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Methods of fasting on water

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 10.10.2018

Hungry diets are one of the methods of alternative medicine. There are two fundamentally different methods of starvation: dry and water. At the first, the hungry does not eat or drink, at the second meal is excluded, and water is allowed in unlimited quantities. Some long-term techniques combine both types of fasting.

Fasting on the water is considered the least extreme way. It can last from one day to several months. During this time such a technique becomes practically a way of life. Various options for a hungry diet are used for a variety of purposes.

  • One-day discharges are shown to all healthy people of working age, except at risk groups. At least during this time the digestive tract is unloaded. Therefore, in the people who tried this method, one-day stay only on water often becomes a weekly need.
  • Short-term procedures favor the speedy recovery after surgery, digestive and respiratory diseases with symptoms of high fever. So, starvation on water from 3 to 10 days provides "general cleaning" and recovery of the body.
  • Prolonged, over 30 days, successfully treats high-level obesity, skin rashes, ulcers, eczema.

Each method requires proper preparation and exit from the hunger strike. Without training, you can only go hungry for 24 hours, and this is not called a hunger, but a food pause.

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Fasting on the water once a week

One-day fasting can be dry and "wet", that is, starvation on the water. Dry is considered too radical, because a person refuses all products, solid and liquid, and fasting on the water once a week - sparing. It is easier to tolerate by increasing, against the usual, the norm of drinking water - up to 2 liters and more for every day of fasting. All stages of the procedure take more than a day; if less, then this is the so-called food pause, and not a real hunger strike.

Those who want to receive and maintain positive results of abstinence from food are starving regularly. Thanks to the hunger strike, the following happens:

  • purification of the body;
  • strengthening of defensive forces;
  • rejuvenation;
  • improvement of intestinal microflora;
  • rest of the digestive tract;
  • stimulation of synthesis of biologically active compounds.

It is important that one-day fasting on the water, held for 2-3 months, creates a solid basis for multi-day procedures. After all, starving immediately for many days is undesirable and wrong, the body can not cope with such stress.

You should know that even short-term fasting requires careful preparation; it starts a week before the appointed date. Diet is corrected towards vegetarian cuisine, while simultaneously shedding sweet colored and alcoholic beverages. The day before the start of the menu becomes completely vegetative: fruits, cereals, vegetables.

  • On a "hungry" day, take yourself in a pleasant, feasible work, do not sit in the kitchen, looking longingly into the pots and fridge. Better make an enema, and then light gymnastics, especially useful for the hungry.

Do not be surprised if hunger will act unfavorably, and you will feel weakness, nausea, smell from the mouth, pain in the head. This is just so unpleasant at once, and the subsequent times, with regular starvation, promise to be easier.

With this thought, go to bed early, in order to enjoy fruit and vegetable food and drinks in the morning. But do not overeat: it does not lead to good and with a normal diet, and after fasting - even more so. On vegetables it is advisable to survive for two days, and only then enter the menu fish, meat, eggs or milk. Continue to drink plenty of quality water .

In principle, it is difficult to imagine what should happen if one-day fasting does harm to a person who does not have obvious contraindications to such a procedure. But reinsurance does not hurt, so do not be too lazy to consult a specialist before embarking on any starvation.

Cascade starvation on the water

Cascade is called starvation on the water, which alternates with the days when it is allowed to consume vegetable food. This is a lightweight variant of starvation. Today this method is used by those wishing to lose weight, although they invented it for another purpose: thus the ancient philosophers sought to spiritually purify themselves and to know the truth.

  • One-day cascade starvation on the water helps to cleanse and give respiratory tract gastrointestinal tract. The three-day is recommended before various procedures or for purification. There are various schemes of starvation, for example, long and concise. Alternating can establish the hunger himself, guided by the way it is convenient. But before the beginning of such an experiment, a specialist consultation is mandatory.

Prepare for the cascade should be in advance, switching to light foods without animal products and fatty sweets. As in other cases, you can not overeat, and the intestines need to be cleaned with enemas (pour up to one and a half liters of 33 - 36 degree water with a teaspoon of salt). On a dream coming to drink kefir or to eat an apple. The first fasting should not last longer than 24 hours.

The duration of the completion period depends on the duration of the actual starvation. To adapt the body to solid foods, a smooth transition is necessary, so in the early days you should prepare liquid dishes, drink fresh juices, quality water.

Further, the diet becomes more diverse: kefir, salads, stewed vegetables, soups with lean oil are added. Tables in the following days are even richer: there are butter, nuts, cottage cheese, stale bread.

Thanks to starvation, the body is getting better and getting rid of excess kilograms. By the way, the weight leaves first quickly, then slowly: up to 300 grams per day.

Fasting in any form is forbidden to the exhausted, sick of a tuberculosis, a cirrhosis, nervous diseases to people, pregnant and lactating to women.

Complete fasting on water

Fasting is incomplete, complete, absolute. Incomplete is malnutrition or inadequate absorption of nutrient energy, which can be very long. At absolute, no food is used, its duration is 4 days. At full nothing is eaten, but drink water as much as you like. Complete starvation on water lasts, depending on the intensity of metabolism, up to 70 days. It is used for therapeutic purposes.

