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Human civilization has existed for dozens of centuries, and during this time it developed, acquired new knowledge and skills. Once a person discovered that with the help of a mechanical effect on the skin, you can relieve muscle tension, which in turn has an analgesic effect. But only after millennia, the idea arose to facilitate the implementation of effective medical procedures, replacing human hands with machines. Vacuum-roller massage is one of the most modern and sought-after developments of mankind, which has been widely used not only for medical purposes, but also for cosmetic purposes.

The history of vacuum-roller massage

Massage procedures were used by mankind in ancient times. True, for centuries, massage was considered a purely therapeutic procedure that helps to fight pain without drugs. All manipulations were done manually, because the very name of the procedure in Greek means squeezing the body with the hands.

But the mechanical effect on the body can be carried out not only with the help of hands. And it was also not a secret for our distant ancestors. Proof of this is the active use of canned massage in ancient Greece, China, Kievan Rus. True, banks at that time had slightly different forms and material, but the principle of impact was the same.

At first, the so-called “banks” were used for bloodletting and sucking “bad blood”, but then this type of massage was applied more widely: for the treatment of osteochondrosis and curvature of the spine, sciatica, hypertension, ESP, diseases of the pelvic organs and the nervous system, myositis and etc.

Banks (and this is a prototype of modern vacuum massage), many of us remember from childhood, because they were once very actively used in the treatment of colds, occurring without fever (bronchitis, tracheitis, pneumonia, etc.). Somewhat later, they began to be used to combat obesity. And when the issue of beauty and elasticity of women's skin became relevant and fashionable, canned massage acquired a new direction of its application - the fight against cellulite.

Massage has received wider application at the end of the last century. Then this medical procedure was used to reduce the severity of scarring of the skin. Until 1986, it was carried out manually, but the French engineer L.P. Gotye suggested replacing human labor with machine labor. He was sorry to look at the massage therapists, who were forced to massage his body daily for 3-4 hours to get rid of the unpleasant scars left after the accident.

The Frenchman was so carried away by the idea of creating an effective massage apparatus that he had been doing this for 26 years. Thanks to him, several generations of massage machines were released, each of which was improved, acquired new features and capabilities.

Vacuum-roller massage is the idea of combining the useful properties of conventional massage (mechanical) and canned (vacuum) massage. Vacuum provides warming of the skin, improves blood circulation, contributes to the destruction of fat capsules, enhances lymphatic drainage. And the function of the fingers in the apparatus is carried out by the rollers, which in turn increase the fluidity of fat, improve the permeability of blood vessels, reduce swelling.

Such a double effect was in many cases more effective than a conventional or canned massage performed separately. It is not surprising that this type of massage today has become one of the most popular and sought-after beauty salons and some treatment centers, where the seventh generation of massage machines is used.

Indications for the procedure

You can talk for a long time about how ingenious the idea was to combine 2 effective actions in one massage procedure, but this is unlikely to bring the reader closer to the basic question: in what cases does the use of such procedures have a healing effect. After all, like any other type of massage procedures, vacuum-roller massage has its own indications.

It is necessary to immediately say that the described procedure belongs to the category of hardware technologies that modern cosmetology clinics and centers are proud of. But before you go there, you need to think carefully about what problem a person wants to solve, after passing a course of massage procedures (and sometimes not one).

Most often, hardware technologies, including vacuum-roller massage, are used for weight loss. Massage can be used as a monotherapy for excess weight and ugly body bends, formed by growths of adipose tissue, and in combination with other techniques: diet, exercise, special exercises.

Massage procedures can be prescribed by a doctor or cosmetologist and with increased body mass with a uniform distribution of fat mass (including obesity), and with local obesity, when fat cells accumulate in certain areas of the body.

Another problem that is considered the scourge of our time is cellulite. If earlier a woman could hide all the flaws of her body under clothes, then the reduction of wardrobe items on the body and the amount of fabric in them, which fashion dictates to us, makes it necessary to pay special attention to her skin and her condition. "Orange peel" is not considered a jewel of a woman, so ladies diligently seek to get rid of it. And the most effective method of getting rid of cellulite is considered to be an anti-cellulite vacuum-roller massage, which breaks up the fat cells that form the tuberous structure of the skin, and facilitates their removal.

