Medical Fasting for Marva Oganyan

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Last reviewed: 09.06.2019

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Marva Vagarshakovna Oganyan - naturopathic doctor from Armenia, who has devoted 45 years of her life to medicine. It can be called a living testimony of the benefits of therapeutic starvation, because today Marve Ohanian is 83 years old, and she is still cheerful and full of vitality.

Being a practical biochemist and possessing sufficient knowledge of all the biological processes occurring in our body, Marva Ohanyan came to the same conclusion that Paul Bragg, namely: raw food is the most useful for the body, but it is difficult to achieve good and quick results, and even more to cure the disease. On the contrary, a sharp transition from thermally processed food to more rigid raw food can cause disruptions in the functioning of the digestive tract.

The transition to raw foods should be preceded by a complete cleansing of the body, and fasting is one of the most accessible and physiologically justified methods. It is starvation that gives the digestive system rest and allows it to recover so much that it will be able to digest any food.

Marvah Ohanyan believes that the harm to our body is equally caused by poor ecology, and irrational (and often just harmful) food, and medicines that we use to combat various pathologies, including diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. But to cure a patient, it is good enough to cleanse his insides from dirt, which means pus, mucus, toxins, slag in the form of sand, stones and other things.

Yes, this is a long process. Depending on the contamination of the body, it may be necessary from six months or more to cleanse the body to the point where it will be able to overcome the disease itself. Nevertheless, according to Marwe, such treatment always gives positive results in contrast to the traditional methods used in official medicine. In addition, you can count not on a temporary effect, but on a long healthy life.

One of the theses of Marve Ohanian says that death comes from the intestines, because it is in it that all unnecessary accumulates, which subsequently poisons the body and prevents it from effectively fighting various diseases. By washing out all the “dirt” and harmful microflora from the intestine, we give the opportunity to actively reproduce the beneficial microflora. To do this, it is only necessary to feed it, adjusting its nutritional system so that it gives the body all the necessary substances for its vital activity and promotes natural cleansing of the intestines and the whole organism.

So, the medicinal cleansing of the body, and in particular the rectum, is the first step to a healthy life and precedes the cleansing with hunger. We are talking about cleaning the body by taking saline laxative (50 g of magnesium sulfate, known as magnesia, dissolved in 150 g of water). For patients with stomach problems, Marwe recommends replacing the salt laxative with castor oil (3 tablespoons is enough) or infusion of the herb called senna. Regardless of the type of laxative, it is immediately washed down with a small amount of herbal infusion in which honey and lemon juice are dissolved. Marwe considers such a drink to be a reasonable replacement for water, since it does not require further dilution in the gastrointestinal tract and does not stimulate the production of digestive juices.

After taking herbal decoction, it is recommended to lie on your right side with a heating pad in the liver. You need to lie for at least an hour (the head should not be on the dais), continuing to slowly drink honey-lemon drink on herbs. Up to 21 hours you need to consume at least 5 glasses of drink, then go to bed right away.

In the morning, you will have to work hard to get up early and before 7 am to spend a 2-hour bowel cleansing, but not with an ordinary enema, but with an Esmarch mug and 2-3 liters of warm water in which salt (1 tbsp) and soda are dissolved ( 1. H. L.). 2-3 rinses should be performed within the specified time.

In the future, such a bowel cleansing will need to be carried out in the morning every day for 1-1.5 weeks. After cleaning the intestines, one cannot eat anything except herbal tea, for which various medicinal plants are used. Marvah Ohanian’s recipe includes 14 items: mint, chamomile, oregano, horsetail, yarrow, sage, bay leaf, lemon balm, plantain, violet, coltsfoot, bearberry, rosehips. At 3 liters of boiling water need to take 1 tbsp. L each of the plants and leave to insist warm for 20 minutes.

1-2 tsp can be put on a glass of cooled herbal drink. Honey (natural, consisting of fructose and glucose, but not fake sugar-containing) and 2-3 tbsp. L Freshly squeezed lemon juice, which contains organic citric acid and vitamins. If there is no lemon juice, it can be replaced by the juice of berries (currants, cornel, viburnum, pomegranate). In the day you need to drink at least 10 glasses of drink (approximately 1 glass for an hour).

Herbal fasting on  Marva Oganyan can be spent from 7 to 15 days, relying on the patient's condition. If nausea appears, it is recommended to wash the stomach with water and adding soda (for 1, 5-2 l of warm water, take 0.5 tsp. Of soda), and the plaque that appears on the tongue should be cleaned daily with a toothbrush.

The appearance of a runny nose and cough with sputum is considered a good symptom, indicating that the body is actively cleansed. In this case, you need to starve until such time as the symptoms do not go away.

At the end of 7 days of  therapeutic fasting on herbs , you need to add freshly squeezed juices to your diet: fruit, citrus juice, vegetable, berry. Apple and any vegetable juices (carrot, beetroot, cabbage, tomato, etc.), which can be mixed in different proportions to your taste, are most preferred.

Medical fasting on juices and herbal broth can be continued for up to 3 weeks, drinking at least 5 glasses of juice and the same glasses of herbal drink with honey and lemon per day.

Fasting for more than 7 days does not cancel daily enemas, as the body continues to be cleaned even with the use of juices. Exit from medical fasting  should be gradual. In the first days of the recovery period, you can eat only well-grated fresh fruits, watermelons and seasonal vegetables that do not contain hard fiber (tomatoes, melons, etc.), herbal infusion (2-3 cups), vegetable and fruit juices. Recommended 3 meals a day in the interval from 11 to 19 hours with an interval of 4 hours.

Starting from the 5th day, in addition to fruits, you can start eating vegetable salads, gradually adding spicy vegetables (onions and garlic), any greens (three foods to a grater). As a dressing it is allowed to use only fruit and berry sour juices.

After 10 days from the beginning of the recovery period, baked vegetables are gradually added to the diet, filling them with vegetable oil. After another 20-30 days, the vegetable oil (not fried) begins to be added to salads, mixing it with raw egg yolk (1 yolk per day).

When after the end of the fasting 60 days will pass, it's time to switch to a balanced diet, adding porridge to the menu (they are boiled without milk, but it is allowed to add with vegetable or butter), soups and borscht. You can add onions to liquid boiled dishes, sprinkle them with butter or a spoon of sour cream, but this should be done after the dish is removed from the stove. Yeast bread is desirable to exclude from the diet, preferring homemade soda and vegetable oil.

It is possible and necessary to repeat the course of therapeutic fasting every 3 months, then once a year, and then once every 2 years. At the same time, Marvah Ohanian opposes the admission at this time of any medication. It is necessary to allow your body to restore its strength, and not to rely on the power of drugs that treat not the disease itself, but its symptoms.

According to Marvah Ohanian, if a person develops an ecological consciousness, i.e. Will not indulge in his bad habits and eat harmful foods, as others do, he will not have the need for a cardinal cleansing of the body and its treatment for various diseases.

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