Topical questions about the development of the child in 7-9 months

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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If a child is standing and already trying to walk, do they need shoes?

In fact, while the child is walking in the stroller and does not really walk, he does not need shoes. A house is enough to wear pinets. If you have carpets on the floor or other soft covering (vorsalin), then they can be cloth (knitted). If you have a parquet, and still covered with varnish (that is, slippery), then on the soles of the buttons should be leather or some other soles, preventing slipping. (Imagine - the child can barely stand on his feet, and here also the floor is slippery!) And if the house is warm - let the baby run barefoot! This stimulates the active zones of the foot and strengthens the body.

How to teach a child to walk on a pot?

In fact, the earlier you give up diapers, especially if you have a boy, the better. But before seven months to accustom the child to a pot you, most likely, will not work.

In order to teach a child to walk on the pot, you need to comply with certain requirements.

Firstly, the pot should be convenient (for this purpose it is better to buy a potty-chair or a pot-chair). Although removing the pot from it is not always convenient for you, but the child does not fall off (after all, he just started to sit).

Secondly, the pot, or rather the "sidushka", should be warm. Would it be nice to sit on a cold or wet toilet seat ring?

Thirdly, the pot should stand on the floor, and not on a chair, table or bed. Otherwise, the child, having risen independently from the pot (if you left him alone), may fall.

Fourth, the child should not sit on the pot for more than 5-8 minutes. Therefore, when he sulks or pisses, do not give him toys. He is busy "business" and should not be distracted from it.

And fifthly: if the child, after sitting on the pot laid eight minutes, did nothing, and then went to panties - scold him. Do not shout at all! Say a little in a mocking voice: "Ay-yay-yay, how not ashamed! Such a big one, sat on a pot and did nothing! And now-what's this?" "Wet!" - and wrinkle your nose.

At night, do not be lazy to get up in 2-3 hours after the child falls asleep and put it on the pot (it is not necessary to wake him up at the same time), while saying the usual call to pee: "Ps-s-s." If you correctly calculate the time, then you will get it, and the child descends on the pot, without even waking up.

And do not think that in one month you will "teach" your baby to ask for a pot. This is a long process, which can last about a year. But if a child is more than two years old, and he still pisses in his pants (not to mention what he croaks!), Then you need the help of a pediatrician. But this is the subject of another book.

What if the baby begins to show interest in his genitals?

To begin with, the child can undertake the first attempts to examine his sexual organs at the age of five to six months. To be frightened of it it is not necessary. It's just that a child is studying his body. After all, he is considering his fingers or a pen. So why can not he consider his genitals? Another thing is if he touches them because his itch is troubling him. And if you do not struggle with itching, this "erotic" scratching will become a habit, which will be difficult to wean. And why did it itch? This may be a lack of care. It's no secret that some careless moms, instead of at least soak in a basin (not to mention wash) wet sliders, just dry them on the battery, and then re-put on the baby. And on them there are crystals of salt, bacteria "settle", which cause itching. Another reason may be irregular bathing. Remember! To bathe, or at least to wash the baby you need every day. And it does not matter whether it's a boy or a girl. If the girl had pinworms (worms), they can crawl from the anus to the genital crevice and cause itching.

Some authors suggest, when washing the boys, to delay or roll back the foreskin and wash the wrinkles and head. I do not recommend you do this. The fact is that in children the foreskin from the inside is connected with the head with thin threads - synechia. Pushing away the foreskin, you will tear them. It does not hurt, and they do not bleed, but if they are (yet), then let them be. In addition, small boys have physiological phimosis (narrowing of the foreskin), and, having rolled the foreskin onto the head, you may not be able to return it to its place. As for hygiene of the penis, the nature "worked" on this. When the boy urinates, the prepuce bag (this is the space between the foreskin and the head) is washed with a stream of urine. In addition, the skin of this bag secrets secrets that prevent it from getting an infection if there are no "aggravating circumstances". But if the foreskin of your baby has become red, swollen, the baby shivering and in every way delays the process of urination, clings to the genitals - urgently to the doctor!

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