How does estradiol affect our body?

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Studies confirm that the hormone from the estrogen estradiol group helps the muscles of the heart to strengthen, and the heart to work more actively. Which groups of muscles and organs are still affected by estradiol and how does this affect the movements of our body and weight?

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How does estradiol work on the body?

How does estradiol work on the body?

Estradiol (at its normal level in the body) affects not only the cardiovascular system, but also the smooth muscles. These muscles are part of the bladder and intestine. That is, the work of these organs also depends on the amount of estradiol in the blood.

This hormone also controls the muscles of the skeleton. It improves our mobility, increases the strength of bone tissue. Studies in sports centers show that if during the menopause the woman controls the level of estradiol in the blood, she will have a stronger skeleton, there will be no propensity to fracture.

How does estradiol affect muscle function?

Thanks to estradiol, the strength of muscle contraction improves, and this makes women more athletic and fit. If estradiol affects the force of contraction, then the possibility of faster relaxation, too.

This gives the woman the opportunity to more calmly treat stressful situations, to resist stress. So, fatigue decreases and work capacity increases. With the active effect of estradiol the weight does not increase, it remains normal.

The results of the study of the effect of estradiol on the work of muscles showed striking results. Scientists from the American state of Colorado found that the force of hand compression in those women who during the menopause replenished the reserves of estradiol, higher than women, hormones are not taking.

Estrogens and sports

And if estradiol is taken in conjunction with sports, the effect is even higher. The strongest of all as a result of the study were women who resorted to hormone replacement therapy and worked on simulators.

Scientists Killlonen and Jensen at different times of carrying out experiments with hormones, found that taking estrogen in combination with aerobic exercise improves the figure, increases muscle mass, and the amount of fat at the waist and hips reduces.

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Estrogens and weight

True, the weight did not jump to the left or to the right, remaining unchanged. Scientists have learned why. Fat tissue is 6 times lighter than muscle tissue. And when fat in the body becomes smaller, and muscle tissue - more, there is a substitution. And the weight remains at the same level.

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What else is affected by estrogens?

In addition, that the muscles are growing stronger, the strength becomes greater, fatigue is reduced. But, besides this, bone tissue also becomes stronger. But this effect is observed only in the case of combining exercise and hormone therapy. When a woman, while doing sports, does not use hormones, bone tissue strengthens much more slowly.

A feature of the study is that women prone to obesity benefit from hormone therapy more. The fact is that those women who have more muscle tissue and fats have a more active hormone exchange.

This is explained simply: the more fat and muscle tissue, the more estrogen in them. So, the exchange of estrogen is more active. Plus - the bones and muscles of women prone to fattening, are stronger than those of their lean counterparts. But full women after hormone therapy tend to gain weight or simply not to lose weight, remaining in the same weight category.

Estrogens and menstrual cycle

Hormones during menstruation can also affect the weight and movement of the body, as well as the strength of the muscles. And their ability to contract. This is evidenced by Dr. Phillips' research conducted in 1993. A group of patients from 20 to 30 years during ovulation noted the strength of muscles, increased at times.

Let us explain: during ovulation in the body the level of the hormone estradiol is much increased, the patients get a chance to strengthen their body. If at this time to engage in more and sports, the muscle volume increases much, and the amount of fat tissue decreases.

As for the period of menstruation, that is, the time when a woman has a bleeding, the hormone progesterone suppresses the level of estradiol. And then muscle strength is lost, a woman feels weak, she may have sudden mood changes, increased fatigue.

The experiments of Dr. Sauer in 1996 showed that such fatigue and a change in the force of contractions was especially observed in the hips and forearms. And even hormone therapy did not give special results in this case. Nature has provided this time period for the rest of women, and not for active activities.

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Features of the work of estradiol

Studies show that when the hormone level of estradiol in the body falls, the muscle tissue becomes smaller. That is, the woman looks thinner, her skin is more oblique. But, when the level of estradiol in the blood is restored, the muscle mass is also restored to normal. Same as weight.

