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Treatment of hunger is actually not a new topic. The mention of this practice we find in the works of the ancient sages who were engaged in science and medicine. To assert that the ancient Greek scientists turned to fasting as a healing procedure, we can on the basis of artifacts that have reached us. But this does not mean at all that in the times when writing was not yet in the possession of man, he did not have the opportunity to experience the miraculous power of hunger.

In his book “Starvation for Health”, Yu.S. Nikolaev notes that in the Paleolithic era and somewhat later, hunger was a natural state for humans. This was one of the important factors helping the ancient man to adapt to changing environmental conditions, to survive in harsh circumstances, relying on the reserves of his body. And if you look critically, the ancient Cro-Magnons looked outwardly even stronger than the current athletes, despite the fact that the food of the ancient people compared to us at the time called hungry rations.

American paleontologist D. Simpson claims that of the five hundred million species of living creatures that live on Earth during the Paleolithic era, only two million have survived to this day. Among these two millions and a man who has changed outwardly and managed to acquire a bunch of diseases. This was largely due to the change in food preferences and habits.

But back now. If previously a person acted intuitively, focusing on the true needs of his body, then now we don’t pay much attention to what he signals, and we control and dictate to the body what it wants. We are accustomed to excesses in everything, and especially in food.

When a person began to realize the inconsistency of his behavior, the first well-founded nutritional theories appeared, which found their reinforcement in medical practice. Thus, therapeutic diets appeared, which were supported by the specialists of traditional medicine, since they really helped speed up the recovery of patients.

But as fans of satiety, and followers of the theory of rational nutrition did not want to recognize the fact that the ancient people were much healthier, thanks in large part to hunger. The consequences of the famine in 1932-33. And the siege of Leningrad during the Great Patriotic War only strengthened humanity in the idea that hunger is dangerous for life. And in such conditions, the benefit of  therapeutic fasting  had to be proved almost with fists.

Nevertheless, already in the last century several different methods of medical fasting consistently appeared, which continue to improve. The first positive experiences interested people who have long and unsuccessfully fought with various diseases. More and more people began to try to treat themselves with hunger. True, much of the practice of self. This is largely due to the lack of information about medical centers where people practice fasting. And such centers and sanatoriums themselves are not that many given the skepticism about this practice of traditional medicine.

And even those doctors who agree to include controlled hunger in the therapeutic scheme for some diseases often do not have complete knowledge of the existing methods of therapeutic fasting, and therefore cannot apply them everywhere in their practice. We are talking about scientifically based methods with well-developed treatment regimens, because we are talking about human health.

Consider what proven methods of therapeutic fasting exist today. And we will begin our review with the popular method of RTD, which was originally presented by its creator Yu.S. Nikolayev.

Medical fasting for Orlova

 Lyudmila Alexandrova Orlova is the head of the RTD center in Rostov-on-Don, which has existed for more than half a century (it was opened in 1962). She is no stranger to medicine. Being a doctor of the highest category, a psychoneurologist, a psychotherapist and a nutritionist, this woman nevertheless actively promotes the theory of treatment with hunger.

The idea of becoming a follower of the teachings of Yu.S. Nikolaev came to Orlova after under the guidance of Yuri Sergeyevich she underwent a 32-day course of treatment with hunger in connection with the beginning of cirrhosis of the liver (the result of viral hepatitis) and was completely healed. Orlova just got infected with the idea of healing targeted starvation.

Later, she headed the aforementioned center for unloading and dietary therapy, which has the attractive name Active Longevity, helped to treat other people and practiced regular health improvement with hunger for herself. This last moment can be called the decisive factor in the excellent health of 78-year-old Lyudmila Alexandrovna Orlova. Despite her respectful age, she is active, cheerful, slim, cheerful, and looks much younger than her age.

During the existence of the Active Longevity Center, Orlova and her staff have helped tens of thousands of patients from different parts of the world to get rid of their diseases.

The center practices the method of RTD Nikolaev. Fasting courses can be different, but usually it is a long time from 21 to 40 days, during which the patient is in the hospital under the supervision of doctors. During treatment, the patient regularly undergoes RTD monitoring, which includes clinical and biochemical analyzes, hardware diagnostics of the work of various organs, which allows to trace the slightest changes in the patient's condition, adjust the fasting pattern, avoiding possible complications. In the future, such studies allow to create an optimal nutrition program in the recovery period, to choose the right vitamin and mineral complexes, etc.

