Delicious recipes from ginger for weight loss

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The root of ginger has unique properties that help stimulate many functions of the body. In particular, ginger is good and if you want to say goodbye to excess kilograms.

Of course, the root of ginger for weight loss - this is not a panacea. If you drink, for example, a ginger drink and leave your lifestyle unchanged, the result will not be. To the ginger diet, food restrictions must be connected. Namely, the transition to a healthy and healthy diet. Which includes the consumption of vegetables and fruits in large quantities and different types - fresh, stewed, in the form of juices and salads, as well as vegetable soups. It is also good to get rid of fatty meat and replace it with a lean variant. It is necessary to exclude sweet dishes and products from flour of the highest grade - pasta, buns, cakes, biscuits and white bread.

Of sour-milk products, low-fat yogurt and yogurt, cottage cheese with a low fat content, are best suited. A separate word should be said about the serum. This product undeservedly does not pay attention to nutritionists. Although the serum contains so many useful substances that it can compete with ginger. Few people know that calcium is much more in serum than in cottage cheese. What to say about vitamins and other minerals!

The properties of ginger in such a noble cause were described above in the corresponding article.

In cooking, you must now forget about the frying of food. They should be baked in the oven, boiled, stewed or eaten raw at every opportunity. It should be remembered that the amount of fiber in the daily diet should now be at least half of the food set per day.

In general, ginger diet does not involve lying on the couch and eating cakes and fried potatoes. And gained for a long time, kilograms will disappear by themselves only from the gulp of a magical ginger drink. There are no such miracles. Therefore, it is worthwhile to work hard and change your way of life. Then the ginger root will come to the rescue.

General information

Ginger with honey for weight loss

The easiest way to use honey with ginger is to rub the root of ginger on the grater, and then mix it with honey. This mixture is stored in a glass jar in the refrigerator. It can be added to vegetable teas or simply diluted with warm water. In any case, the ginger-honey mixture should be consumed three times a day on a tablespoon. And it will be very desirable if after taking ginger for food or as a drink it will take some time until the next meal.

If the goal is to pamper yourself with an ginger-honey drink, then you can use the following recipe. Take one tablespoon of grated ginger root, two tablespoons of lemon or orange juice and one teaspoon of honey. Everything is mixed and filled with a glass of very hot water (but not with boiling water). After five minutes of waiting, when the water cools down, you can consume the drink.

It should be noted that ginger with honey for weight loss is not only an independent dish, but also the basis for many drinks that take care of maintaining the harmony of the figure. Honey is added to countless beverages with ginger and precisely because to brighten up the bitterness of this spice. In addition, honey with ginger is a widely used means for strengthening immunity, which should be resorted to in the autumn-winter period.

Ginger with garlic for weight loss

A simple recipe for weight loss, like ginger with garlic, can be used not only for these purposes, but also as a general restorative and health remedy. A mixture of ginger and garlic should be brewed, and then eaten.

Preparing the healing mixture as follows. It is necessary to stock up thirty grams of ginger and five large cloves of garlic. Prepared raw materials rubbed on a grater of medium size. After that, take two liters of clean water, put on the fire and brought to a boil. Then the mixture is poured into a container with boiling water, which has already been removed from the fire and left to be infused.

It is best when the procedure takes place in the evening, so that in the morning it is already possible to use a healing infusion. After waking up and the necessary hygienic procedures, you need to drink two glasses of drink. And, do it not immediately, but in small portions for half an hour. The rest of the beverage is distributed per day, with one glass of infusion left for reception before dinner. Portion of infusion (the very last glass) before the final day of eating should be drunk half an hour before the meal.

Using the above garlic diet with ginger, of course, do not abuse the various "goodies". Because a useful mixture does not have "magical" abilities and can not magically burn all calories. Which will enter the body of a person who wants to lose weight, along with cakes, cakes, fried potatoes and fatty meat. Therefore, it is necessary to observe common sense and a measure of nutrition. A ginger with garlic "take" to regulate metabolism and heal the body.

