Testosterone in the body

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Last reviewed: 20.11.2021

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When it comes to testosterone, our ideas begin with the fact that this is a purely male hormone. In fact, yes, he is male, but not absolutely male.

Testosterone, whose are you?

If you count meticulously and carefully, it turns out that the female body produces testosterone much more efficiently and more than estrogen. The situation changes with menopause. Studies prove that at the time of onset of menopause or when this condition is only approaching, a woman loses about 50% of testosterone.

Testosterone is an androgen. This is the name of the group of this hormone. From Greek, androgen is translated as "andros". Andros is a primitive word embodying courage, in the original - man-like.

Of the cholesterol in the female body, androgens are synthesized, according to a similar principle, male testes work. They also produce androgens. Much less both male and female organism produces this hormone by another organ - the adrenal glands.

Androgens are created from special building elements that are found in fatty deposits, kidneys, brain, liver, and also all layers of the skin.

In women who are overweight, doctors observe an increased amount of this hormone - androgen. It is because of its increased synthesis that they suffer from excessive fat deposits. How to deal with this? Control the testosterone level in the blood with hormonal tests.

Testosterone inside us


Testosterone is vital, because it helps to create a new life. Equally necessary is this hormone within the body of men and their second half - women. Testosterone helps to feel deeper and brighter normal sexual (sexual) attraction, it is he who attracts both sexes to each other.

Testosterone regulates the ratio of fat cells in the body, and this is correct. Also the amount of muscle mass directly depends on the level of this hormone.

Especially for women, the presence of testosterone in the body is important, since it contributes to the fact that we lose weight and increase muscle mass more quickly. Especially the effect is enhanced if a person regularly and actively engages in sports.

The hormone is an anabolic, so they call it among specialists. Using fatty tissues, testosterone stimulates their increase and saturation with calcium, improving muscle function, burning fat.

It is important!

Remember for the rest of your life - muscles work best for burning fat with physical activity. If over the years the amount of fat increases, muscles are your best friend in the fight against excess weight. Train muscle tissue, give it a load, develop your strength and beauty, and testosterone will play a role. He will help in achieving the goal of losing weight and improving the body. 

Testosterone Diet

The best diet for all ages and ages. The testosterone diet is the choice of leaders. Be engaged in sports, actively burn excess fats, involve your favorite people to such methods. Love one another, what could be better than love? Good luck and health, dear readers.

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