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The root of ginger in cooking is the most popular spice, which is used in salads, soups, snacks and desserts. The spicy and even exotic taste of the plant does not leave genuine gourmets indifferent. The root of ginger is used both in fresh, and in a dried and marinated form. For example, in Asia fresh ginger is made to sugar. It is not only a fragrant treat, but also an excellent prevention of colds and a delicious way to boost the immune system. In Japan, ginger is used in marinated form, and it is served with all dishes, as it improves appetite and protects the body from toxins and cholesterol.

Ginger gives piquancy to marinades and is used for preserving vegetables and fruits. Equally good and in demand is both dried and fresh ginger. With fresh ginger bake pies, both fruit and meat. Dried ginger is added to the dough, to give it a special flavor. Ginger is brewed as tea, it is prepared from it compotes, tinctures, decoctions and even jam. And in England, the root of ginger is used as the basis for liquors and spirits.


Dishes from the root of ginger

The dishes from the root of ginger are prepared all over the world. Its taste allows you to prepare both the first dishes, and desserts. Ginger is used fresh and dried. As a dressing for salads, a supplement to fish dishes and seafood, as the main ingredient in pies and pastries. Let's look at a few rules for preparing dishes from ginger root and culinary tricks for using it.

  • In cooking, peeled ginger is used, the plant is cut on a plastic surface, as the wooden planks for slicing absorb the smell of spice that is difficult to remove. Grind ginger is best on a grater, in extreme cases, in a blender.
  • When preparing dishes, do not forget that the taste of fresh and dried ginger is different. After the fresh, a slight aftertaste remains, and the dried spice is appreciated for its aroma and burning taste.
  • A spoonful of fresh ginger can replace 1/2 of a spoonful of dried. If ginger is used for baking, then 1 g of spice is added based on 1 kg of dough.
  • When preparing dishes, you must consider the time of adding spices. This will make the dish fragrant and will give a very spicy taste.

Root of ginger with garlic

The root of ginger with garlic is a combination that is used to prepare decoctions and infusions for losing weight. Ginger and garlic accelerate the processes of digestion and metabolism, which contributes to the normalization of body robots and metabolic processes. Tea with garlic and ginger helps to get rid of extra pounds in a short time, as it is an excellent natural fat burner.

Eating ginger and garlic is best fresh. When choosing ginger, pay attention to the fact that the root crop was elastic, not soft. When cutting the rhizome, the core should be smooth without visible fibers, which indicate that the root of the plant is already old. The simplest recipe for cooking is brewing grated ginger and garlic in a thermos. Use this infusion is recommended during the day before eating, as this speeds up the digestive process.

Salads with ginger root

Salads with ginger root are delicious and light, this appetizer is useful for the body, immune system and beautiful figure. Let's look at a few recipes for making delicious salads with a ginger root.

  • Sour salad with pickled ginger

For cooking, you need 50 grams of pickled ginger, a couple of spoons of soy sauce, olive oil, sesame seeds, cherry tomatoes, chicken fillet, salad pepper and lettuce leaves. Cut the chicken into pieces and fry it in olive oil. Salad pick up your hands in a salad bowl, lettuce cut into half rings. To lettuce and pepper leaves, add fried chicken meat, pickled ginger and tomatoes. Season the salad with soy sauce and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

  • Light salad with fresh ginger and celery

Scrub 30 grams of ginger and one carrot on a grater, bake a small beetroot in the oven and cut into slices. Celery chop into large pieces. Mix all the ingredients, season with a mixture of olive oil, lemon and orange peel.

  • Dietary salad of ginger and apple

Take the Pekinese cabbage and chop, cut the apples into slices, ginger grate. Ingredients mix in a salad bowl and season with a mixture of a spoon of honey, olive oil and mustard.

Meat with root ginger

Meat with a root of ginger is an exquisite combination, which impresses with its unique and original taste. Ginger can be used as a filling for meat dishes, meat can be rubbed with ginger for baking, and ginger juice is an excellent addition to sauces and marinades.

Note that the main rule of using ginger root with meat is to add spice in 20 minutes before the dish is ready. To meat with ginger it is recommended to add orange juice and a citrus peel. Ginger perfectly combines not only with meat, but also with side dishes complemented with meat dishes.