In which cases you can still turn to the help of a massage therapist:

  • If a person notes undesirable age-related changes in the condition of the skin and muscles:
    • the skin has lost its former elasticity, has become flabby and wrinkled,
    • there is a decrease in muscle tone, which is manifested in sagging of the buttocks and abdomen, flabby body structure, sagging skin and muscles in the shoulder area, swollen facial contours, a decrease in muscle relief, etc.
  • If the decrease in elasticity of the skin and muscle turgor occurred as a result of a dramatic weight loss, regardless of the cause (if the disease was the cause, then the restoration of tissue elasticity is carried out not in the acute period, but after treatment or during a period of stable remission).
  • If a person is struggling with obesity and disease with the help of hard diets and / or intense physical exertion, there is a risk of unsightly stretch marks on the skin.
  • If stretch marks appear on the skin of a woman during pregnancy (vacuum-roller massage is performed after childbirth and recovery period, when a young mother can do the beauty of her body, while breastfeeding is not a contraindication to the procedure).
  • If a person has a tendency to muscle spasms.
  • If the body appears edema, not associated with kidney or heart disease.
  • If after heavy physical exertion a person feels very tired and sore muscles.

In addition, complex massage procedures are used to reduce the severity of postoperative scars and scars (by improving metabolic processes in the tissues), with lymphatic stasis and blood microcirculation disorders.


The benefits of vacuum roller massage

Vacuum and vacuum-roller massage are procedures that are effective for correcting the age-related changes of the face and body, changes caused by illness, physical inactivity, or the desire for slimming. The vacuum created in the nozzle of the apparatus contributes to the skin being drawn inward. At the same time, there is an improvement in blood circulation in the area of impact and lymphatic drainage is enhanced.

How is this useful? We know that all the harmful substances from our body are derived mainly by the lymphatic route. Bacteria and viruses, destroyed by the immune system or with the help of drug therapy, toxic substances and poisons that enter the body with food and water or are the product of the vital activity of microorganisms - all unnecessary lymphatic system like sewage removes to the outside. The more actively the lymph washes various cells and tissues of the body, the faster and more efficiently the body gets rid of what prevents it from functioning normally.

The rollers in the massage apparatus contribute to the kneading of the prepared part of the body, they weaken the connections between the fat cells, destroy the strands formed from the connective tissue, thanks to which the skin acquires a tuberous structure. The combined mechanical and vacuum action contributes to the effective destruction of the membranes of fat cells and facilitates their elimination from the body through sweat and sebaceous glands.

Mechanical effect on body tissues simultaneously has a relaxing and tonic effect, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, heals the body, improves metabolism and nutrition of tissues, improves immunity.

How does this happen? The proliferation of fat cells and the formation of cords from fibrous tissue around them does not just form the tuberous structure of the skin, this process disrupts microcirculation in the tissues, squeezing them with its mass. Impaired blood circulation leads to a deterioration in the nutrition of the tissues and a deterioration of their condition (the production of collagen and elastin decreases, the skin and muscles become flabby).

Vacuum helps to catch blood to the problem area. Nutrients and oxygen are delivered along with blood. Thanks to enhanced lymphatic drainage, the blood and all the cells of the body are cleansed of harmful substances. Among them we find poisons and toxins, fatty cells destroyed by the massage, which is the basis of cellulite. Mechanical action helps to more effectively destroy fat deposits, stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, helps remove water accumulating in the intercellular space of adipose tissues, which caused edema.

Massage stimulates the production in the body and the renewal of collagen fibers, which contributes to the restoration of skin elasticity, reduces the severity of wrinkles, provides a lifting effect (tightens the skin). The direct effect on the skin of the rollers of the massage apparatus contributes to the exfoliation of the cornified layers of the epidermis, renewing the upper layer of the skin, which makes it even more attractive.

