Corn stigma for weight loss

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Last reviewed: 25.06.2018

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Corn stigmas for weight loss are used in the form of infusions and broths, as well as extracts.

Corn stigmas are the long fibers ripened on the corn cob surrounding the cob. They are collected during the ripening of maize, namely at the moment when it becomes milky white. The stigma is carefully torn by hand, and then dried with the help of special apparatuses or in the open air with some dimming. For a long time this medicinal raw material is used for many health-improving purposes, one of which is weight reduction.

The curative effect of corn stigmas is explained by its rich chemical composition. Active components that cure the human body include:

  • vitamins K, C (ascorbic acid) and B5 (pantothenic acid);
  • fatty and essential oils;
  • macroelements - iron, chromium, copper, manganese, aluminum;
  • various useful substances, such as, tannins, saponins, gum, cryptoxanthin, inositol and bitter glycoside.

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Recipes of corn stigma for weight loss

There are several ways to use corn stigmas in order to reduce excess weight. Here are some recipes for the use of this useful plant food for weight loss:

  • Take four tablespoons with a hill of corn stigmas, pour boiling water and insist in a dark place for at least two - three hours. A useful drink can be infused in an ordinary glass jar or ceramic dishes. But best of all, use a thermos for these purposes. After the expiration of the required time, the infusion is filtered, the plant mass is squeezed out and thrown away. It is recommended to take tincture on one tablespoon for thirty minutes before each meal. The remaining drink is stored in the refrigerator.

The course of taking a healing agent for fat burning lasts from two to four weeks. After that, it is recommended to take a break for two to four weeks, and then repeat the infusion. The only observation that must be taken into account in the "treatment" is that the duration of the first course, the break and the second course coincides. For example, if the initial course was carried out within two weeks, then the "pause", respectively, should be two weeks. The second course should also last fourteen days.

  • One teaspoon of dry corn stigma is taken, which can be replaced with a dessert spoon of fresh raw material. "Medicine" is placed in enameled dishes and poured with boiling water. After that the corn stigmas are cooked for one minute, and then left to be infused in a dark place, tightly closed with a lid, for one hour. After this time, the broth must be filtered. Use the prepared drink thirty minutes before eating one third of the glass. It should be noted that this broth is prepared only for one day, and the next day you need to take a freshly prepared "medicine".

The course of using the beverage for weight loss is the same as in the previous case, that is, from two to four weeks. After that, a break is made, and then the course of "treatment" is repeated. Similarly to the first recipe, the duration of the initial and repeated intake of the drink, as well as the break, must strictly coincide. For example, for the first time corn stigmas are used for three weeks, the "pause" should be for three weeks, and you should drink again, also three weeks.

  • Take half a glass of dry raw materials and brew in half a liter of boiling water. After that, the infusion is left for two hours and then filtered. A drink is taken one hundred and fifty milliards and twenty minutes before meals.
  • You can make tea for weight loss, which combines the useful properties of several plants. For these purposes, it is necessary to take one part of the dried leaves of currant, one part of natural green tea and two parts of corn stigmas. All ingredients should be well crushed and thoroughly mixed with each other. In this case, they should be stored in a glass container with a tightly closed lid. In order to make one glass of tea, take two tablespoons of the mixture, pour steep boiling water and insist for two hours. Tea for slimming is taken one glass each thirty minutes before eating. The duration of the course of "treatment" is one month. In this case, you need to know that in this case it is shown to observe a low-calorie diet.

Extract of corn stigma for weight loss

Extract of corn stigmas is a drug sold in a pharmacy, which is a concentrate of extracted pestles and stalks of corn stalk, prepared with the help of alcohol and water. The above-mentioned extract is produced in a liquid form, one gram of the liquid corresponding to one gram of the raw material. Such a result can be achieved only in industrial conditions, thanks to the use of special equipment. In some cases, the extract of corn stigmas has the name of extracts from corn stigmas, which is the same type of product.