Ginger with cucumber for weight loss

Weight-reducing beverages based on ginger are diverse and unexpected. For example, ginger with a cucumber for weight loss in the composition of such a healing drink is enriched not only with these ingredients. And the taste of this "cocktail" is rather unexpected and spicy, which is its undoubted merit.

Cucumber is known for its cleansing properties and its saturation with the necessary structured fluid (since the cucumber is eighty percent water). In addition, the cucumber contains a lot of dietary fiber, which is also an undoubted advantage in the diet for weight loss. Also, low caloric content of the product is its undoubted advantage over other food products.

So, the recipe for ginger-cucumber drink. It is necessary to stock up one piece of lemon or lime, one large cucumber, two sprigs of fresh mint, a tablespoon of honey and half a liter of clean water. From the root of ginger you need to cut four centimeters of root and use it when preparing a drink.

Citrus is thinly sliced, for example, in circles. The root of ginger is cleaned and also cut into thin rings. Cucumber, so everything was beautiful, also cut into circles.

Then, a pot is poured into which the cooked water is poured. The capacity is put on the fire, the water is brought to a boil and the prepared ginger root is added to the boiling liquid. The saucepan is removed from the fire, covered with a lid and left to drink, for ten or fifteen minutes. Then add the prepared pieces of cucumber, citrus and mint to the liquid, which are left to be infused for another ten minutes. After cooling down to about forty degrees, honey is added to the drink and mixed thoroughly to dissolve. Everything, the drink is ready and it can be used for "noble purposes". A small remark - honey is by no means added to the hot drink. As its useful qualities are lost, and the curative product itself becomes harmful, that is, carcinogenic.

Salads with ginger for weight loss

What can be more useful and healthier than tasty salads? Many ladies, concerned about the problem of excess weight, will "cheer" recipes for these simple in cooking, but super-useful dishes.

So, salads with ginger for weight loss.

  • Recipe number 1. Ginger salad with sauerkraut.

Take a little sauerkraut, which crumbles any available greens. There also put the grated root of ginger or ginger in powder, all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and refilled with unrefined vegetable oil.

  • Recipe number 2. Beetroot carrot salad with ginger.

Be sure to stock up on the fresh root of ginger. His tinder is on a fine grater. A piece of fresh beet and a sufficient amount of carrot tinder on a large grater. All mix thoroughly. To the salad add zest of orange, as well as lemon, which are previously finely cut with a knife. In the end, the celery root powder and unrefined vegetable oil are added to the salad.

In order not to be mistaken with the amount of components for a salad, you need to follow such a formula. Carrots in fresh form need three parts, baked beets and lemon peel - two parts, the root of ginger, celery powder, and orange peel - in one piece.

  • Recipe № 3. Apple cabbage salad with ginger.

Cabbage shreds as thinly as possible. Then it needs to be crushed with a little salt. The apple rubs with the help of a large grater or cut into strips. After that the crushed fruit is sprinkled with lemon juice, so that the apple remains light. Then ginger is ground on a small grater. All ingredients are mixed, and dressing is added to the salad.

The preparation of the filling is quite simple. It is necessary to take a certain amount of vegetable oil, preferably olive, honey, mustard and salt. Everything is mixed in a blender and the resulting mixture is filled with a ginger salad.

  • Recipe № 4. Carrot and ginger salad.

From the ingredients we store up a fresh carrot in the amount of 300 grams, dates without pits in the amount of 100 grams, and also with four leaves of fresh salad. Salad will require refueling. In it we put three centimeters of ginger root, one medium lemon, one teaspoon of honey, four tablespoons of unrefined vegetable oil and salt.

So, carrots rub on grater large sizes, dates cut, and lettuce leaves ripped hands. We put everything in a salad bowl and mix it well.

For filling, ginger rubbed on a small grater and put in a separate bowl. We squeeze into it juice from a lemon, there we pour vegetable oil, pour liquid honey and salt. After that, dressing is added to the salad and all components of the dish are thoroughly mixed. Sometimes it is recommended to add a little chopped walnuts for greater benefit.

  • Recipe № 5. Eggplants with ginger in the form of salad.