How does massage affect scar tissue? Improving blood microcirculation and cell respiration, vacuum-roller massage promotes the early maturation of scar tissue, consisting mainly of collagen and characterized by greater density and low elasticity. Improving respiration and metabolism in the area of the scar contribute to the resorption of such a neoplasm, which becomes softer and lighter. At the same time, the itching that torments the patients disappears, which is observed during the scar maturation until the end of this process.

In the course of the massage, nervous and muscular tension, fatigue, and painful sensations in the body and limbs are also removed. This massage is an excellent prevention of painful muscle spasms.

Great benefit brings vacuum-roller massage and with local obesity, from which it is not easy to get rid of using popular diet and dietary supplements for weight loss. The fact is that fat usually leaves the problem areas last, so body shaping is very difficult and often not with the results that one would like to have. For example, along with full hips, the elegant chest also leaves, the shape of the face changes.

Massage allows you to act not generalized, but only on those areas where correction is required: on the thighs, in the abdomen, on the sides, reducing the accumulation of adipose tissue where it is most noticeable, and not evenly throughout the body. It is learned that for weight loss, massage and diet can be considered equivalent, but for a selective correction of the figure, massage is more suitable.

The reflex impact of the massager's rollers on individual points of the human body helps relieve tension, stimulates the immune system, and provides a general healing effect. Improvement of blood circulation and lymph flow in certain areas improves this process and in the body as a whole, it is clear that this will positively affect the functioning of the internal organs and various systems in the body. In fact, it is an opportunity to improve oneself without the use of drugs.


Vacuum-roller massage is a medical and cosmetic procedure that requires some simple preparation, regardless of whether the massage course is held in a specialized salon or a person has previously purchased a device for vacuum-roller massage for home use and is now doing the massage on his own.

And yet, before you start using the device, it is advisable to consult a doctor or a beautician (depending on the existing problems), because it is the specialist who can accurately identify the problem areas and the number of sessions needed for correction. The question of whether to undergo massage in the clinic (and it may cost a lot of money) to save miles on purchasing a portable device, a person decides for himself.

What is needed to prepare for a massage? In addition to consulting a specialist within 3 days before the first procedure, it is advisable to revise your diet in favor of low-fat and low-calorie foods. Smoked, fried and spicy foods that stimulate the appetite should be abandoned, as well as the use of alcoholic beverages.

This requirement is more relevant for those whose goal was to reduce body weight or get rid of "orange peel" on the abdomen, thighs and some other places. For these and other problems on the eve of the massage, an enhanced drinking regime is recommended. 2-3 hours before the session you should drink about 1 liter of liquid, and another 1 glass of water is recommended 20 minutes before the session.

But the last meal should be carried out no later than 2 hours before the start of massage procedures.


Vacuum-roller massage is considered one of the most effective methods to combat obesity and cellulite. But at the same time it belongs to the category of hardware technologies, and you need to understand that the manipulator rollers during the procedure are in direct contact with the naked body of the client. But the client at the cosmetologist is not one, and it is not always possible in a short time to carry out sufficient disinfection of the nozzles, which can be dangerous to human health and does not meet sanitary and hygienic standards.

To protect the body from contact with the rollers of the massager, there are special suits for vacuum roller massage. Massage is carried out through the fabric of the suit, but does not reduce the effectiveness of the impact, but it contributes to hygienic requirements and prevents skin stretching.

Suits are made from a thin fabric containing 93 percent polyamide and elastane. It is easily washed in warm water and can be used repeatedly. Under the suit you do not need to wear underwear, because despite the fit, it hides intimate areas (they are marked with opaque areas, while areas for which correction may be necessary appear translucent, which makes it possible to control the degree of intensity of exposure by body color.

You can purchase “overalls” directly from a massage therapist, as it is often offered in conjunction with the purchased apparatus. Cost of the costume is not included in the cost of the procedure. If desired, such clothes for personal use can be purchased in specialized stores or ordered online.