It should be noted that home-made tinctures prepared from dried raw materials, as well as water or alcohol, are not extracts of corn stigmas. It is also worth noting that raw materials for preparing home tinctures may not be of sufficient quality, which affects the medicinal properties of the product and the results of its use. Fibers of corn must be collected at the stage of the milk maturity of corn cobs, which may not be observed at home. Storage conditions are also important for the production of a high-quality medicinal product - home methods are unlikely to achieve the necessary temperature and humidity, under which corn fibers should be stored. This is really an important aspect, as corn stigmas have increased hygroscopicity and a tendency to accumulate pathogens and fungi. Preserve raw materials for the preparation of medicines in a dry, clean and well ventilated room, which is almost impossible to do at home. Therefore, experts recommend not to replace extracts of corn stigmas of factory production with home drugs for weight loss purposes.

To combat obesity, bulimia nervosa and just for weight loss, the corn stalk extract is used as follows:

  • forty drops of liquid extract are added to a glass of warm green tea; take a drink twenty minutes before meals, three to four times a day.

The extract of corn stigmas is also made in dry form. In this case, it is a component of various collections and teas for slimming industrial production, which must be applied in accordance with the instructions attached to the tea and dues.

Broth of corn stigma for weight loss

Broth of corn stigmas is a drink that is prepared on the water using fresh or dry ground raw material by boiling for some time. For weight loss, one of the recipes of the decoctions mentioned above in the corresponding section is used. A decoction of corn stigmas is used twenty to thirty minutes before meals several times a day and in accordance with the amounts described in the recipe.

Benefits of Corn Stigmas

If you start using corn stigmas for weight loss, it is useful to get acquainted with the health effects that can appear as a result of the course of "treatment".

Broths from corn stigmas have a strong choleretic effect and a gentle diuretic effect. Therefore, corn stigmas have long been used to treat many dysfunctions of the gallbladder, for example, cholecystitis, as well as a number of diseases of the urinary system - pyelonephritis, urolithiasis. Due to the diuretic properties of corn stigmas promote the removal of stones from the kidneys and bladder, as well as eliminate edema, which are a consequence of disruption of the heart or kidneys.

Corn stigmas are well proven in the treatment of hepatitis. Infusion of corn fibers helps to reduce the elevated level of bilirubin in the blood.

Corn stigmas also help in diseases that are associated with metabolic disorders, for example, diabetes mellitus. In this case, decoctions and infusions from this useful plant material help to reduce the elevated blood sugar level.

With the help of corn stigmas it is possible to prevent atherosclerosis. Due to polyunsaturated fatty acids, phosphatides and sitosterols, which are part of the corn cob threads, excess cholesterol is excreted from the body. It is known that with an increased level of cholesterol in the blood, it is deposited on the walls of the vessels, which narrows their lumens and can lead to blockage.

People who complain of various disorders in the functioning of the nervous system, it is useful to periodically use corn stigmas to stabilize it. Nerve cells, like other cells in the body, need to be saturated with nutrients. Threads of corn cobs, which have a rich set of useful components, contribute to the effective replenishment of necessary elements. Decoctions and infusions from corn stigmas help to calm and stabilize the nervous system, which affects the mood and health, improving productivity, getting rid of irritability and sleep disorders.

The list of useful properties of corn stigmas will be incomplete if you do not mention their ability to restore the functions of hematopoiesis and promote the blood-restoring effect of the body. Corn stigmas improve the composition of blood, thanks to the blood-purifying effect, which also has a good effect on improving the quality of blood coagulability. Therefore, infusions and decoctions of corn stigmas are recommended for women who are tired of heavy, debilitating menstrual bleeding. The same recommendation can be given to people who suffer from increased bleeding.

