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Positive emotions are what you need to experience a woman, especially if she is expecting the baby's appearance. Specialists have proved that the child in the abdomen of the mother hears almost all sounds, including. Music that can act on it in different ways.

Special music during pregnancy soothingly acts on both mother and her future baby, scientists have proved that the child in the womb feels the same emotions as the woman, for example, the lyrics cause calm, and the energetic music the kid can respond with active movements .

It was also noticed that after birth the baby learns the music that he heard in his stomach and can react to it by activity or, conversely, by calm behavior.

Ideally, women in the position are encouraged to listen to classical music. The works of Mozart, Vivaldi positively affect both the emotional and physical development of the baby. In addition, there is a special selection of classical works, which are most strongly affected by children in the womb of the mother. They perceive the sounds of a flute, a guitar, a harp best.

But the best soothing effect is the voice of the mother, for example, lullabies will help to establish contact with the future child and after the birth of the baby quickly settle down at the sound of my mother's voice, which sings a familiar song.

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How does music affect pregnancy?

Scientists have long proven that the child not only hears sounds in the womb, but also reacts to them. Sounds can soothe or, conversely, cause fetal activity.

Studies in this field have shown that music during pregnancy contributes to logical and creative development, improves the development of hearing, memory of the sense of rhythm, as well as those parts of the brain that are responsible for associative and intuitive thinking.

But not all music influences positively, loud sounds can on the contrary worsen the development of hearing, so it is better for pregnant women to give preference to quiet and soothing compositions. As already mentioned, the ideal in this period is classical music, which acts as a relaxing woman, as well as a baby

What music to listen to during pregnancy?

Experts advise pregnant women in the first place to focus on their preferences, during this period the female organism is significantly restructured, and tastes can also change. A woman needs to listen to her state, feelings while listening to music, because what pleases mom, like the baby.

Music therapists recommend in this important period for every woman to listen to classical works.

To reduce the anxious state will help the compositions of Rubinstein, Chopin, Strauss, Khachaturian, improve sleep and help with insomnia - Schumann, Sibelius, Tchaikovsky Gluck, the works of Schubert, Debussy, Chopin, Beethoven, Brahms soothingly, will raise the mood - Edmund Overture (Beethoven), Sixth Symphony (Tchaikovsky), Seasons (Vivaldi).

Also, many kids like the sounds of nature (the sound of rain, sea surf, etc.). Despite the fact that experts recommend listening to classics, not all children, and mothers also like such songs. It happens that during the playing of the classics the baby in the abdomen begins to actively jostle and calms down as soon as another melody begins to sound. Therefore, when choosing music, you need to focus on your tastes and tastes of the future little man.

Loud music during pregnancy

Scientists came to the conclusion that too loud music during pregnancy is contraindicated. Sounds above 90 decibels can harm the health of the baby's future, even quietly sounding rock can cause anxiety in the child, which will manifest active movements in the abdomen. Specialists found out that at the moment of loud music, the fetus breathes faster, the heart rate, muscle tone increases.

In Japan, it is believed that those women who constantly listen to music loudly, premature birth may begin, the child often lags behind in weight, congenital pathologies are possible. Therefore, women can not attend concerts, especially rock bands.   

It was found that those women who listened to quiet quiet music during pregnancy, later were born more calm and healthy children.

Classics have a positive effect not only on the emotional state, but also on intellectual development.

After childbirth, a part of the brain cells is atrophied, according to scientists, this is due to the fact that during the development of the uterus these cells are not involved, namely the number of brain cells responsible for mental maturity and IQ.

From 14 weeks the child can already hear what is happening around, it is from this period that you need to pay attention to him: read fairy tales (after all, mother's voice is also necessary for the baby), listen to various musical compositions. By the way, in time you can understand what a little little man loves inside of you - if a kid starts kicking, then this song does not like him, and vice versa, if he stops, then he likes.

You can listen either through the speakers or with the headphones, which you can attach to your stomach, but before you turn off the basses.