During the course of treatment in the Active Longevity Center, the patient undergoes a complete cleansing of the body due to additional purification procedures:

  • intestine (hydrocolonotherapy),
  • liver (rehabilitation of the bile ducts),
  • kidneys (sanitation of the urinary tract),
  • lymph (endoecological rehabilitation),

In parallel, the body is cleaned from parasites, the restoration of normal microflora, and subsequently the restoration of the vitamin and mineral composition.

The course of therapeutic fasting can be made more productive by electro-physiotherapy, hydromassage, and thermal procedures conducted at the center. Also at the disposal of patients of the RTD center there are: a mini-sauna, a fitness room, a caving chamber (salt cave), a beauty parlor, where rejuvenating cosmetic facial massage is performed.

Thus, it can be said that Orlova medical fasting is a complex system of healing and rejuvenation of the body, built on the basis of the RTD theory of Yu.S. Nikolaev. True, good undertakings that do not relate to traditional medicine are not sufficiently supported by the Russian government and relevant authorities, as evidenced by the feedback from many patients on the condition of the Active Longevity Center premises. It seems that the Ministry of Health of Russia (and in Ukraine things are no better) and the organizations associated with it are simply unprofitable for people to have good health and longevity.

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Medical fasting for Neumyvakin

Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakin - Doctor of Medicine, author of many developments in the field of space and alternative medicine. He lived a long, interesting life, having said goodbye to this world quite recently at the age of 89 years, before he reached his 90th anniversary some couple of months, which tells about the strength of his body. I.P. Neumyvakin Endoecology of Health and Hydrogen Peroxide became bestsellers and were published not only in our country, but also in Europe.

Neumyvakin was a supporter of the natural healing of the body. And although he himself did not develop methods of therapeutic starvation, based on the already existing methods, he created a comprehensive system of healing the body without the means of drug support. A simple and affordable system turned out to be so efficient that in the USSR it was used in preparing astronauts for flight.

The essence of Neumyvakin's general healing system is the maximum purification of the body from harmful substances accumulated in the course of its vital activity. It is this garbage in the body, according to the scientist, that affects the biochemical processes and provokes all sorts of diseases.

Hunger Ivan Pavlovich considered as one of the strongest methods of natural cleansing of the body. But before embarking on medical fasting, Neumyvakin, like Yu.S. Nikolaev or his follower LA Orlova, recommended initially cleanse the body in any way possible. In this case, not only the intestines (this, of course, the initial task), but also the kidneys, liver, pancreas, joints, blood and blood vessels should be cleaned. In this case, it is desirable to adhere to exactly this order of cleaning organs Additionally, you need to lead the event to get rid of parasites.

Purification Neumyvakin recommends using various enemas (for example, including soda or hydrogen peroxide). Moreover, in his clinic one of the cleansing procedures is considered to be ingestion of hydrogen peroxide (there is a certain scheme) and soda solutions. This method seemed to the scientist even more effective than the monitor bowel cleansing.

Such a thorough cleaning of the body, according to the theory of Neumyvakin, helps to qualitatively prepare for fasting and facilitate its flow.

Like many other authors of various systems of health improvement, I.P. Neumyvakin considers it necessary to gradually transition from short courses of fasting to longer ones. It is recommended to start with 1-3 days of fasting, and when the body gets used, move to longer ones.

Neumyvakin is an adherent of full starvation, i.e. Such, when only water remains in the patient's diet. At the same time he prefers not boiled or distilled water, but purified in a special way. This is protium water, the preparation of which is similar to thawed water. But at the same time, heavy isomers are removed from the water, freezing first at a temperature of 3.8 degrees above zero. Removing the first ice on the water, we, therefore, remove from the water substances that are not useful for the body. The remaining water should be frozen at a temperature of 0 degrees and below, and then let it return to its former state.

Medical fasting, according to the theory Neumyvakina, should be carried out in close relationship with moderate physical labor and active walks in the fresh air. The scientist also considers useful exercises, which involve holding the breath, and breathing in a plastic bag, contributing to the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the body, which enhances the health effects of hunger.

Neumyvakin recommends going out of fasting according to the standard scheme, starting with the consumption of fruit and vegetable juices and gradually turning to the consumption of various foods in small quantities.

Neumyvakin pays special attention to consuming fluids both during the period of fasting and in everyday life. During fasting, you need to drink water at will, and at the end of it you must adhere to this scheme: drink liquid no later than 20 minutes before meals, do not drink during meals and for the next 2 hours. The scientist advises to grind any food in the mouth to such a state that it practically does not differ from the liquid.