Eggplants are washed and cut into rings. Then leave for ten minutes to glass. So from the vegetable along with the juice will go unpleasant bitterness. After that, the mug is dropped in flour and slightly passaged in vegetable oil. Lettuce leaves are laid out on a large plate, the eggplants are laid out on top, and the final layer is a large chopped Bulgarian pepper (preferably red and yellow). From above all this "beauty" is poured by the dressing.

Refueling is prepared as follows. A certain amount of unrefined vegetable oil, ground ginger root, finely chopped parsley greens and chopped garlic are taken. All the ingredients are mixed, and apple cider vinegar and ground pepper are added to them. In the end, everything is salted to taste and mixed again.

  • Recipe № 6. Chicken salad with ginger.

Chicken fillet boiled, cooled and cut into pieces of medium size. After that, chopped apples of sour varieties are added to the chicken container. Also, there will be good in the salad and pieces of pineapples and oranges, as well as cashew nuts, which are previously shredded in a blender. The ingredients are mixed, and the salad can be used for food.

Soup with ginger for weight loss

Soups, if you cook them "wisely" - this is the food that saturates for a long time and allows the body to make up a supply of useful substances. Soup with ginger for weight loss - this is the first dish, which is delicious, and useful, and helps to lose extra pounds.

Preparing this dish as follows. First, we stock up the ingredients: a small piece of lean beef, two pieces of potatoes, three or four cauliflower inflorescences, a couple of tablespoons of grated cheese and salt. The root of ginger is taken in such quantity, which is suitable for taste preferences. First you need to put a little, and then add the next time cooking soup (if it seemed a little before the previous time).

So, beef is washed, cut into small pieces and from it broth is brewed. Do not forget to salt, and then the meat will be fresh. The time of cooking beef from one and a half to two hours, so the first hour we just rest and gradually prepare the following ingredients. My potatoes, clean and cut into cubes. We divide the four inflorescences from the cauliflower and crush them a little. A piece of cheese three on a grater and select two tablespoons. A certain amount of ginger is also three on a large grater.

After the beef is left for twenty minutes, we throw potatoes into the broth. If necessary, add the soup. After that comes the turn of ginger, about ten minutes later, as potatoes began to brew.

Cauliflower is boiled for about ten minutes. Therefore, the next stage, when until the soup is ready so much time, we throw cabbage into the soup. The most recent will be grated cheese, which is poured into the pan five minutes before the meal is ready. Before you remove the pot with the soup from the plate, you must definitely try, whether everything is cooked and whether enough salt.

Candied ginger from slimming ginger

If you want to pamper yourself with something delicious and sweet, and honey is already boring, like fruit with freshly prepared juices, you can make indulgence and pamper yourself with ginger candies.

Candied fruits from ginger for weight loss are a salutary for sweet tooth. Because in them at the same time there is an "enlarger" of calories - sugar and their "burner" - ginger.

This delicacy is prepared as follows. Take two hundred grams of fresh ginger root, two hundred grams of granulated sugar, two glasses of water and separately another half a glass of the same liquid.

The root of ginger needs to be washed and peeled. After that, the ginger is cut into thin slices or long slices. Then the chopped ginger is placed in a saucepan, into which water is poured so that the ginger is completely covered with liquid. The capacity is put on the stove and cooked over low heat from forty minutes to an hour. When cooking ginger, it leaves burning and bitter, and ginger becomes soft.

During the time that ginger is brewed, it is necessary to prepare a sugar syrup. For this in half a glass of water, sugar is dissolved, everything is put on the fire and brought to a boil.

After the ginger has reached the required condition, it must be thrown in a colander and let the remaining liquid drain. By the way, this broth can be used as an independent beverage for weight loss, for example, with honey. Or cook ginger tea on its basis. The only caveat is that the liquid is very hot. Therefore, it must be diluted with water in a one-to-one ratio.

Further pieces of ginger are laid out in a container with sugar syrup and everything is put on a strong fire and cooked until the moment when ginger does not acquire transparency. This will mean that all the sugar has already absorbed the ginger and it is ready to remove it from the fire.

Then ginger on a piece must be extracted from the saucepan and roll them in sugar. But you need to do this carefully, because the pieces are very hot and you can easily burn yourself. Then each piece is laid out on paper and left for a while to cool and hardened.


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