Once again I want to remind you that you should not torture yourself and blindly follow the recommendations of scientists - if you do not like classics and such compositions cause discomfort (despondency, irritation, etc.), do not listen to them, as your condition is passed on to the baby and he also begins experience the same emotions. Also about loud sounds - if you like to listen to songs at full volume, do not deny yourself this pleasure from time to time, but if the kid starts to be active, it is better to turn it off and not "anger" it.

Remember that the suffering of a mother who is deprived of small pleasures is much more harmful for the development of crumbs than the excess of loudness.

Classical music in pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is best to listen to calm music, which is pleasant to the woman herself, does not cause irritation, frustration, despondency, etc.

It is also important to monitor the behavior of crumbs, if it starts to kick, change the melody or turn down the volume.

As already mentioned, the classic most favorably affects the pregnancy and future development of the baby.

It is known that music has medicinal properties, scientists even proved that when listening to classics in cancer patients, the condition improves after severe chemotherapy.

And during the work of Chopin and Bartok help reduce high blood pressure, calm the nervous system - Brahms, Schubert, Schumann.

Scientists have proved that classical music in pregnancy improves sleep and the general condition of the future mother.

If during pregnancy the woman suffers from a bad mood, apathy, depression, the compositions of Beethoven can help. Bach, Schubert, Vivaldi, Mozart at a fast pace.

There are a lot of classical works, and even if a woman does not like this kind of music, she can find some beautiful melodies that will please her. Now you can independently make a selection of favorite works of great composers and enjoy listening.


Symphonic music during pregnancy

At symphonic concerts the music sounds quite loud, which can cause tension in the baby. But the variety of musical instruments and the richest palette of sounds makes it possible to get maximum pleasure, especially to connoisseurs of this sound.

Symphonic music for pregnancy is suitable for those who have previously attended similar concerts, if a woman does not like the classics, even the performance of the compositions with an entire orchestra will not give her pleasure, and the high volume that is characteristic of such events may not please the kid and cause him anxiety. 

Music in the headphones during pregnancy

Music during pregnancy can have a beneficial effect on the development of the baby and the condition of the future mother, but many women are wondering how best to listen to favorite pieces - in headphones or using conventional speakers.

Music can not be heard by a mother listening to headphones, but the positive emotions that a woman experiences while playing her favorite songs are transmitted to him, so, for example, you can listen to your favorite rock bands in your headphones, which will not hurt the baby and will give mom pleasure .

Headphones can also help if a woman, for example, does not like the classics, but she really wants her to be listened to by the kid. In this case, you can attach headphones to your stomach (but you must turn off the bass), the music session in this case should last no longer than 40 minutes a day.

Treatment of music from depression during pregnancy

Depression of pregnant women is relatively rare, in addition to this, the symptomatology of this disorder is milder, compared with postpartum depression, but despite this, this condition can adversely affect both the health of the future mother and the development of the fetus.

Specialists prefer to treat depressive disorders of pregnant women without medication, antidepressants can be prescribed only in extreme cases.

Music therapy is a new direction in medicine and now almost nobody doubts that music influences the psychoemotional state.

As shown by numerous studies, classical music works will help to cope with depressive disorders. It is recommended to listen to Strauss's "Waltzes", "Chopin's Mazurka" and "Preludes", Rubinstein's "Melodies" to relieve stress, reduce anxiety.

To improve the mood and overall vitality, "Beethoven's Overture", "Tchaikovsky's Sixth Symphony" (3 part), "Hungarian Rhapsody" by Liszt will help.

Often, pregnant women suffer from sleep disorders, against a background of increased emotional stress, women suffer from insomnia, in this case you can listen to Gluk's Melody, Sibelius' Waltz, Shuman's Dreams or Tchaikovsky's plays before going to bed.

Music during pregnancy has a beneficial effect on the course of pregnancy, on the state of the future mother, and on the health (especially the psychoemotional) of the future baby. Music surprisingly can affect the human body and in a number of countries, music therapy has already taken a worthy place among the methods of treatment.

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