Which diapers are best for use?

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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Which diapers are best for use - gauze or type pampers?

It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally. It depends on many factors: on the thickness of your wallet, on the degree of your employment, and finally on your desire to sleep at night.

Of course, absorbent diapers, especially those that "breathe" (paper), help save time and effort. Thanks to them, the unfinished mountains of linen and "sails" of diapers and diapers drying in the kitchens almost went into oblivion. And most importantly - children can sleep continuously from feeding to feeding.

But "breathing" diapers have also negative aspects. First, the child, without feeling damp and without discomfort, has no need to accustom to the pot. It is clear that this habit should be vaccinated not earlier than with one and a half years, but psychophysiological prerequisites for this should be laid somewhat earlier. For example, abroad, where incomes are significantly higher than ours, diapers are used more widely and parents are puzzled by the problem of accustoming to a pot much later (starting from one and a half to two years and ending by four years), although the meaningful use of pots in children occurs from one and half year .

Secondly, these diapers, although they breathe, but still significantly increase the temperature in the perineum. And although there is no exact data on this problem, it should be remembered that the boys do not for nothing have a scrotum, in which the testicles should drop in time. This is due to the fact that the testicles should be exposed to high temperature. The fact is that if the testicles for some reason did not descend into the scrotum on time (such a pathology is called cryptorchidism), then in the future either male infertility may develop or a cancerous testicular tumor may form. And disposable diapers, though insignificant, increase this danger. And although many scientists, not to mention diaper manufacturers, argue that they are completely harmless, to conduct a reliable study on whether the reproductive function of boys who have worn such diapers or not is practically impossible. Moreover, diapers themselves appeared only 30 years ago (not to mention mass application).

You can give the following recommendations: if you are at home, it is better to use gauze diapers. If the child has wetted them, then he will let you know about it by groaning, and then by shouting. And during the diaper and diaper change you will once again talk with the baby, which will bring you and his additional joy. But during walks or at night you can wear diapers.

Do I need to iron the diapers after washing?

Diapers and other children's things must be kept clean. Do not throw dirty diapers on the floor. You need to put them in a specially designed pelvis. Do not dry the baby wrapped diapers and reuse them. This is the right way to the appearance of diaper rash. The diaper, which has been soaked by the baby once, can be rinsed in hot water without the use of detergents and dried, but you can not act this way constantly. Diapers, stained with stool, soaked in a bowl or washed immediately.

Accumulated for the day, dirty laundry is washed with a powder in a washing machine or by hand. It is better to use special hypoallergenic powders for children. Used to wash soap. It is, of course, much cheaper than a powder, but I think your child deserves to be spent on it. After washing, the diaper should be boiled or at least be boiled. The washed diapers should be weighed on the dryer so that outsiders do not touch them. This will prevent their contamination.

To iron children's underwear is better on specially allocated litter. If the laundry is dry, it must be moistened with an iron with a special sprayer, or in some other way, but in no case can it be sprayed with water by the mouth.

The washed, dried and ironed laundry should be stored separately from other laundry.

A pillow, a blanket, a child's mattress should be shaken daily and at least once a week it should be air-conditioned for several hours.

It is important to know!

Allergy to diapers, or a hyperimmune response, can occur on exposure to substances that enter the human body in a variety of ways. Irritant substances in contact with the skin cause a reaction such as allergic dermatitis. Read more..

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