As a result of scientific research, it has also become known that estradiol acts directly on the muscles. Due to its presence, the muscles are protected from the influence of free radicals (substances that cause aging). This is especially valuable in the period of active physical activity (swimming, aerobics, fitness, running).

Scientists concluded that when we lose estradiol, the muscles are more prone to collapse flabbiness. In addition, they can not even recover until the level of estradiol is adjusted.

Be aware that in order for muscles to develop normally, they need more calories than the rest of the tissues. When we lose muscle mass, fats are burned less efficiently, and a person can recover. To ensure that the muscles are good, strong, and fats are burned more actively, it is important to take the necessary hormones and exercise.

What is your estrogen level in the body, in particular estradiol, can be determined with the help of hormone tests. In time, contact the endocrinologist and be healthy! How do estrogens affect metabolism?

Studies of the effect of estrogens on the body show that during climax in the body irreversible changes occur. And estrogens contribute to the improvement of many processes, including the activation of metabolism. How does this happen?

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During the menopause potassium is lost

This is proved by the research of American scientists in 1991. When a woman has a climacteric period, the level of potassium in the body becomes much less, and these losses are irreversible. Why does potassium become smaller? Because the level of estradiol, a hormone from the estrogen group, is lost. And because of this oppression of potassium production.

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Effect of estradiol on the development of muscles and bones

Because of this, the muscles can develop badly, become flabby and lethargic. In addition, if you want to supplement the body with a supply of useful substances, because of the low level of estradiol they will be poorly digested. These are substances such as magnesium, potassium and zinc, which are vital for the work of internal organs.

Estradiol helps these substances to be absorbed, and its absence or small doses - on the contrary. Without potassium, magnesium and zinc, the metabolism in the body will be sluggish, slow, and then fats will accumulate. Poor metabolism also slows down the strength and density of bone tissue, and also negatively affects the work and development of muscles.

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Effect of estradiol on cholesterol

Cholesterol is bad and good. The first has a negative effect on the body, the second - positively. If the level of estradiol in the blood is high, then the level of good cholesterol also rises, and the level of bad cholesterol decreases. And vice versa: a low level of estradiol provokes the activity of bad cholesterol, and as a result - different diseases.

Studies show that poor cholesterol doctors observe in those patients who are obese. Therefore, it is necessary to check blood once a year once a year for cholesterol levels to undergo hormonal tests. This will provide an opportunity to replenish the level of estradiol in time to normalize the work of the whole organism.

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Effect of estradiol on blood

When estradiol in the blood is not enough, the level of fats in the blood cells rises, especially in women with obesity. As a consequence, such women are more likely to develop diabetes, because blood sugar levels are also increasing.

A good, normal level of estradiol in the blood reduces the fat content of the blood, as well as thrombus formation. If you increase the level of estradiol to normal, avoid the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Estradiol and healthy sleep

Have you noticed that sometimes you do not sleep well, and even sleeping pills can not help much? The culprits of this unpleasant exhausting condition can again be hormones. If there is not enough estradiol in the blood - a sex hormone from the estrogen group - a person in a dream can not rest fully. Even its growth for this reason is significantly slowed down.

The body produces more progesterone, and this hormone has the ability to suppress the production of growth hormones. But where does the extra weight?

The fact is that growth hormone directly affects how muscles grow and if excess fat accumulates. If there is enough growth hormone in the body, then with the growth and elasticity of the muscles, there will be no problems.

At full women development of a growth hormone in an organism is slowed down. That is why the fat tissue they accumulate, and the muscle tissue does not develop. Even on the contrary, it is lost, then the muscles become sluggish and disobedient.

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Menopause and growth hormone

At a time when a woman begins the period before the climax, her hormonal background is drastically changing. Estradiol in the body is less, and this reduces the level of growth hormone. And then we get an interesting situation: no matter how much you play sports and what loads you do not give yourself, the muscle mass will not grow.

