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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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Particular attention should be paid to the choice of apparatus for vacuum-roller massage. It is worth taking an interest in the model of the equipment used in the salon or clinic in advance, because different devices may have different configuration and functions. If you want to purchase the device for personal use, you need to pay attention to portable devices that are light in weight and size, but at the same time meet all the conditions necessary for a high-quality massage.

We begin our review with such devices, and then proceed to the equipment used in salons and clinics.

Vacuum roller massage device NOVA NV-600 

One of the most effective models in the Ukrainian market.

This is a handy portable device measuring 28x35 cm and weighing just over 4 kg with a pressure gauge and a vacuum power regulator. The instrument kit includes 21 nozzles and silicone tubes, through which the nozzles are connected to the compressor of the apparatus.

Nozzles are divided into 3 groups:

  • 12 glass small jars designed to massage the face, neck and body,
  • 6 large plastic cans for work with breasts, buttocks, back, hips, legs,
  • 3 anti-cellulite tips with body rollers.

The device can work as a vacuum device and carry out a vacuum-roller massage. He works in several programs: 2 each for the face and body, a program for improving the tone of the breast and improving its shape, a treatment program.

The device is multifunctional. It performs the following actions:

  • conducts vacuum-roller anti-cellulite massage of the body and individual problem areas,
  • carries out lifting of the face, neck and body, so that its contours become more attractive,
  • improves the shape of the breast and buttocks due to the additional function of vibration exposure by large banks,
  • contributes to a rapid decrease in body weight with obesity and fullness, but the skin remains toned and elastic,
  • provides lymphatic drainage, helps reduce edema, cleanses the body of harmful substances, improves metabolic processes,
  • increases the tone and elasticity of muscles and skin, making the person look younger,
  • effectively fights wrinkles on the face and swelling under the eyes, forms a beautiful oval face,
  • stimulates the production and secretion of pituitary hormones that help maintain a healthy body tone and have antimicrobial properties.

The apparatus of vacuum-roller massage B 306 

An easy-to-use portable device that weighs only 6 kg, and the price is 2 times lower than that of the NOVA NV-600. Such a device can be used both in beauty salons and at home.

As well as the apparatus described above, the B 306 is equipped with a manometer, a power adjustment knob and buttons for setting the exposure time. The device has 2 replaceable filters and an oil separator, which provides a double filtration system, which is very important if the device is operated on a naked body using massage oils.

The instrument kit includes 3 handles of different sizes. The largest is designed for body massage, the average is massaged for the limbs, and the smallest is for the face and neck. An additional device for peeling and a cannula for cleaning the face with a vacuum can be additionally purchased with the device.

The device allows for vacuum-roller massage of the face and body, and, if desired, also cleansing and peeling of the skin.

Vacuum-roller massage on the device V 02 of the Czech company Alvi-Prague can also be performed at home. This portable device weighing about 8 kg and a power of 60 W can carry out a vacuum-roller massage of the face, chest and body, as well as a vibration effect in problem areas.

The device has special nozzles for work in the mammary gland (3 sets of paired nozzles), 3 pairs of glass nozzles for the body and 3 pairs for the chest, face and neck, 3 roller nozzles of different sizes. It has a pressure gauge, adjustment of the intensity of exposure and can work on 6 programs designed for different parts of the body.

What can be done with this parting:

  • take care of the mammary glands (the device allows you to make a breast lift and correction, restores its elasticity),
  • carry out a comprehensive facial treatment (combating swelling and dark circles around the eyes, removing a second chin, treating acne),
  • provide full body care (increase the elasticity and elasticity of the skin),
  • treatment of problem areas and excess weight (the fight against cellulite, tightening the skin in the abdomen and buttocks, weight loss),
  • general healing procedures aimed at improving metabolism, removing toxins, restoring lymphatic flow, improving blood circulation, stimulating the immune system.

Device of vacuum and roller massage Slimming D-528 

It is difficult to call a portable device, because its weight is about 36 kg, its height is 1.2 m, and its width and length are about 45 cm. But this is already a complex device with a high adjustable power (maximum 800 W), which, in addition to vacuum and vacuum-roller massage carries out still chromo-and thermotherapeutic influence. This is the salon version of the apparatus for a vacuum-roller massage.

The chromotherapeutic effect includes 6 light therapy programs of a drainage-lipolytic nature, and the thermotherapeutic effect implies the same number of heat treatment programs. It is believed that light and heat therapy (heating of tissue with infrared rays) enhance the effect of vacuum-roller massage.