The only prosperity of such suits is the inability to use them for vacuum-roller massage with additional functions, since they prevent good heating of tissues.

Who to contact?


Vacuum-roller massage is a procedure that is available for conducting in the conditions of a cosmetology salon or clinic, and at home. It is clear that choosing the salon procedures, including a complex effect, you can get the best results. But here too often it all depends on the professionalism of the masseur, and no less than with manual massage.

Going to the first procedure, a person usually already knows on which apparatus the massage will be performed and what type of massage procedures will be relevant. If this is a simple vacuum-roller massage, the person chooses whether to purchase a special suit for him or agree to an unprotected effect, which involves contacting the rollers of the device with the naked body. Using the functions of cavitation, radiofrequency exposure and infrared rays involves a procedure without a suit.

If the massage is carried out without protective equipment, the client undresses to the underwear, after which he is offered to lie down on the couch, where the procedure is carried out. Even the most bulky devices for vacuum-roller massage remain quite mobile. They can be moved and installed so that it is convenient for both the master and the client, and at the same time, the aesthetic appearance of the cabinet will not be harmed, which should contribute to relaxation and attitude to a positive wave. Typically, customers include pleasant music that helps to successfully endure a rather lengthy procedure.

The duration of the massage depends on the number of zones being worked out and can vary from 20 minutes to 1 hour, regardless of the type of effect: static (vacuum) or dynamic (vacuum-roller). So vacuum-roller massage of the abdomen, which does not provide for active actions in that zone and is limited by the effect of vacuum on the zones of accumulation of adipose tissue, usually takes about 45 minutes. The beautician spends about 20 minutes for a vacuum-roller facial massage that helps to tone up the skin and muscles of the head, while the massage of the upper or lower body takes 2 times longer, and the whole body massage will last 1 hour.

Some devices have the ability to study several zones simultaneously, which makes it possible to reduce the total time of the procedure.

Vacuum roller massage is considered more effective for losing weight and fighting cellulite than classic LPG. But both types of hardware massage require warming up of the skin at the beginning of the procedure, which can be performed manually or with the help of a device with adjustable power, setting it to start at a minimum.

The study zone (if the client is without a suit) is recommended to be lubricated with special means: massage oils, creams and gels. Typically, devices have replaceable filters that prevent breakage due to the ingress of particles of these funds into the device during manipulations with vacuum. Massage tools facilitate the sliding of the hands and attachments of the device over the body, which prevents painful sensations even with active movements of the master. In addition, these tools often contain components that promote heating of tissues and enhance metabolic processes in it, enhancing the effect of massage procedures.

Initially, the procedure of vacuum-roller body massage is a kind of diagnosis. The masseur with his fingers determines the areas with a bumpy surface, which will be worked out first. Some devices help to assess the degree of cellulite not by eye, but with sufficient accuracy with the help of thermography.

If we are talking about the flabbiness of the skin and muscles, then the cosmetologist can visually assess their condition and immediately identify the areas requiring the use of a  hardware vacuum-roller massage.

Now it is necessary to improve the lymphatic flow, so that with further vacuum-roller action, the destroyed fat cells are immediately excreted from the body along with toxins and other substances unnecessary to the body. To this end, the doctor drives a device for lymphatic drainage along the lymphatic pathways, paying special attention to the lymph nodes to prevent lymph stagnation in them.

Next, the massage is carried out by maniples on the massage lines on the body. In this case, the pulse mode of the device is designed for reflexotherapy. Pulsation frequency should coincide with human heart rate. Thus, biologically active points are studied.

Reflexology helps to relieve pain and muscle spasms, helps to relax the reflex dermalgic zones. Not many people know that a regular load on the cervical vertebrae and the infringement of nerve endings in this area lead to disruptions of the autonomic nervous system in this area. And the cervical segments have an anatomical connection with the lateral parts of the legs and buttocks. Malfunctions of the nervous system lead to disruption of the outflow of fluid and the formation of fat cells in this area, the growth of fibrous tissue and the formation of the so-called "orange peel". Thus, relaxation of the dermalgic zone in the neck helps to fight cellulite and prevents its reappearance.