Bones will still remain weak, and muscles - flabby. That is, sports without the necessary hormones will not bring any result.

According to some reports, thanks to testosterone, the muscle mass of people of both sexes is growing. But in fact the normal work of muscles can support the female hormone estradiol. Thanks to him, muscle mass is built up, besides, excess fats are burned. This is subject to exercise.

In addition, thanks to estradiol, the work of the whole organism is being adjusted, and not only its individual functions will improve.

In time, increase the level of hormones in your body and stay healthy. How does estradiol affect mood?

To appetite tormented us not so much, and we had the opportunity to burn fat, we are trying to increase the amount of serotonin in the body. Why and how can hormones affect our mood? In particular, hormones from the group of estrogens.

Serotonin and our weight

Scientific research, which lasted more than three decades, showed interesting results. The lowered serotonin level in a person's blood leads to excess weight. In addition, the lack of serotonin leads to a decrease in mood, tearfulness, irritability, inability to concentrate attention. And another person with a lowered serotonin level begins to feel very little pain. It can have disturbances in the digestive tract, absorption and digestion of food.

The psyche also changes: obsessive ideas can arise, sleep is disturbed, the mood can be so bad that a person does not want anything.

Why do such states arise?

Every year, a person can decrease serotonin levels. If you do not follow him, of course, and do not take the necessary hormones on the recommendation of a doctor. Decreased serotonin levels are also triggered by persistent stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, constant use of alcohol, uncontrolled use of medications, especially tranquilizers.

Drugs from allergies, which people take constantly and in high doses, can also reduce the production of serotonin. The same negative effect on the production of serotonin causes smoking. Smokers suffer from mood swings more often than other people.

Risk groups

In the risk group among the victims of hormonal imbalance - women from 45 to 49 years. In this category of women, excess weight and depressive states due to hormonal changes can manifest themselves particularly vividly. They have a much lower estradiol level than before.

In pre-menopausal women, mood and state of health change dramatically. They find it difficult to control themselves. Women admit that they feel like a roller coaster, and it's scary.

How does a woman's body change during menopause?

Just think: the body of a woman during this period can recover, and the sensations - to change. A woman throws something in the heat, then in the cold. The mood can also move from a feeling of deep happiness to the same severe depression.

This point is important not to miss and it is necessary to consult a doctor about hormone replacement therapy.

How do hormones affect brain function?

If the body has enough estradiol, it can affect the work of other hormones that the brain produces. This directly affects the mood swings. So, the effect of estradiol on endorphins, the hormones vasopressin, oxytocin and vasopressin.

This increases appetite, while metabolism is inhibited. And the woman certainly gets better. In addition, because of the active influence of hormones on the brain centers, the mechanism that controls appetite is disturbed.

A woman can no longer regulate her weight. It frightens and irritates her. And you just need to check the level of hormones, having passed hormonal tests.

Estradiol and endorphins

These hormones are particularly strong in their effect on the body of pregnant women. Most of all - in the last weeks. Then endorphins, like estradiol, in the body of the future mother is quite a lot, more than normal.

This is good because the appetite is no longer so brutal, as endorphins have the property of reducing it.

But when a woman gave birth, the level of endorphin in the blood decreases significantly. This means that a woman and the mood can significantly drop - right up to the critical mark. This is why women often have postpartum depression.

It's all hormones, not life's troubles. This condition can be compared with the cessation of the use of narcotic drugs. At first the woman was happy, and then this source was taken away from her - the amount of endorphins sharply decreased.

Of course, a woman reacts with tearfulness, attacks of aggression, then apathy, suffers from hot flashes, worries, suffers from stomach diseases.

This ends not only with mental disorders, but also with physical changes. A woman is very difficult to lose weight, unless she replenishes the lack of endorphins. This can be done by taking hormones prescribed by a doctor, in combination with sports.

In time, contact a gynecologist and endocrinologist and be healthy.

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