Diet Protasova: a menu for every week

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Last reviewed: 14.08.2021

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In this publication, we will ease the work of losing weight, having painted the menu for each week on the diet of Kim Protasov, an Israeli nutritionist. And also we will think over features of a diet of Protasov

How smoothly to go on a diet Protasov?

It is very important during this diet, according to Protasov himself, to release the body from the psychological and physiological thirst for sweet foods, in particular - flour with sugar.

To achieve this without stress for the body, it is very important to eat plenty of fruit, which will replace you with sweet flour dishes.

Protasov's Diet: Week 1

Every day - a maximum of vegetables without heat treatment, fermented milk products without starch and sugar in the composition. Especially lean on cottage cheese - it's useful calcium.

Daily egg cooked abruptly and 3 sweet and sour apples are allowed.

Protasov's Diet: Week 2

You eat the same thing as in the first week of Protasov's diet. For the last term (7 days), if you did not deviate from the diet, you already almost do not want sweets, harmful sausages and other life pleasures.

Continue the same diet for another week. By the way, weight loss has already gone.

Protasov's Diet: Week 3

You have already got used to do without fried, fatty, smoked and sweet flour products. It is perfectly. Now you can add a little fried to the previous diet with vegetables, fruits and boiled eggs. Fish or poultry on the grill is a delicious and nutritious supplement to your menu.

But instead, you need to sacrifice a little quantity of sour-milk products - yogurt and cheese.

Protasov's Diet: 4-5th week

You eat the same thing as during the 1st and 2nd weeks. It was at this time, if you did not deviate from Protasov's food system, your weight will start to drop sharply. Surprising people who know you close, there will be no limit - the loss of kilograms at this diet time is very weighty.

Protasov also recommends not to give up drinks, so that the body is not dehydrated. As a liquid, green tea, coffee - both drinks without sugar - and mineral water without gas are very suitable for you. The total volume of liquid drunk per day must reach at least 2 liters.

Now you really have lost weight, and significantly! At the same time, they cleaned their bodies of toxins and excess fluid. Now, after so many efforts, you will not again suddenly gain weight? Therefore, it is necessary to leave the Protasov diet smoothly, slowly, during the next 5 weeks. We will tell you about this in the next publication.

Lose weight easily!

Products for the Protasov diet are important nuances

Let's talk about meat, which is a prohibited product in the Protasov diet in the first 14 days. One can not but agree that lean meat contains a large number of animal fats, which are forbidden by Protasov's diet (even if there is no visible fat on this meat).

True, the exception is fish and poultry - there are fewer fats. According to reviews about the diet Protasova, in the first 5-7 days on her because of a somewhat monotonous diet to sit boring.

According to the diet Protasova, the key fruit in it are apples. Of course, not all of them can so often use them. For example, people with certain diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can not always eat apples because they can irritate the gastric mucosa or cause fermentation in the body.

But! Apples are quite sweet and contain a decent amount of glucose, which is not very recommended with the diet Protasov. It is better to choose more acidic varieties of apples, the dietician believes.

For this reason, apples are best used in the morning. Then the body will better understand them, and the energy received from sugars will go to maintain vital forces, rather than fatty deposits.

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