When the device switches to the mode of continuous absorption, there is an improvement in blood circulation, the destruction of fat cells, the destruction of the tightening foci of cellulite by cords from fibrous tissue. Such a massage can be carried out by means of vacuum cans or with the use of maniples combining roller massage and the suction effect of a vacuum. Banks are fixed on the body statically, the handles are moved through the body with the help of the hands of a beautician.

If a special program is installed on the device, it itself adjusts the suction power, switching the pulse and constant modes depending on the targets and the zone of influence. But the massage therapist can also focus on the client's sensations and adjust some parameters using the buttons on the instrument control panel or the display.

At the end of the procedure it is recommended to strengthen lymphatic drainage. For this, pulsed operation is again used. Point pulsation contributes to the opening of lymph nodes and strengthens the lymph flow, with which it activates the excretion of fat cells destroyed during the anti-cellulite massage.

At the end of the massage action to combat cellulite, it is recommended to apply anti-cellulite cream on the body. This will prolong the effect of massage, because the sessions should be held not daily, but 2-3 times a week.

The duration of the course of massage is usually set by a beautician who prescribed the procedure. Depending on the complexity of the situation, the treatment course may contain from 8 to 20 procedures (4-8 procedures are usually enough for a facelift). It should be borne in mind that the body of each person is individual and the results may differ in both speed and quality.

If you need to re-rate the vacuum-roller massage, you can resort to it only after 3 months.

Vacuum-roller massage can be performed without leaving your apartment or house, but it is worth remembering a few useful tips to make the manipulations effective:

  • Before starting a massage, it is recommended to take a shower, but not only to wash off dust and dirt. This will help preheat the body, preparing it for active manipulation.
  • Later, for a better heating of the tissues, a manual massage of the problem areas can be performed.
  • Any massage, including hardware massage, is recommended to be carried out using special massage tools: oils, gels, creams.
  • To get the desired effect, you need to know how the nozzle movements should be directed. The movements should be in the direction of the current of the lymph in the direction of the large lymphatic vessels (the body and legs are massaged with movements from the foot upwards, and the abdomen with circular movements clockwise). Driving nozzles through the body will not benefit.

Regardless of where a person plans to carry out massage procedures, before you hold the first session, you need to clarify whether there are any contraindications to this procedure, which will help to avoid various complications after it.

Contraindications to the procedure

Vacuum roller massage is a hardware procedure that has standard contraindications inherent in almost all hardware methods and manual massage. There is no age limit for such a procedure, so older people can use it to keep their body in shape and slow down the aging process. Another thing is that an impediment to the procedure may be some health problems:

  • diseases of the venous vessels, such as their varicose dilatation or thrombophlebitis,
  • any oncological pathologies, malignant and often benign neoplasms on the skin,
  • severe arterial hypertension (2 and 3 stages),
  • some blood diseases, especially characterized by low blood clotting,
  • severe cardiovascular disease,
  • skin diseases in the affected area, especially of an infectious nature,
  • severe diabetes mellitus
  • osteoporosis.

Relative contraindications are:

  • exacerbation of any chronic diseases
  • acute viral and bacterial infections,
  • feverish state
  • pregnancy (antiedematous massage of the legs and face is not prohibited)
  • menstrual bleeding
  • recent spinal and bone injuries
  • epilepsy.

In these cases, a vacuum-roller massage is not prohibited, but the treatment will be scheduled for a later time. If a person is sick, then after his recovery or attainment of remission during chronic pathologies.

Future mothers can resort to massage after childbirth, when the body recovers slightly and returns to normal. In general, vacuum-roller and other types of massage are considered undesirable in the first months after childbirth, and the woman will be able to do the correction of the mammary glands and skin after they have finished breastfeeding the baby.

As for bone injuries, contraindications are the effects in the damaged area. So the herbs of the legs do not interfere with facial massage or breast correction.