Medical fasting for Voroshilov

 The technique of Alexander Pavlovich Voroshilov, who is a doctor of the highest category and the author of the Health and Weight program, may seem somewhat unusual. Cyclic fasting for Voroshilov can be called intermittent fasting, based on courses of average duration (7 days).

This is a relatively young method, which may cause some doubts for the reason that the doctor offers patients to starve at home, having learned this in his program. Nevertheless, Alexander Pavlovich believes that with a correctly set weekly fasting without contraindications, there is no need to sit “locked up” in the hospital. Hour hygiene procedures, the patient is able to spend on their own, and the rest of the time his task is to rest and walk.

The cycle, according to Voroshilov’s methodology, is a “food-pause” complex, in other words, it is a period of one fasting course. But there may be several such courses. Thus, the 6th cycle of fasting leads to the renewal of body cells (liver - 40%, heart - 20%).

There are 3 variants of the program, which makes it possible to choose the necessary methodology, in accordance with their needs. So, the variant with 1 fasting cycle (1 month, 1 week of fasting) is carried out rather as a preventive measure. A variant of 3 cycles of fasting (3 months, 3 weeks of fasting) is suitable for those who have a small excess weight and not allowed diseases. Fasting for 6 cycles (6 months, 6 week fasting courses) will help those whose excess weight is more than 20 kg, as well as those suffering from chronic diseases.

During the fast, Voroshilov does not prohibit drinking water, going to work, playing sports within reason, relying on his well-being.

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Dry medical fasting Shchennikov

This technique may seem no less unusual. But she was tested on herself by its author by the naturopathic doctor Leonid Aleksandrovich Schennikov, who in her year 86 turned 86 years old.

Working in the hospital (by ambulance) and studying the anatomy of Shchennikov came to the conclusion that such a short life of a person and the presence of his many diseases has one root - the lack of unity of mind and body. We simply do not listen to what our body tells us, ignoring its needs, replacing them with our own invented ones.

Having acquired many diseases, we still have not figured out how to effectively treat them, and medicine is still not able to give answers to many questions concerning human health. So Leonid Alexandrovich came to the conclusion that the answers to these questions should be sought within oneself, listening to one’s nature.

Testing various health methods for himself, Shchennikov stopped on dry fasting, considering it to be the most appropriate need for recovery in most diseases. However, he was not limited to 3-day fasting, which was considered the only safe, while longer periods of dry fasting were considered as potentially dangerous to life and health.

Leonid Shchennikov proved in his experience that with the right approach to fasting, even 11-day absolute starvation does not harm. His technique, called "Healing abstention", implies a complete rejection of the use of food and water for a period of 5 to 11 days.

Despite the fact that the author proposes an already known method of dry starvation, its implementation has its own characteristics already at the preparatory stage. Leonid Aleksandrovich strongly opposes cleansing the body on the eve and during fasting with the help of enemas. He offers to clean it with the help of plant food: vegetables and fruits, gradually switching to a raw food diet and not mixing different fruits with food.

It is very important naturopath considers the psychological attitude of a person, without which a long dry fasting is impossible. If a person has already tuned in to dry fasting, then you need to start with short periods (1-1.5 days) once a week, and the exit and subsequent meals imply the consumption of dairy and vegetable foods.

When the body gets used, you can try longer courses (3-5 days) with an interval of 2-3 months, and for the treatment of serious diseases go to fast for 9-11 days.

Dry starvation for Schennikov has other features. For example, it is not necessary to limit contact with water: hygienic procedures, baths, dousing, showers, bathing in reservoirs are allowed. All this contributes to the maintenance of water balance. In addition, the daily regime during fasting is special (again, to absorb evening and night moisture from the air). So sleep L. Schennikov offers from 6 to 10 in the morning, followed by an active walk to one in the afternoon, intellectual work for 2 hours and consultation of a specialist until 18 in the evening. At 6:00 pm, it is imperative to go to bed until 22 o'clock, after which until the morning the person must again be on the air, move, breathe actively, be saturated with moisture.

During the entire period of fasting can not be overstrained, but also lead a passive lifestyle is also undesirable. Moderate occupational therapy will be beneficial.

Fasting up to 5 days, according to Shchennikov, can be carried out at home, with a longer refusal from food and water, specialist control is necessary.

The exit from dry starvation takes, according to the Schennikov method, only 4 days. Drinking is allowed from the first day of recovery, but you must comply with the measure. On the first day out of fasting, a salad of fresh vegetables, ground on a grater, is allowed. On the second day vegetable juices and boiled vegetables are allowed. On the third day you can already eat vegetables, fruits, bread, a little buckwheat or millet porridge. On the fourth day, they are allowed: nonfat broth, protein products, fruits and berries, except hard to assimilate, and those that cause fermentation and gas formation in the gastrointestinal tract.