The instrument kit includes 3 nozzles - handles of various sizes, which are equipped with additional functions: irradiation and heating. Both of these features can be turned on and off as desired. The device is also equipped with a pressure gauge and allows you to smoothly adjust the pressure, gradually increasing the intensity of the massage, which prevents damage to small capillaries during a vacuum-roller massage (slimming mode).

The device provides the ability to work in 2 modes: continuous and pulsed. The parameters of the pulse effect are set manually by yourself, so that the procedure is comfortable for the client.

A positive feature of the device is the presence of a very quiet compressor, which does not irritate the ear.

The device Slimming D-528 is used in the following cases: with cellulite, to combat local fat deposits, in violation of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, swelling, with reduced muscle tone and decrease in skin elasticity, tired legs, and also to improve metabolism in body tissues.

The vacuum roller massage device IB-M8 also does not refer to the number of portable devices. Its “height” is 1.44 m, and its weight is 32 kg. Like the previous device, the IB-M8 device has a complex effect on problem areas, because it combines vacuum and roller (LPG) massage, cavitation, radio wave exposure (RF lifting of the body) and heating of tissues through infrared radiation.

The latest 8 generation device for combating cellulite has 12 programs in which the effects described above are combined but differentiated in terms of exposure time and intensity. The choice of the program depends on the stage of cellulite and the desired result, i.e. It can be skin lifting, fighting local cellulite foci, general body shaping, weight loss, etc.

The power of the IB-M8 is noticeably inferior to the Slimming D-528 (250 W instead of 800), but it is quite sufficient for an effective massage. Let's just say, the popular portable NOVA NV-600, which can be purchased for home use, has a capacity of only 50 W, which does not detract from its properties, but only affects the duration of the procedures.

The device can be used for obesity and various stages of cellulite, skin neoplasms such as scars and stretch marks, while reducing skin turgor and swelling.


Vacuum roller massage apparatus SHAPE V8-C1

One more effective device intended for use in the conditions of a cosmetology office. The large dimensions of the device (a height of just over 1 meter and a weight of 58 kg), as well as the rather high cost (one of the most expensive devices) are unlikely to meet the requirements of the simple buyer. But for clinics and salons that provide expensive, highly professional services, such a device will be a godsend, because it uses innovative patented technologies of popular American and Israeli companies (ALUMA and VELASHAPE techniques).

The high efficiency of the device is due to the methods used in it:

  • vacuum roller massage,
  • bipolar radio wave energy
  • heating tissues by means of a diode laser of low intensity,
  • ultrasonic cavitation.

The formation of the fold occurs due to the vacuum action, and the ultrasonic cavitation provides a pulsating seizure of the fold without negative impact on the internal organs. Surface heating of the skin is carried out by exposure to infrared rays, and radio wave radiation heats deeper tissues. Such a multifactorial effect repeatedly enhances the effects of a simple massage and the results are already visible after the first procedures. This technique is considered the most effective of all.

The device is equipped with 4 maniples, each of which combines certain effects. The first manipulator provides a complex effect of vacuum and ultrasound cavitation, the second one - a combination of RF-effect, vacuum-roller massage and infrared radiation, the third one is identical to the second one, but excludes mechanical impact by rollers, the fourth one - a complex of RF lifting and vacuum massage.

The use of 1 maniple is shown on large areas of the body and allows the lipolytic and drainage effect, enhances blood circulation and lymph outflow. Manipula 2 promotes the breakdown of fat cells, dilates blood vessels in the problem area and improves blood circulation in it, helps tighten the skin on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks. The handpiece 3, which has a smaller working surface as compared to the second and the first, is mainly used for processing small areas, as well as the zones of the lower and upper extremities.

Manipula 4 has 3 small nozzles of different sizes, which in addition to the described effects contribute to the production of collagen and its compaction. Improve the appearance and structure of the skin, provide a lifting effect. Nozzles are used for the neckline and face, neck and tender area near the eyes.

With the help of the device, it is possible to carry out both cosmetological procedures, which allow to form a beautiful figure and improve the condition of the skin, as well as therapeutic manipulations aimed at reducing pain in muscles and joints in certain diseases.

The device is equipped with a clear touch menu with graphic prompts, virtually silent compressor, high power and high efficiency, which allows you to recoup the cost of its acquisition in a short time. The menu parameters have factory settings, but the beautician has the ability to change them according to the needs of the client.

Vacuum-roller massage on the starvac system is also available only in beauty salons and clinics. The device Starvac SP original made in France is very popular due to the high efficiency of massage conducted with it (vacuum roller, canned, reflexology), it’s not for nothing that he won the Grand Prix in the nomination "The best device for the treatment of cellulite."

