Pantyhose during pregnancy: can I wear

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Before tights were invented, women, including pregnant women, did without them. Modern fashion industry, caring about the beauty and comfort of women, offers special styles of linen, including tights during pregnancy. And are they really needed and how are they different from conventional products?

Can I wear pantyhose during pregnancy?

Whether it is possible to wear pantyhose during pregnancy - the question borders on incorrectness, as pantyhose during pregnancy is just as necessary as in the rest of the time. This is not only the laundry, but also an accessory, complementing clothes and shoes. Transparent products make the legs more beautiful and slimmer, and this is extremely important for a pregnant woman's good mood. Warm provide comfort and comfort, which is not less important.

The economical version of pantyhose during pregnancy is usual, with a low waist and a soft rubber band. They are worn "under the belly". Specials are more expensive, they contain an insert that can "grow" along with the increase in the uterus. The insert is made of soft hygroscopic materials, usually cotton or velor, which can provide heat exchange and microcirculation. In the "winter" products are additionally insulated socks and heels.

The second type of products - compression, designed to prevent varicose veins. Picking them, do not follow the advice of incompetent people, it is better to ask advice from your doctor or phlebologist, who, if necessary, appoints a survey.

Some women feel great in compression stockings and wear them instead of pantyhose during pregnancy. They come in different models:

  • traditional;
  • with belt and velcro;
  • with open toes (heels);
  • with a silicone gusset and an openwork top.

What pantyhose to wear during pregnancy?

Pantyhose during pregnancy, as well as at other times, is needed for protection from cold, sensation of warmth and comfort for healthy legs. If there are problems with the vessels of the lower extremities, special tights are required. These are the so-called compression tights, which are worn for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins.

What features and what pantyhose should be worn during pregnancy? In the early stages, it is enough to buy ordinary tights, only for a larger size. Later special products will be required, and in the last trimester, perhaps, preventive compression.

  • Pantyhose during pregnancy should gently support the growing tummy. Therefore, an elastic, denser but stretching material is used from the front.
  • Used a special cut with an insert, due to the increase in the abdomen, and a soft wide elastic band.
  • Quality tights have flat seams or do not have at all. Volumetric seams are a source of discomfort.
  • In the cold season, wear pantyhose made of wool or cotton.
  • It is advisable to check the information on the label about the manufacturer, the composition and quality of the materials.

Otherwise, this type of laundry is chosen, as in ordinary cases. For the spring-summer period, thin products are suitable, for cold pores are dense. The thinnest ones are 15 days, the most dense - 200 den. Kapron products are not stretched, but models with the addition of lycra or polyamide provide sufficient elasticity.

How to wear pantyhose during pregnancy?

A real woman does not wear tights abykak and with anything. It is an accessory that complements the whole ensemble of clothes and shoes, so it should harmonize in color, texture and so on.

How to wear pantyhose during pregnancy, depends on the fashion trends and your own preferences. Women wear tights during pregnancy under dresses, shorts and trousers of various lengths (capris, breeches). Pantyhose with an image, drawings, shiny or matte, corporal, black or colored - everything will fit, only to make the future mom feel elegant and attractive.

But the most important thing that should not be forgotten in this period is comfort and safety. This is especially true for the cold season. At this time, pantyhose will be necessary for pregnancy of a dense texture, with a substantial part of natural threads in the composition. Such products are worn under woolen dresses, and under trousers.

Correctly selected pantyhose is worn in the morning, when the edema is minimal. You can pre-lie with your legs raised up. To avoid damage, remove ornaments and process nail file. You can even wear delicate gloves.

Next, you should grab the heel part of the pantyhose from the inside and insert the leg into the foot. The upper part of the product should be neatly distributed throughout the shin and thigh, aligned with wrinkles and wrinkles. Then put on and spread out the top of the tights. If it does not pull and does not rub, all the parts fit comfortably into the product, then the pantyhose is worn correctly.

Compression pantyhose during pregnancy

It's no secret that during the period of gestation the probability of varicose is significantly increased, and if a history of such a problem has been observed, it is exacerbated, especially during the second and subsequent pregnancies. Promotes this hormonal restructuring, adversely affecting the veins.

In this case, you should visit a phlebologist, who probably advises wearing compression pantyhose during pregnancy. This elastic undergarment forms an additional frame for the veins, evenly distributes the pressure in the right directions, so that the venous outflow improves, and the expectant mother feels such desirable ease in the feet. This prevents unwanted expansion of the veins.