Starting from the fifth day, you can return to the usual diet, but fish and meat can be returned to the diet only a week after the end of the fast.


Medical fasting for Malakhov

In contrast to the methods described above, the system of recovery of Gennady Petrovich Malakhov (a writer who hosts television programs on various methods of healing the body, the author of the book “Starvation. Author's Textbook”) is not scientifically sound. The Malakhov system also includes medical fasting, but in this case it is not a new technique, but a mosaic made up of the achievements of scientists and non-traditional methods of treating certain diseases (for example, urinotherapy).

G. Malakhov examines various methods of therapeutic fasting, including those that have been tested on themselves. These are both shorter (7-10 days) and long (up to 40 days). But in his approach to fasting there are some features that are not always supported by doctors.

At the very beginning of fasting, Gennady Petrovich insists on a complete cleansing of the body: not only the intestines, but also the liver, stomach, lymph, joints, etc. He equally supports both full and absolute starvation in Nikolaev. But directly during the fast, it offers to do enemas not with plain water, but with urine (urine).

Even more outraged doctors (even non-traditional areas), so this advice in the midst of fasting to apply significant physical exertion and various procedures such as dripping, hardening, a contrast shower, massage with urine and taking urine inside, yoga exercises and much more.

He considers it especially useful for large loads during fasting for 1-1.5 weeks. It recommends replacing water with urine, which allegedly gives the best result in the treatment of various diseases.

As we have said, such an approach to fasting has no scientific or physiological basis and can be applied only at your own risk. Doctors and so skeptical about the idea of treatment by hunger, not everyone decides to lead the patient, starving by the classical method, not to mention a system that can harm health, just torturing the body.

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Are there other methods of therapeutic fasting? 

On the Internet today you can find many different methods of cleansing and healing the body with the help of conscious hunger. Some of them can be considered quite reasonable, others are not supported by anything, which for some reason does not make them less attractive. Still others can be viewed more as fasting days, but not a complete medical system.

Some starvation schemes can be considered potentially dangerous, but for the most part these are completely harmless systems, especially if we are talking about short-term or incomplete refusal of food.

For example, one can hardly regard juice starvation as violence against one’s body, which helps to restore the body by reducing the load on the digestive system and saturating it with essential vitamins and minerals.

Health fasting on juices  can be carried out for up to 60 days, and sometimes more. Food this entire period will be freshly prepared vegetable juices plus 1 cup per day of fruit juice. Additionally, you can drink purified or spring water, which will contribute to effective cleansing of the body.

Or, for example, therapeutic fasting according to the lunar calendar. It has to be said that it does not carry the therapeutic effect in itself, but as a general healing procedure it will fit perfectly. In addition, this technique, which implies the alternation of dry and wet discharging days, helps to get rid of 3-5 extra pounds in a month.

True, the preparation for such starvation has its own characteristics. First, you need a lunar calendar on hand. Secondly, all your steps during the month will have to be verified with him.

On the first lunar day in the morning, you need to clear the intestines with an enema and chamomile infusion and eat modestly, reducing the usual portion by almost 2 times. In the evening, chamomile enema again, after which you can not eat.

The second lunar day, some offer to do during the day of dry fasting, when you have to give up on food and water. In fact, such a test is best performed on the so-called Ekadashi days (days 11 and 26 of the lunar cycle). It was these days that the sages of the East considered the most favorable for cleansing and restoring health.

In the interval between these days there will be those when you need to give up only food, while you can drink water in sufficient quantities (8,10,12, 18, 20, 25 and 29 lunar days), or eat according to the usual scheme (2 -7, 9, 13,15, 16-17, 19, 21-24, 27, 28, 30 lunar day).

On days when there is no need to starve, it is important to remember that with a growing moon the stomach cannot be overloaded, therefore servings should be twice as small, and dinner should be abandoned altogether. But when the moon decreases, there are no restrictions on food, only for the night it is better not to overeat.

Medical fasting is not a common method. It is not practiced everywhere to treat patients, and even with all the desire, it is not always possible to find a specialist who agrees to guide you during fasting. But will it be an obstacle for a person who decides to improve his health in this way and was inspired by the example of doctors and naturopaths who practice fasting, especially since many of them can only be envied - envy their health and longevity in an amicable way.

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