that medicine Broys was not just carried away. At one time he had to endure a difficult period, when doctors made a terrible diagnosis - cancer. The tumor was promptly removed, but, despite the successful operation, after some time, a relapse of the disease occurred. Traditional treatment not only did not contribute to recovery, but on the contrary, exhausted the body to the point that the doctors simply did not dare to repeat the operation, fearing that the patient might die on the operating table.

The hopelessness made Broyce think about life, and first of all about the nutrition of people, which today does not contribute to the health of people. Modern “artificial” food, which our body cannot cope with, according to Broys, is the source of all evils. It promotes the formation of cancer cells, which later feed on solid food, live on it. If such food is removed from the diet for a period of 42 days, the cancer cells must die.

This explanation of the nature of cancer is not entirely consistent with the idea of modern medicine about it. It is not surprising that physicians simply cannot understand how the Broyce method brings positive results in the treatment of cancer patients, how it helped the naturopath to cure cancer and live a long life thereafter.

What is the medical fasting for Brois. This is a 42-day meal plan, based on the use of herbal infusions (usually sage infusion and kidney tea) and freshly squeezed juices. Despite the fact that such a diet "eats" from 10 to 15 kg of weight, a person does not experience a breakdown, but rather begins to feel better, feels a certain burst of energy.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the method, not everyone gets to start this fasting the first time. The fact is that an unusual dish in the form of a mixture of juices can cause disgust, which is the cause of breakdowns.

Preparations for  therapeutic fasting on juices  and herbs, as well as for long full starvation, must be started in advance. Making sure that there are no contraindications, you should gradually add vegetable juices and herbal extracts to your diet, simultaneously reducing the portion of the usual menu.

In the transition to starvation, all food, in addition to herbal teas and juices, will have to be abandoned. The number of juices is also limited to 1.5-2 cups per day.

How is the starving day for the Breuss system? In the morning he should drink ½ cup of kidney tea. In 30-60 minutes 1-2 tbsp is drunk. Infusion of herbs (sage, tutsan, mint, lemon balm), and after another hour you need to take a sip of juice (juice mixture) in your mouth, hold it in your mouth for a while and only then swallow it.

This is the so-called breakfast. In the interval between breakfast and lunch, you can consistently drink up to 15 sips of juice and an infusion of sage.

For lunch and dinner, patients again drink half a glass of kidney tea. After a short time after lunch you can drink a sip of juice. In the course of the day, according to Broyce, it is also helpful to drink a glass of geranium infusion. You need to drink it in small sips.

Not all people tolerate such fasting, especially when you consider that juices need to drink vegetables (beets, celery, potatoes, radishes, etc.) in the form of mixtures without salt and sugar. It is allowed to add a little lemon juice to the ready-to-sieve vegetable mixture. Apple juice can not be mixed with other juices, so you can drink it separately and not often. If a person finds it difficult to manage without the usual food, you can include onion soup (preferably without salt) in your diet, but in this case you will have to wait for the healing effect for longer. According to Breuss, any food, except herbal teas and fresh vegetable juices, inhibits recovery.

A 6-week fasting course in Breuis is necessary for the treatment of cancer. For other pathologies (arthritis, arthrosis, spondylosis, osteoporosis), a 3-week course is sufficient. But in case of articular pathologies, baths with herbs decoction (hay, oat straw, horsetail), which should be taken 1-2 times a week, will also be useful.

The exit from starvation implies a gradual transition to liquid food and unfiltered juices. But while salt and sugar are still banned. It is desirable to limit their consumption and on returning to the usual life.

Nutrition systems according to Brois and Oganyan cannot be called a complete starvation, because it is only about eliminating solid food, but the body receives vitamins and minerals it needs from the outside using liquids and juices. Nevertheless, such starvation is easier for many to move than full, and even more so absolute refusal to eat. Allowed in these systems, the food deliberately benefits the body, because we are talking about natural products rich in vitamins and minerals, so the healing effect can be expected in any case. Another thing is that the promised recovery from serious diseases can only be achieved if all the requirements of the method are strictly fulfilled (in the case of the Breuss system, this is also the absence of the underground aquifers under the resting place of the patient).

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