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How well does the dog feel the owner?

The dog will not be able to discuss the troubles with you at work, but when it snuggles comfortably on your lap, it seems that the pet is understanding your mood and without further ado. The intelligence of dogs is equal to the level of a two-year-old child. To this conclusion came the leading expert in the field of dog psychology from Columbia University, Professor Stanley Koren.

In their development, dogs, not being Enstein, are close enough to humans. Dogs can "read" some simple emotions and feel the chemical changes in the human body.

Dog feeling of sadness

Dog feeling of sadness

Can you swear that your dog shows more emotions, caresses and even somewhere a share of sympathy when you are upset and in a bad mood? Maybe it's just your illusions? You are absolutely right, as it turned out, dogs can really sympathize with a person. They will try to lick the face or bring a person some toy, in an attempt to comfort him. And the most interesting, a person who is in this condition, still cause a dog feeling of pity, and it does not matter who it is - the master or a stranger.

Dogs feel injustice

Dogs feel injustice

If you pay more attention to another animal, the dog will not overlook such an injustice and notice an unequal distribution of love. The researchers found that the dogs watching their relatives, who received a treat for the performed trick, which they performed free of charge, began to yawn, lick and whimper. Dogs notice and react to the amount of attention given, however it is impossible to compare it with human envy or the desire to be the first. When the dogs were rewarded, they were absolutely happy, not paying attention to the fact that one got sausage, and others received a piece of bread.

What can cause depression in a pet?

What can cause depression in a pet

When a child is born in a family, it is not surprising that all attention is focused on the baby. Naturally, the dog receives less attention, and this can lead to emotional disorders of the animal and even to depression. Dr. Koren recommends that before a direct acquaintance of the dog and the baby takes place, let the pet get used to the new smell, and at the same time with the new member of the family. To do this, take the diaper and put it in the baby's bed, and then to the place where the dog sleeps. Thus, this smell from the very beginning will be associated with her with something that she already loves.

The dog knows when you are angry

The dog knows when you are angry

When you scold your dog, then, of course, notice her reaction. The dog really reacts to the censure and feels that the person is angry. This is evident from the way she looks at you from under her brows, shifts from her paw to her dad, wags her tail and whims. However, this behavior should not be confused with remorse. A guilty kind of dog is a common reaction to human behavior and emotionally saturated speech.

Dogs feel fear

Dogs feel fear

If a person's safety is threatened by something, for example, an intruder tries to enter the house, he begins to send disturbing vibrations, which the dog feels perfectly. But dog Doberman-Pinscher or boxer, most likely, will be as frightened as the owner. Studies show that dogs read the person's emotional response and, most likely, will copy his behavior.

Dog Doctors

Research scientists confirm that dogs can smell such dangerous diseases as lung cancer and prostate cancer. The fact is that malignant neoplasms can give off smells that are able to smell.

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