Since vacuum-roller massage is combined with lymphatic drainage, contraindications may be renal failure, cholelithiasis, diseases of the lymphatic system. But the electric field of the device for hardware massage can adversely affect the operation of pacemakers, so that the presence of an implanted device should be reported to the doctor in advance.

It is undesirable to conduct active massage activities for people with severe exhaustion and mental disorders, as well as for those who take anticoagulants or drank alcohol the day before.

Massage in the facial area is not carried out for ENT diseases, lesions of the skin of the face and neuritis of the facial nerve.

Consequences after the procedure

Vacuum-roller massage is not in vain very popular with women, because this non-invasive procedure allows you to achieve the same effect as liposuction, which was previously considered the only effective method to combat local obesity and cellulite. At the same time, the probability of recurrence of cellulite after the course of massage is even less than after the operation to pump fat from problem areas.

The procedure is generally considered safe. The use of protective suits allows you to avoid strong rubbing of the skin with nozzles and its stretching under the influence of vacuum. If the suit is not worn, the same effects can be avoided by applying special massage tools that facilitate sliding on the body.

The procedure itself is quite pleasant. It is accompanied by a feeling of warmth and a slight tingling of the skin. All the unpleasant symptoms should immediately tell the specialist conducting the massage, so that he corrected the parameters of the device.

The only trouble that usually occurs after the first sessions of vacuum-roller massage are bruises, which usually appear in people with sensitive skin or increased fragility of blood vessels on the surface of the body. Such a symptom does not require special treatment and usually goes away on its own in a short time, especially if the hematoma is affected by cold.

Some people feel a slight chill after the procedure, which is associated with irritation of the skin receptors and heating of the tissues. The condition is not dangerous to health, it is normalized within the first hour after the session.


Complications after the procedure

The safety of the method of hardware massage with the help of joint mechanical and vacuum effects has been proven by many years of practical experience. Usually, the vacuum-roller massage itself is not associated with the complications arising from the clients. Another thing, if not taken into account contraindications to hardware massage.

Massage effects are always associated with the activation of blood circulation. And vacuum massage is also actively promoting intensive lymph flow. For a healthy person, this effect will only bring benefits, but in acute infectious diseases it will only contribute to the spread of the infection by hematogenous and lymphogenous way. This will lead to generalization of the process and the deterioration of the patient. If the infection nests on the skin, the same roller nozzles can facilitate the transfer of the pathogen from one part of the body to another.

Increased blood circulation in people with weak hearts and high blood pressure will create excessive stress on the heart. What is fraught with myocardial infarction or stroke. The manipulation during menstruation causes increased bleeding.

Strengthening the venous blood flow is dangerous for people with pathologies of veins. Under pressure, vessels can burst, and with a tendency to thrombosis, such a condition is fraught with a separation of a blood clot (if a blood clot reaches the heart, a person may simply die).

As we have said, after the first massage sessions, bruises may appear on the body of patients, which are formed by minor subcutaneous hemorrhages. If a person has reduced blood clotting or he takes anticoagulants that reduce its viscosity, hemorrhages can easily turn into bleeding with the formation of hematomas of large sizes.

It is possible to list possible complications after a vacuum-roller massage for a long time in case of non-observance of contraindications to the procedure, but even now it becomes clear that the limitations to the apparatus massage were not accidental. And no matter how much we want to get a quick weight loss effect or look younger with a massage, such pleasure is not always possible and not for everyone.

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Care after the procedure

Another positive feature of the vacuum-roller massage, in addition to the lack of serious special training, is its self-sufficiency, i.e. The results of the massage effect will be visible even if the client does not stick to the diet and exercise high physical activity.

Massages are well tolerated, without causing the appearance of unpleasant symptoms, either during the procedure or subsequently, therefore, the rehabilitation period as such is absent. Neither in the period between sessions, nor after the end of the course of treatment does a person require severe dietary restrictions and movement. The only thing that is desirable after a massage session is the replenishment of the reserve of fluid in the body by drinking abundantly.