It is believed that in a healthy body there is always about 7 kg of reserve fat - a quantity that can cover three-day energy costs. With physical exertion, low temperature of the medium, energy losses increase. Therefore, fasting on water is more difficult for people with a low margin of fat, with a weakened and dehydrated organism that is not psychologically prepared.

In the process of abstinence from adequate nutrition, glycogen reserves, available in muscle tissue and liver, energy from oxidation of fatty acids, and then glucose, which is formed from the breakdown of proteins, are also consumed. All this can lead to exhaustion. Therefore, a preliminary examination is important so that it can detect contraindications and prevent complications.

Therapeutic starvation without food, but with water, can last a different period, each of the options is specific. But there are also general rules - the correct preparation, conduct, exit from the hunger strike. It is important to achieve the crisis characteristic of purification, and to normalize the functions of the body. For the sake of what, actually, people decide on such a complicated procedure.

Preparations to the entrance to starvation begin in the evening: instead of dinner they make a cleansing enema. In the morning they act in the same direction: instead of breakfast they take a laxative, after which nothing but water can be taken. General recommendations for proper procedure:

  • Complete starvation excludes not only alcohol, but also smoking. The need to drink medicine during this period can only be established by a doctor.
  • Enemas, Charcot's douche and similar water procedures are conducted daily. Mandatory walks, sun baths in moderation, exercise therapy, regular sleep in a ventilated room.
  • Do not wear clothes made from non-natural fabrics.
  • On the part of the doctor, constant monitoring of pressure and pulse, the general condition of the patient is required.

With prolonged starvation, there are special signs that indicate the need to stop it: an insurmountable feeling of hunger, a dream about food, a lack of stool in the contents of the intestine after enema, the disappearance of the plaque on the tongue.

The yield is carried out with the help of juices and fresh products of the fruit and vegetable group, with increasing dosage and concentration. Compliance with the rules will make it painless and fix the positive results of fasting on the water.

Fasting every other day on the water

There are two main types of starvation: dry and on water. The way when hungry days alternate with "hungry" is called cascade. Non-standard fasting in a day on the water is considered simple and affordable even for beginners, and gives a lasting result. The main thing is to observe the gradualness, to start and complete the cascade competently. The crisis, which confirms the fact of cleansing from accumulated slags, comes 3-4 days later.

With prolonged cascade starvation on the water, distinguish between stages, it is as follows: how many days you are starving, eat as much. The calculation goes on increasing; the procedure is as follows: from 1/1 (the first stage) to 5/5 (fifth).

Fasting on water by the cascade method is gaining worldwide popularity due to the fact that the liquid in such a diet is not limited. But there are subtleties concerning the quality of water and products allowed in the days of "respite" from hunger. So, experts do not advise to use mineral and distilled water, products with preservatives and dyes, harmful food, alcohol.

The daily menu is calculated for 4-5 receptions of 200 g each, water is drunk half an hour before meals. 1-2 times a day you can have a snack with fruit, unsweetened taste.

Coming to starvation, you need to tune in to positive and successful. On leaving the diet, pay attention to the following:

  • Drink boiled and chilled to room temperature water.
  • Take a bath with herbs.
  • Include low-fat protein and sour-milk products not earlier than two days later.
  • Prepare dietary meat, light soups from fish and poultry.
  • Go to the normal diet, reduce portions, compared with the past time.

Follow this diet is recommended up to three times a year. And after it, to consolidate the result, to continue to monitor that the food was healthy and healthy, to control not only the quality, but also the amount of food.

Fasting on the water by the lunar calendar

The moon influences a person in every possible way, as is known from primitive times. Fasting in relation to the lunar calendar is based on the fact that the lunar phases are able to promote weight control. The method is called Ekadashi. Its advantage is that you do not need to constantly limit yourself to eating, exposing the body to stress; it is enough to do it on favorable days. That is, fasting on the water is practiced on special days of the lunar calendar.

  • As is known, the moon passes through four phases, each of which has a special effect on man. For example, transitional days (four of them a month) are strained and unfavorable for physical and mental activity; they are made unloading, because food at this time is poorly absorbed. On such days, do not start something new, including a diet, you need not be nervous about trifles and philosophically perceive the surrounding reality.

New Moon, too, is not conducive to innovation, but at this time there is an active cleansing of the body. In order to avoid energy loss during the new moon phase, it is necessary to reduce physical loads, to relax both the body and the soul.

In the period of lunar growth, calories are actively deposited in the reserve, so you should maximally limit fast carbohydrates and salt, eat non-calorie meals and move more.

  • The best time to start fasting is the full moon, when a person is full of energy and ready to give a lot of energy. During the full moon in the body, the need for water increases, metabolism speeds up, human performance improves.

The highest efficiency of a hunger strike comes with the decrease of the Moon. Excess fats, poisons and slags decrease as if along with the night luminary; The appetite decreases, but the high need for drinking persists.

Fasting on the water according to the lunar calendar falls on 8, 10, 11, 12, 18, 20, 25, 29 days; they drink only pure water and do not eat anything. It takes a lot of water, up to 3 liters. But not more, so as not to overload the kidneys and not wash, along with the slag, useful components for the body.

It is important to know!

Therapeutic starvation is fundamentally different from the newfangled diets - both theoretical reasonableness and benefit, repeatedly proven in practice. There are a lot of methods of medical-unloading diets, starvation by Nikolaev is one of the most popular. Read more..

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