Jam from the root of ginger

Jam from the root of ginger is another way of using a spicy plant, which confirms its uniqueness. Jam from the root of ginger is not only delicious, but also useful, therefore it is recommended to use it for preventive purposes for colds and inflammatory diseases. Jam can be added to tea and used as a refueling for pies and pastries. We offer you a simple recipe for making a delicious jam from the root of ginger.

  1. For cooking, you need 300 grams of fresh ginger, 500 grams of sugar and 1 lemon. Ginger carefully washing, peeled, and cut into thin plates. Cut the lemon in circles.
  2. In the saucepan add the sliced ginger, lemon, fill it with sugar and add 100 ml of boiled water. We put the mixture on a slow fire and begin to stir.
  3. In the process of cooking, ginger should become soft and translucent, and sugar completely dissolved. If desired, you can add a little cinnamon to the jam, which will only improve the flavor of the treats.
  4. As soon as the jam boils, keep it on the stove for another 10 minutes and take it off. Now jam from ginger can be poured on cans, rolled up or covered with thick tin lids. After that, the preservation must be wrapped up and wait for the complete cooling of the cans.

Green tea with ginger root

Green tea with a root of ginger is a tasty combination that can be used both for preventive purposes and simply for gastronomic pleasure. Green tea and ginger are brewed very quickly, just three minutes and a drink can be drunk. To green tea, you can add fresh root of the plant or dry ginger. If you use dry ginger, then the brewing time should be at least 30 minutes. Such tea will help cure cough, remove toxins and harmful substances from the body, adjust the digestion process, which will accelerate weight loss and improve the complexion.

As a green tea, you can use mint, lemon balm or tea bags. With ginger it is better to drink tea without aromatic additives, since the plant has a strong spicy flavor. In the tea, you can add honey, citrus peel and other additives that will emphasize the exotic taste of the drink and will be beneficial to the body.

Root of ginger with lemon

The root of ginger with lemon is a combination that helps to fight colds, effectively tones up the body, supports the immune system and takes care of the digestive process. Ginger with lemon is a classic combination that is used as a base for tea and drinks. Lemon and ginger are the ideal beverage for weight loss, which speeds up the processes of metabolism and fat burning in the body.

In order to make a delicious tea with a root of ginger and lemon, you will need fresh ginger, honey and of course lemon. Ginger can be grated or finely chopped. Half a lemon is sliced, and the second half squeezes out the juice. We put ginger and lemon in pieces into the kettle, fill it with boiling water and let it brew. Please note that honey is not added when brewing, as boiling water deprives it of its beneficial properties. Now the tea can be poured over the cups, adding a spoonful of honey and a little lemon juice.

Root of ginger with honey

The root of ginger with honey is another classic combination that tones and stimulates the body. Ginger in combination with honey has a warming, nutritional and antiseptic effect. Prepare a tea or a drink from honey and aromatic spices does not take long. Let's look at the most popular and delicious recipes for making a tea drink from the root of ginger and honey.

  1. Fresh ginger root, about 150 grams cut into thin plates or cubes. Take a 1 liter jar and fill it with honey 2/3. To honey, add ginger, carefully mix everything and send to insist in a dark, cool place for two weeks. After the mixture is infused, ginger can be used as an ingredient for baking, and honey for making masks for the care of hair and body. Also from ginger and honey, you can brew tea, pouring a spoonful of the mixture with steep boiling water.
  2. Take 100 grams of fresh ground ginger root, add a glass of honey to it and put in slow burning fire in an aniseedible dish. It is necessary to heat up until the smell of ginger appears, and the honey will not begin to boil. After this, the mixture must be removed from the plate, add the zest of citrus and enjoy a pleasant aroma and taste. A spoon of ginger-honey jam can be used as a base for tea, pouring the mixture with boiling water.
  3. If you are tormented by constant physical and emotional fatigue, then this recipe will help to cope with unpleasant symptoms. Slice thin plates of 300 grams of fresh peeled ginger root. Two ripe lemon slices and take 300 g of honey. Mix all ingredients in a blender until smooth. The mixture can be used as tea leaves or take on a spoon every day for toning the body and stimulating the immune system. Keep the mixture is best in the refrigerator.

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A modern diet with ginger today is quite a popular means, allowing many people to maintain themselves in a beautiful physical and emotional form. Read more..

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