In the first minutes after the massage, it is better to avoid sudden movements and excessive loads.

To consolidate the effect of the vacuum-roller massage, some efforts will still have to be made:

  • revise your diet in favor of fruits and vegetables,
  • use at least 1.5 liters of liquid per day, avoiding coffee, carbonated and alcoholic beverages,
  • limit the salt content in dishes,
  • move more and make sure that the spine is not overstressed in the cervical region,
  • be in the open air more often
  • try to protect yourself from negative thoughts and actions, because a poor psychological state is also reflected in the metabolism, contributing to the formation of pathological foci of accumulation of adipose tissue, and on the appearance of human skin.

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What to expect from the procedures?

Manufacturers of devices for vacuum and vacuum-roller massage promise many beneficial effects after the massage procedures. The advertisement of beauty parlors, where such manipulations are carried out, also insists on this.

According to the statement of the manufacturers and professional cosmetologists, the hardware vacuum-roller massage is capable of:

  • save the client from cellulite, regardless of the stage of the disease,
  • make the skin more smooth and elastic, increase its elasticity, which will affect the visual appeal,
  • save a person from local accumulations of adipose tissue in the thighs, abdomen, sides, chin,
  • markedly reduce the severity of scars and stretch marks on the skin,
  • adjust the shape as you wish
  • reduce the volume and body weight due to the removal of excess fluid and fat, remove edema
  • cleanse the body of toxins and harmful substances, increase its defenses,
  • improve blood circulation and metabolism.

You can find out how real these promises are only by reading customer reviews of cosmetic clinics and home appliance buyers. Nobody argues with the fact that massage, if properly performed, enhances blood circulation and lymph flow. Removal of excess fluid and harmful substances from the body, respectively, has a positive effect on the shape and condition of the skin and muscles.

Intensive blood circulation contributes to the improvement of metabolism in tissues that are saturated with oxygen and nutrients. It is clear that this will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. But the volumes of this production will still differ in different age periods, and the vacuum-roller massage itself is not able to give aged skin a second youth, although it is able to improve its appearance. In principle, this is also important, because it gives a woman the opportunity to feel younger and more attractive, as the reviews say.

The hardest thing, according to women, is the fight against fat deposits on different parts of the body. One destruction of adipose tissue is not so easy to achieve decent results. Usually in 10 sessions a woman loses about 4-4.5 kg. But the results of the vacuum-roller massage are purely individual, however, as well as the pace of weight loss. It is therefore not surprising that, along with positive reviews, you can find no less than negative ones.

Not everyone is able to adjust the body's metabolism and stabilize the fat burning process with the help of massage alone; therefore, for some, the result of the procedures leaves much to be desired or has a short-term effect. To consolidate the result of the treatment of obesity and cellulite, they will have to follow a diet and maintain physical fitness with the help of daily exercises.

If the purpose of massage procedures is not to increase skin tone or fight against cellulite, but to reduce the volume of the body, i.e. Weight loss, massages can be combined with other effective procedures. Fast results in this case can be achieved by combining vacuum-roller massage and pressure therapy. The latter is a specific effect on the lymphatic system, a kind of air massage with compressed air, which is served in a specially tailored suit worn on the patient's body.

For example, some patients claim that for 10 procedures of pressure therapy in combination with 5 sessions of vacuum-roller massage, you can lose weight not by 4 kg, but by 7-8 kg, while maintaining the elasticity of the skin and its external attractiveness.

Body wraps, which are also recommended to be combined with massage treatments, also help to get rid of fat deposits on certain parts of the body.

Vacuum-roller massage, despite all its effectiveness, is not able to solve once and for all the problems of a person who does not seek to consolidate the result. Hypodinamy, eating disorders and stress can eventually reduce to naught all the efforts of the massage therapist, so you can not pin hopes only on the massage, continuing the static "voyage" on the couch with coffee and bun. A beautiful figure requires not only material (the cost of a massage or device), but also physical costs, i.e. Certain actions to stabilize the result.

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