Clothes and lingerie for pregnant women are sold on the Internet, special shops and departments. When choosing anti-varicose tights, be guided by at least three criteria: quality, practicality, naturalness. Given that they do not stretch, you need to choose a size that matches individual standards. Pay attention to the following:

  • Compression tights should not have seams.
  • The safety of the material confirms the sign of the RAL standard.
  • A good choice is knitted material with cotton braid.
  • It is advisable to purchase two pairs, in place.
  • Dear - does not mean the best; priority - comfortable lingerie, regardless of the cost.

Compression products of 4 classes are produced; the first is suitable for prevention, the rest are used for therapeutic purposes, for medical reasons. Their density is measured in millimeters of mercury.

For example, the first class is assigned to women belonging to the risk group, the second - with regular pain and swelling, the third - with chronic diseases such as thrombophlebitis. The complete information on these indicators, indicated on the package, confirms the quality and originality of the product. The price ranges from several hundred to thousands of hryvnia.

Pull-up tights during pregnancy

At the beginning of pregnancy, women get by with conventional tights. When it becomes uncomfortable in them, they switch to items with a low waist, in which the elastic is below the bulging belly, or tights of a larger size. Special pantyhose is recommended somewhere after a five-month period.

Tight pantyhose during pregnancy, even occasionally, is undesirable. They disrupt the normal circulation of the lower limbs and pelvic organs, which adversely affects the internal organs and the fetus. He does not receive enough blood and, accordingly, oxygen, which leads to hypoxia. The constant wearing of pulling pantyhose inhibits the development of both the fetus and the uterus.

Even non-pregnant and healthy women are not recommended to wear such clothes more than 6 - 8 hours in a row. Contraindications - hypertension, angina pectoris, varicosity, arrhythmia, exacerbation of female diseases, neoplasms of various nature. Corrective tights will be necessary for a woman after the successful birth of a child.

Kapron tights during pregnancy

Modern masters of hosiery have long learned to please pregnant women. In the range of hosiery products there are different grades, including kapron tights during pregnancy. However, are these pantyhose useful in pregnancy, if they are made of synthetics?

Synthetic fabrics are beautiful and stylish, but the drawback is that such pantyhose does not let air and heat, the skin sweats and overheats, is exposed, among other things, to the action of pathogenic microflora. The most common problem that occurs in such cases is thrush.

But this is not the only complication arising from wearing kapron. In the cold season, such products contribute to hypothermia and provoke cystitis. Pain and burning in the process of urination - undeniable symptoms of inflammation, requiring a visit to the urologist.

Finally, products made of capron can not help women who are prone to varicose veins. If he takes care of prevention, the resulting expansion of venous vessels may further pursue a woman for the rest of her life. And worsen when the next child is born.

Alternative - special products with orthopedic and pulling effects. They reduce the negative effects of hormonal changes, the increasing volume and mass of the mother and fetus. Their higher price, in comparison with the usual ones, is nothing, because we are talking about the preservation of health, which must be protected from the youth.

Tights from varicose during pregnancy

Why do we need pantyhose from varicose during pregnancy? If to respond briefly, then for the prevention of varicose veins. Physiological changes in the body of pregnant women contribute to pressure on the veins, hindering the outflow of venous blood. As a result of this, vasodilation, leading to varicose veins, is formed.

Compression pantyhose during pregnancy perfectly cope with the prevention of the problem. When they are put on, blood is distributed, squeezing deeper vessels improves superficial microcirculation, nutrition of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The force of compression decreases in the direction from the bottom up, "pushing" the flow of blood to the heart.

Medical linen must be worn in the morning, still in bed, and not removed all day. To avoid allergies, it should be washed with baby soap. After washing the tights remain in shape and quality if they are dried on a horizontal plane. Some models do not look as aesthetic as they would like, but if desired, you can find beautiful products. Moreover, priority in this case is undoubtedly beyond comfort and practicality.

Models of anti-varicose products for pregnant women provide comfort due to a special design in the abdominal area and special manufacturing technology. In particular, some manufacturers use active silver ions, which remove odor and protect against microorganisms. In Ukraine, domestic products are sold, as well as manufactured in Latvia, Germany, Italy, Poland, the United States.

Pantyhose during pregnancy is an integral part of the wardrobe. They are needed and important, and, like everything else, must correspond to changed circumstances, fully support the comfort and good mood of the future mother. There are enough such models on the market of women's accessories. The choice is yours, dear mothers.

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