This is quite a voluminous and expensive device weighing just under 50 kg, used in salons for vacuum therapy, lymphatic drainage procedures and anti-cellulite vacuum-roller massage. The unique handpiece of the device contains 2 rollers, which, with the help of vacuum rarefaction, form and actively knead the skin fold, destroying fat cells. Improved glide is provided by 2 outer rollers, and the paddles of the manipulator enhance the effect of lymphatic drainage and promote the removal of the destroyed adipose tissue cells from the body.

Even in the absence of active pressure on the skin, the device provides sufficient effectiveness of anti-cellulite massage, the results of which are clearly visible after 2-3 procedures.

In addition to the maniple for a vacuum-roller massage, the instrument includes:

  • 4 double suction cups are designed for effective exposure in problem areas. The action of the cups is constructed in such a way that it prevents the skin from stretching under the influence of vacuum and does not injure the tissue. The massage procedure does not cause pain and does not leave behind bruises. The cups can be used simultaneously, thus reducing the time spent on one massage.
  • 4 large transparent bowls for vacuum massage with a diameter of 40 mm to 10 cm, designed to improve muscle tone, lymphatic drainage and reflexology.
  • 3 small bowls for vacuum massage of the face. They are also used for the correction of cicatricial formations and work in hard-to-reach places.

The device is easy to use, has an optimal location of accessories on the transparent shelves of the rack, can work in a constant and pulsed mode. It is used to massage any area, including the scalp.

Vacuum roller massage b flexy

Effective salon procedure on the devices produced in Belarus B-Flexy CelluStop. Different models of the device may have a different configuration. The first models have a push-button control and are equipped with only 1 handle for performing a vacuum-roller massage. Models of the average configuration have already a touch screen, work in 18-20 programs, and the handpiece in their set is more advanced. Models of the maximum configuration with a touch screen and backlight, in addition to the standard handpiece, have a mini-nozzle designed for massage of the neck, feet, hard-to-reach places and acupuncture. The drug is equipped with a thermographic analyzer of the degree of cellulite.

All B-Flexy equipment is quiet and efficient. In terms of vacuum power, these devices exceed their counterparts from different manufacturers while maintaining energy consumption, although this indicator is adjustable in all devices.

In principle, this is a standard quality device that combines in its work roller LPG-massage and vacuum effect. Among the programs laid down by the manufacturer are:

  • 35-minute lipomassage for the android and genoid morphotype (in the first case they have an effect on the stomach, arms and back, in the second - on the thighs, breeches and buttocks), lipomassage with uniform fullness, LPG-massage for flabby and weakened skin,
  • The 25-minute light legs drainage procedure, lipomassage for men, which helps to tighten the abdomen, strengthen the torso, etc.

Alas, such a device is not suitable for facial massage, new models are used only to increase the tone of the neck fabric. In addition, the B-Flexy devices are distinguished by a rather high cost that not every salon can afford. Although there is evidence that the popularity of these devices is not less than that of Starvak instruments.

Vacuum Roller Massage with Vortex 

It is also considered an excellent substitute for an expensive and less effective roller massage. The large size and high price of the device allow it to be used only in the conditions of beauty salons and clinics.

This is a medium-power device with the possibility of programming and one manipula designed for body massage, which is produced by a Russian company under the guidance of German specialists on their own equipment. In fact, this is a German-quality device that meets the requirements of the domestic consumer: weight reduction, reduction in body volume, and the fight against cellulite.

Vacuum-roller massage, which provides a vibro-mechanical-vacuum effect on the body, can also be carried out on devices manufactured in France by Le Skin V6, Dermopulse, Skintonik, the Russian Charm model and other Italian, Chinese, and Japanese devices. All of them are equipped with handles of different sizes, making it possible to massage the face and body.

In various devices, the vacuum-roller massage can be combined with RF-lifting, infrared heating of the skin, cavitation. Additional functions help to make the procedure more effective, it is clear that the result in this case will appear faster than in the case of a combination of just a roller massage and vacuum exposure. The fact is that the superficial and deep heating of tissues contribute to the activation of blood circulation, which in turn improves their nutrition and respiration, restoring normal metabolism.

Devices that combine cavitation and vacuum-roller massage, can more intensively destroy fat cells, this is facilitated by an ultrasonic shock wave, which can break even solid objects, such as kidney stones. True, the power of this wave in massage devices is such that it contributes to the destruction of only fat particles. It is clear that cavitation can enhance the heating of tissues, and therefore from devices that combine all these effects (cavitation, radio wave and infrared effects, vacuum and roller massage), you can get great benefits with fewer procedures.

It is clear that the cost of procedures for vacuum-roller massage on different devices will be different, but it is most advantageous to purchase a portable version of the device, which, although it will not have additional functions that enhance the effect of a classical massage, but it will be safer from a hygienic point of view.

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