Biking during pregnancy

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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Thanks to cycling, the pelvic muscles are strengthened and the strength of the legs is increased, and joints are developed in the hip area. And this, in turn, facilitates the process of labor and reduces their soreness. In addition, such trips contribute to an increase in the frequency of breathing and improve heart activity. This is also very important during childbirth. Biking during pregnancy makes the pelvic floor musculature, and also the abdominal press is stronger, thereby reducing the possibility of stretch marks, as well as the development of obesity.

Is it possible to ride a bicycle during pregnancy?

Riding a bike during pregnancy is allowed, but we should not forget that there is some risk for the woman herself and her child. In this case, the risk to the fetus in case of a fall increases, respectively, the increase in the period of pregnancy. Of course, before you get on a bicycle, you need to consider a variety of factors - such as well-being, the ability to ride and the nature of the ride itself. A great danger is severe braking or turning and, of course, falling.

If you drive slowly, with good skills and a familiar road - it's pretty safe. Before the trip, you should also make sure the bike is working properly. You should pay attention to the road on which you are going to ride - you must choose the paths with a flat canvas, which will not have holes.

Biking on early pregnancy

Riding a bicycle early in pregnancy is permitted after consultation with a doctor, in the absence of contraindications to this. It should be borne in mind that if a woman has not ridden a bicycle before pregnancy, she is not allowed to start already during the period of gestation.

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Benefits and harm of riding a bicycle during pregnancy

As for the future mother, and for her baby is very useful to be outdoors more often. And walking on a bicycle to everything else allows you to keep a good physical shape and quickly recover after the birth of the child.

Benefits of cycling during pregnancy:

  • Accelerated stagnant in the small pelvis and legs blood;
  • Musculature of the perineum becomes stronger and more elastic;
  • Spinal muscles training.

But the opinion of the benefits of a bicycle for pregnant women is not shared by all. There are many doctors who believe that such exercises can be harmful to expectant mothers. In general, fears are under the ground, since fast driving can lead to problems - due to constant shaking can lead to an increase in the tone of the uterus, which can lead to premature birth.

Biking during pregnancy is dangerous because a woman can get injured, and not only when traveling, but also in the event of braking. Very dangerous and falling, because they can cause damage to the abdomen. As a result, premature separation of amniotic fluid, abruption of the placenta or the onset of labor, and in the worst case even the death of the baby is possible .


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