The effect of testosterone on the female body

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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The hormone testosterone, which is considered a male hormone, can completely change all the processes in the body of a woman. In particular, on how her figure, skin and hair looks. How does this happen?

How does testosterone work on a woman's muscles?

How does testosterone work on a woman's muscles?

What will a woman muscle mass - flaccid and flabby or elastic and strong - depends on the work of testosterone. If testosterone in the body of women lack, then her muscle mass will decrease. The metabolism will slow down, and the woman will grow stout.

Conversely, the normal level of testosterone ensures that your exercise and healthy diet will pay off handsomely: you will have elastic, beautiful muscles.

When during the menopause of testosterone in the body of a woman becomes less and less, fat deposits, primarily in the area of the breast and stomach, form. Testosterone has the ability to influence the formation of new muscles. He also helps to keep them in good shape.

The more you are, the more significant testosterone loss is expected. In order to keep the metabolism and muscle normal, you need a reasonable balance of testosterone and estradiol.

Testosterone is important for building bones

Bone tissue - its condition - also depends on the level of testosterone in the body. If testosterone is enough, this is an excellent prevention of osteoporosis.

The influence of testosterone on the bone state is even more powerful than that of the female hormone estrogen - a recognized "positive" hormone that has the property of protecting tissues and bones from damage.

When a woman begins a period of menopause, she begins to rapidly lose the hormones estradiol and testosterone, which are extremely important for the strength of bones and muscles.

This process goes much faster than in men - they have a period of weakening of the body tissues lasts for years, as they lose testosterone much more slowly and in small amounts.

It must be taken into account and it is necessary to check your hormonal background in time.

Testosterone against chronic fatigue syndrome

This hormone, like no other, helps a woman feel more alert and toned. Studies prove that a sufficient level of testosterone helps to fight with chronic fatigue, fatigue.

There are situations when a woman who takes vitamins and who has a healthy sleep, as well as a menu, still feels fast fatigue, weakness, weakness.

Such women should definitely go to testosterone levels in the blood. Otherwise, it may not reveal the reasons for its negative state.

How does testosterone affect a woman's brain?

Testosterone has the property of activating the work of the sexual receptors through brain commands. That is, having in the body a sufficient level of testosterone, a person (men and women) is all right with the sexual desire.

But that is not all. Testosterone affects the areas of the brain in such a way as to raise the mood of a woman, reduce the level of depression and cause a sense of satisfaction.

Thanks to testosterone, a person can better remember, concentrate attention, perceive new knowledge.

Therefore, if you have mood jumps, absent-mindedness and even depression, you should simply check the testosterone level. If you have a shortage of this hormone, you should replenish its supplies, and the problem with the depressed state can be easily removed.

What threatens the increased level of testosterone?

The cause of an elevated level of testosterone may be excessive production of the sexual organs or reception in the form of chemical preparations.

The result of raising the level of this hormone is insomnia, nightmares during sleep, sexual aggression.

At the level of behavior a person can break wood. He can scream without reason on others, react angrily to every little thing, get irritated without a visible reason.

If excess testosterone is observed in women who are engaged in sports, they also have an increased appetite. In addition, these athletes begin to intensively build muscle and fat.

With an excess of testosterone in women, the figure changes. In the waist and abdomen appear fat deposits, reminiscent of waves. In your favorite skirt or jeans can not climb.

The same effect is observed with a high level not only of testosterone, but also of other androgens, in particular, androstenedione and even DHEA.

What to do with the weight?

You are struggling to lose those extra pounds, but they all accumulate? Is appetite growing? It's all to blame for testosterone, which increases the production in the brain of the hormone level of norepinephrine.

Therefore, if you want to take antidepressants, first contact an endocrinologist to check testosterone levels. Because in conjunction with antidepressants, increased doses of testosterone and estradiol promote rapid weight gain.

Scientific studies show that testosterone acts better when it has an optimal ratio with estradiol.

Estradiol promotes the fact that testosterone affects the body more strongly, giving away all its useful properties. If estradiol in the body does not exist or if there are small amounts of it, testosterone receptors will not be able to work properly in our brain.

How does testosterone affect healthy sleep?

If you do not sleep well, you are in poor control of your weight. This is proved by numerous scientific studies. If you experience stress, even in a dream hormonal imbalance will not give you a normal sleep.

Hormones cortisol and insulin, the secretion of which increases dramatically, further increase the woman's anxiety even in sleep.

And increased doses of testosterone with a decrease in the amount of estradiol further exacerbate this condition. You sleep even worse, while gaining excess weight, and the overall health deteriorates more and more.

If you take a testosterone hormone before going to bed, you will be tormented by constant sleep disorders, and dreams will be nightmares. A person in this state will feel overwhelmed and weakened.

It is explained by the fact that testosterone most affects the person in the 4th phase of sleep. It is at this phase that muscle tissue and bones are restored, nerve cells are restored, we rest the best. At teenagers (and at the person till 21 years) at this time the growth hormone is developed.

If in the 4th phase of sleep you sleep badly, restlessly, all these processes will be destroyed. Therefore, it is best to take testosterone in the morning to stimulate the body, and not in the evening.

What to do with an excess of testosterone?

We already know that with an excess of testosterone on the waist and in the chest glands, fats accumulate, and the weight is difficult to control. More signs of excess testosterone:

  • Elevated hair, especially on the legs, arms, over the upper lip and armpits
  • Sharp hair loss of the head
  • Acne, which is very difficult to reduce - they reappear
  • Excessive aggressiveness, which alternates with weakness and frustration
  • Sleep disorders
  • Pain in the ovaries
  • Pain in the lumbar region

If you have all these signs, you should check the level of hormones:

  • DHEA
  • Testosterone
  • Dehydrotestosterone
  • DHEA-C

If these hormones in the body are more than normal, you can find the following diseases:

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Tumor of the ovaries
  • Tumor in the Adrenal Region

Additional examination methods: ultrasound, magnetic resonance diagnostics, computed tomography. These examinations will help you get rid of the diseases in their initial stage.

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