Drinks with gastritis with high acidity

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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

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With an increase in gastric acidity with acute or chronic gastritis, inflammation of mucous membranes occurs, since problems with the secretory function of the stomach begin.

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With an increased level of acidity, it is necessary to drink beverages that do not irritate the stomach, while stabilizing the secretion of gastric juice.

What can and can not be?

Not all drinks with gastritis with high acidity can be consumed. Among the permitted - berry or fruit juices, weakly boiled coffee with milk or cocoa, tea with cream or milk, as well as decoction of rose hips (it helps stabilize the level of acidity).


At an increased level of acidity, coffee is strictly forbidden. Only in some cases it is allowed after a meal to drink weakly boiled coffee, which must be diluted with milk. You can drink only a small cup.



Milk, and especially home, with gastritis it is recommended to drink diluted (a good option is to add to tea). With this disease it is very useful to drink goat's milk - among dairy products it is considered the most useful. With it, you can neutralize the increased level of hydrochloric acid and heal the irritation that has appeared on the mucosa. It also helps to eliminate one of the symptoms of gastritis - flatulence.

It is recommended to take a course of therapy with goat milk, the duration of which is 21 days. In this case, it is required to drink on an empty stomach in the mornings and evenings of 1 cup of raw product. Drink should be slowly, in small sips. During the day, you should also drink 2 more glasses of the drink.

Green tea

Green tea is recommended to drink in the presence of a similar pathological condition, since it helps to heal arising on the mucous damages, removes inflammatory processes. But in order to get these medicinal properties, the drink must be prepared in the right way. In case of increasing the acidity level, you should prepare tea according to this recipe: take 3 spoonfuls of tea and pour them with boiled, slightly cooled, water, then insist the drink for 30 minutes. Ready tea takes about 1 hour to keep on a steam bath. Drink it in small portions (10-20 ml) not more than 5 times / day.


The recipe for berry jelly. You need to take 1.5 glasses of water and currants, as well as 1 spoon of starch and sugar. The currant needs to be washed, and then squeeze the juice out of it. The pulp left after this procedure is boiled and filtered. Starch must be diluted in water (cold). Then mix all these mixtures and cook on low heat.

The currant can be replaced by other berries (blueberries, strawberries, cranberries or cherries) or fruits (apples). By the same principle is also prepared kisel from dried apricots.

Kissel from carrots - peel and rub 2-3 vegetables, then boil them in boiling water (about 0.5 cup). Then pour the heated milk into the broth, and when the mixture boils, add to it 0.5 tablespoons of starch.


Compote based on dried fruits - rinse the ingredients and fill them in boiling water. You need to cook them for about 20-25 minutes, and then cool and drink.

Slivovo-apple compote - to wash the ingredients and cut into slices. Then boil in boiling water for a maximum of 5 minutes (for 5 plums and 1 large apple, 4 cups of water will suffice).


Honey water

With an increase in the level of gastric acidity, it is necessary to take honey diluted in warm water (1 cup) three times a day (at a dosage of 30 g before breakfast and dinner and 40 g before dinner). Drink a drink 1-2 hours before eating.

Herbal teas

If there is a problem with the increase in acidity, it is useful to drink herbal teas based on mint, plantain, St. John's wort, and in addition to Asian yarrow, cottonwood and cumin.

Properly prepared herbal collection helps to remove the inflammatory process and contribute to the improvement of the body. Such collections should have an anesthetic, healing and enveloping properties.

Effective influence is provided by such drinks as decoction from anise or ivan-tea. They stabilize the stomach, prevent the development of complications (ulcers, erosions), as well as dyspepsia.

Anise drink normalizes the function of the digestive system, removes spasms in the intestines and stomach, thus eliminating permanent pain sensations. The most useful property of aniseed tea with gastritis is that it fights Helicobacter pylori, thereby speeding up the healing process.

To make tea from anise, it takes 10 grams of leaves of this herb - they are poured with boiling water (0.5 L) and leave to infuse in a thermos. Ready tea is drunk during the day for 0.5 cup (no more than 4 times / day).

Ivan tea with this problem helps to accelerate the regeneration processes, removes pain and prevents the feeling of nausea.

To make this drink, you need to use the following recipe: take 50 g of herbs and pour them with water (750 ml). Boil the tea, then at least 1 hour to insist in the thermos, and then strain. Drink a drink before eating - it significantly alleviates the pain, thereby contributing to a painless process of eating.


There are also forbidden drinks with gastritis with high acidity. Among these are various carbonated drinks (lemonades), alcohol, kvass, tomato and all citrus juices, black strong tea or coffee.

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