How do estrogens affect the shape changes?

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Last reviewed: 17.10.2021

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Did you know that female hormones estrogen can affect more than 400 functions of the body? And so that it can change even the outlines of the figure, mood and overall well-being. More on the effects of estrogen on the woman's body

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Estrogens and weight

If the body has enough estradiol, the weight of the woman will not fluctuate, as happens in the absence of this hormone. Studies that have been conducted recently confirm that it is estrogen that actively participates in the normalization of metabolism and as a consequence - the normalization of weight.

Do you want to know what happens when a woman stops or almost ceases to develop estradiol? As a rule, it happens in the period before the menopause later.

How do estrogens affect the shape changes?

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So, at low doses of estradiol ...

  1. On the surface of the internal organs and in the abdominal cavity fat deposits form, and the weight increases significantly. In turn, fat tissue also produces hormones - estrone and androgens, it increases the level of cortisol - a stress hormone.
  2. All these hormones in the community are capable of causing the risk of diabetes. They also negatively affect the functioning of the cardiovascular system, as well as the lungs. Elevated levels of estrogens and androgens can also provoke breast cancer.
  3. Muscular tissue with reduced doses of estradiol becomes more flabby and is recovered very difficult. Fat under the patches on the hips and sides also becomes less dense, the human skin looks sagging, inelastic.
  4. If the level of estradiol decreases, the woman's cortisol level becomes higher. Increased stress level. From this fat stores in the body becomes more.
  5. Reducing the production of estradiol, the body at the same time increases the level of cortisol. From this, the thyroid gland begins to produce less hormones. Work shchitovidki can be broken.
  6. When estradiol in the body is less, insulin is produced more, but the body does not perceive it. And this suppresses the formation of sugars in the blood. As a result, fatty deposits become larger - a woman recovers, not understanding the reasons.
  7. When estradiol in the body becomes less, you can notice this on the waxed waist. Fat deposits are deposited primarily there. This is due to increased production of androgen hormones and an increase in insulin levels in the blood.
  8. Due to the decrease in the level of estradiol a woman may have insomnia. A tremendous fact: the worse a person sleeps and the more restless his sleep, the more inhibited the growth hormones. If it's shorter: worse sleep - you grow worse. This is very important for teenage girls during the period of menstruation. Growth hormones, sluggishly developed, inhibit the metabolism and stimulate the production of fat on the sides and waist.
  9. If growth hormones are not enough in the body, muscle tissue becomes lost and becomes flabby, and fat, on the contrary, actively accumulates. Muscle mass is restored very poorly.

To avoid such serious consequences for well-being, weight and mood, it is important to control the level of estrogens in the body. In particular, estradiol. In time, go to the endocrinologist and be well.

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