Analysis of bone tissue and blood: how to lose weight with it?

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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Are you surprised that from the analysis of bone tissue you can draw conclusions about control over weight? And this is so. We will tell you what to look for when analyzing bones and blood.

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The N-telopeptide substance

This substance is formed as a result of the decomposition of bone tissue. His level can be detected by bringing urine or blood to the laboratory for analysis. To make the tests more accurate, urine should be taken daily.

You can find from this analysis whether a new bone tissue is being created quickly and whether the old one is rapidly being destroyed. If the second indicator (splitting of bone tissue) is higher than the first (the creation of a new one), then the level of the N-telopeptide will be more than 35 units.

If the destruction rates of the old bone tissue and the creation of a new bone are the same, then the N-telopeptide substance will be less than 35 units.

But if the level of NT is much higher than 35 units, then the bones are destroyed actively. And even if they look healthy and strong, the process of their destruction has already been launched and the bones will soon become brittle. This means that you can have frequent fractures that are difficult to fuse.

What can I do to keep strong bones?

First you need to stop the process of destruction of bone tissue. To do this, you must actively take calcium on the recommendation of a doctor (excess - also not good).

But to strengthen the bones, you need constant active, but feasible exercise. Morning exercises lasting 15 minutes every morning will be a good gift to your body. He will be able to actively increase and compact bone tissue.

There are also methods for strengthening bones. This is hormone replacement therapy. Such drugs as fosamax, astonel, miicalcin, will help your body to lower the level of NT and bring it to normal.

What will the general blood test tell?

This analysis is an indicator of the high or low level of blood cells on which blood quality depends. If the indicator is too small, then you can suffer from anemia (especially this is true for pregnant women). Or a person can have leukemia - a terrible blood disease, which is very difficult to treat.

To avoid the active course of these diseases, you need to do a general blood test at least once a year.

Analyzes for hematocrit and hemoglobin

How many of the blood cells in the body, what are their sizes, can be determined with the help of tests for the following blood substances.

  1. Hemoglobin
  2. Erythrocytes
  3. Hematocrit

Their average amounts will allow the doctor to determine the concentration of these substances in the body, their level and range of distribution throughout the body.

For women and men, these are different indicators, so you should inquire about the rules of the treating doctor.

Remember one thing: the rate of these substances is well below 38 units - this is an indicator of the development of anemia. Both for men and women.

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Leukocyte analysis

Leukocyte analysis

These blood cells play an important role in the body. They help a person to resist infection and strengthen immunity. What does the group of leukocytes have?

  1. Granulocytes
  2. Monocytes
  3. Lymphocytes

For each of them the body has different norms. But it is important for you to know: if a group is much larger than the other two (up to 90% of the total number of cells), then it is a malfunction in the body.

Neutrophils - their level is too high - up to 80% - only when you have an infection in your body. The virus can raise this level incredibly high - up to 90% and even higher. Then the level of both monocytes and lymphocytes rises.

If the index of these substances is slightly higher than normal, this is not terrible. It will normalize as soon as you adjust your mode of work and rest.

In the norm of blood cells you should have 4.5 - 10.6x103

Platelet Analysis

These blood cells control the process of blood clotting. How fast or slowly the blood coagulates depends on them. If the platelets are much lower than the norm - up to 100,000, or above 500,000, this means that the body is going through the wrong processes of hematopoiesis and blood flow.

Analysis for antigens

In the body there are special substances - antigens, on which it depends, whether the tumors will form and grow in different parts of the body.

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Cancer antigen RA 125

This antigen becomes much, when a woman has ovarian cancer or fibrosis. Its level can also be high when the ovarian cyst develops or uterine fibrosis develops. Also, the cause of an increase in the level of antigen called PA 125 may be endometriosis or adenomatosis. Either early pregnancy.

Such an antibody test is also done for those who suffer from obesity. Because the presence of this substance is almost always an indicator of the development of a benign or, worse, a malignant tumor.

Analysis of this antibody must necessarily be done by those who have a genetic predisposition to cancer, that is, those who have close relatives with them.

If the symptoms are unclear, that is, a person experiences uncomfortable and incomprehensible sensations or even pains in the abdomen, lower abdomen, stomach or intestine, an antibody test is also necessary to track which disease the person is inclined to.

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Analysis for iron levels

This analysis is necessary to check the work of the heart and the propensity to cardiovascular diseases. The norm of iron in the body is 50-90 units, which are measured in ng / ml.

If the iron in the body is more than normal, this may indicate a predilection for diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

The level of iron more than 200 units can be a signal to the disease of hemochromatosis. This is a genetic abnormality in which a person has elevated levels of iron in his blood. Such a high level can also mean that you abuse drugs containing iron. Then additional tests are needed to determine the cause of elevated levels of iron - supplementation or poor heredity.

When the level of iron reaches more than 150 units, it is a signal about the poor performance of not only the heart, but also the kidneys, and muscles, and even the brain. For men, this can mean a decrease in libido and weakness of the erection. For women, they are addicted to diabetes.

If the iron is more than 125 units, it is not too high, but still high enough to stop taking vitamin complexes with iron. To reduce the level of iron in the blood, it is enough to donate blood several times as a donor (if there are no contraindications).

If the iron is normal - you can simply support the body with the intake of vitamins containing iron.

If the iron is less than normal - that is, less than 40 units - you can suffer from insomnia, fatigue in the muscles, especially the muscles of the legs, seizures, and increased fatigue.

Hair loss is also possible within the limits of admissible (when the hair is left on the hairbrush or there are many of them on the pillow, clothes).

To increase the level of iron in the body, it is important to get a doctor's advice about taking vitamin complexes containing iron. They need to be taken until you develop anemia.

The duration of taking these supplements is not so small - from six months to nine months. The duration of taking these drugs depends on when the level of iron stably reaches the norm - from 50 to 90 units.

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What will tell the analysis of urine, saliva and hair

Having done these tests, you will know the exact picture of whether you have a hormonal failure in your body. So many sources say, offering you to pay for these tests. In fact, this is not so. The imbalance of hormones may or may not be calculated from these results.

This is proven by studies in which physicians compared the analyzes of saliva and blood of the same person within a day. It turned out that the analysis of blood and urine shows so different results that an accurate picture of the hormonal balance in the body did not work.

What to look for when analyzing blood?

It happens that all the hormones in the body are within normal limits. But still, health is not in order, and this is signaled, above all, by weight. It increases or decreases. A person can not control his weight, without knowing what the reason is.

So: the average rate of hormones in the body can significantly differ from your personal rate, in which you will be healthy or sick. In particular, the following indicators may differ

  • The norm of hormone production by ovaries: estradiol or testosterone
  • The norm of the production of thyroid hormones, for example, thyroid hormone

These indicators may be higher or lower than medical standards, but for you to correspond to the norm. This means that, after discovering slightly elevated parameters of certain hormones, the doctor must first of all find out how you feel at the same time.

If it is good - treatment is not required. If this affects your health, you need additional tests.

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