And, finally, corn stigmas help to lose weight and help fight obesity. The use of corn stigmas for weight loss is that the decoctions and infusions of this useful plant material contribute to the following health effects:

  • the appetite decreases, which, accordingly, affects the amount of food eaten and its calorie content;
  • Dulling the feeling of hunger, which eliminates the need for snacks, which, usually, consist of sweets or flour products;
  • the body is cleared of accumulated toxins and toxins that accumulate in the intestines, liver, gall bladder, kidneys and other vital organs;
  • improves metabolism, which is manifested in the good assimilation of beneficial for the body microelements, vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as in the qualitative increase in the functioning of the whole organism;
  • the level of cholesterol decreases, which affects the reduction in the formation of fatty deposits and affects the reduction of the amount of cellulite;
  • the water-salt balance inherent in a healthy person is restored, which affects not only the improvement of fat metabolism, but also the state of the osseous system, vessels, skin, and so on;
  • reduces the swelling of tissues, due to the removal of excess fluid from the body.

Reviews of corn stigmas for weight loss

Do not think that there is a universal medicine that is suitable for everyone. The reaction of each organism to the proposed recipes for weight loss is absolutely individual. Someone "potions" from corn stigmas will come in handy so that the effect of harmony will appear right before your eyes. And someone who wants to lose those extra pounds will, to put it mildly, be disappointed by the method used. In the latter case, do not despair, since infusions and decoctions of corn stigmas have undoubtedly benefited the body in the form of improved metabolism and functioning of the genitourinary system. But for the external result - reducing the thickness of the waist, hips and buttocks - it is worth looking to other means for losing weight.

In addition to the individual reactions of each person to any substance, there are also contraindications to the use of corn stigmas, which need to be listened to. After all, in many cases, the negative result of treatment with herbs or medicinal plants is caused by improper independent use of them. So, corn stigmas are not suitable for people with low body weight, no matter how they seem to themselves sturdy, needing a diet. People with poor appetite should also refuse to use decoctions, infusions and extracts from corn fibers. With a tendency to increased blood clotting and thrombosis, existing thrombophlebitis and varicose veins, one should not even think about using corn stigmas to improve the figure.

Do not start a course of correction of excess weight, without consulting with a doctor. Since the diuretic action of corn stigmas can cause cystitis in individuals prone to bladder dysfunction. Also, beverages made from corn fibers help wash away essential substances such as magnesium and potassium from the body. Their deficiency will need to be replaced by a transition to a diet enriched with these components, as well as the intake of special drugs. Therefore, negative feedback when using corn stigmas is usually caused by the inappropriate use of these drugs by a particular person.

Consultation of a specialist will also be necessary in case of urolithic or cholelithiasis. Drinks from corn stigmas will help wash away stones from the kidneys and gallbladder, but large stones, displaced from their place, can cause severe harm to health, blocking the urinary and bile-excreting pathways.

Contraindications to the use of corn stigmas are and menstrual bleeding in women. At this time, this method of losing weight can not be used, and the beginning of the course should occur on the second day after the end of the month.

In cases where all precautions are met, reviews of corn stigmas for weight loss are positive. It is believed that the use of corn stigmas before each meal can reduce the need for sweets and flour products. In some cases, decoctions and infusions do "miracles" - they contribute to the fact that a way of life in which sweets are completely excluded becomes a reality. An important condition, in this case, is the regular use of medicinal products - a systematic and without omissions. In this case, there is a parallel effect of recovery - edema disappears, kidneys, liver and bladder begin to function better, working capacity and general vitality improve, irritability and anxiety pass, night sleep becomes stronger.

Although, some ladies who tried to use the healing properties of corn stigmas in practice, believe that they should be used in conjunction with other methods. For example, a special balanced diet and constant loads in the gym. This is a necessary condition, as drinks from corn stigmas do not burn fat deposits, but contribute to the normalization of metabolism and the removal of excess slag from the body.

Some of the maize stigmas tried to achieve the effect of harmony, believe that it is more effective to take the drug "Xenical", and corn stigmas are used to remove toxins and toxins from the body and improve health. It is impossible to give such a recommendation without consulting a specialist, therefore, in this case, it is best to seek advice from a doctor.

In conclusion, we can summarize that corn stigmas for weight loss is a useful method not only to achieve harmony, but also to maintain a good level of health and vitality.

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