Hardware vacuum-roller massage by microcurrents and with RF heating of the face, abdomen, body

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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

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Every year, the beauty industry is developing more and more new methods of preserving youth and attractiveness of the body. Of course, to stop the flow of time or turn it back to the person is beyond the power, but here to slow down the aging of the skin, retaining its smoothness, elasticity and healthy radiance, it is quite possible. It is these purposes that are pursued by hardware vacuum massage, which, by the way, has found its application not only in cosmetology, but also in medicine and sport. Stimulating the metabolic processes in the body, vacuum lpg massage not only improves the condition of muscle tissue and skin, but also helps to say goodbye to a couple of extra pounds without spending too much time and effort on it.

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Indications for the procedure

Hardware vacuum massage can be considered as a cosmetology, and therapeutic and recreational procedure from the field of physiotherapy. In medical centers this type of massage is successfully used in therapy of the initial stage of varicose veins. With its help, stop the pain and break down the muscular densities in myositis (inflammatory diseases of the muscles of the skeleton) and radiculitis (inflammation of the spinal roots, radicular syndrome). Hardware massage is useful in pain syndromes of various locations, including headaches (migraines).

Normalizing the metabolism in the body, massage helps to fight with excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and edematous syndrome, smoothing postoperative scars (for example, after cesarean section) and stretch marks, resulting from pregnancy or weight fluctuations. Hardware massage helps both to prepare and recover quickly after considerable physical exertion, to relieve stress and chronic fatigue, to stabilize sleep.

Vacuum lpg massage is also effective as a restorative procedure used at the last stage of therapy of burns and soft tissue injuries, as it is able to stimulate the physiological processes of skin regeneration and muscle fibers.

Athletes hardware massage can be appointed to strengthen the muscular apparatus and ligaments. It is used in the complex preparation for sports competitions. And since playing sports is always associated with a risk of injury, lpg massage is especially relevant in terms of an active stimulant for restorative processes in tissues after their trauma and associated medical procedures.

Especially popular vacuum hardware lpg massage has got in cosmetology, after all with its help it is possible to solve set of various problems connected with appearance. Most often, a vacuum vacuum massage is used against cellulite - an unattractive "orange peel", the appearance of which is associated with a violation of microcirculation in the subcutaneous fat tissue. In this case, special attention is paid to those areas where skin irregularities are visible to the naked eye (thighs, buttocks, hands, belly, shoulders).

Vacuum hardware massage has recently been actively used for weight loss. At the same time, depending on the number of procedures you can say goodbye as with 2-3 extra pounds, and cope with the initial stage of obesity. It is clear that the treatment of obesity requires professional intervention, more procedures and compliance with additional requirements for physical activity and nutrition.

Treatment of obesity of 2 and 3 degrees should be no longer carried out by a cosmetologist, but by a specialist physician and integrated, so it's pointless to hope for massage only. But remove bulging "ears" on the hips and belly fat can be done without the help of a doctor by means of a vacuum device in the salon.

In addition to losing weight and fighting the "orange peel" on the body, apparatus vacuum massage is used to correct the double chin of uneven skin tone on the face, to combat acne and acne, to remove dryness and flabbiness of the skin, and to reduce itching and flaking on it.

Medical and cosmetic plastic surgery implies a certain recovery period, during which all measures are taken to ensure that the skin does not leave ugly constricting scars and scarring that bring physical. And moral discomfort. The use of vacuum massage in this case helps to prevent the consolidation of connective tissue and the formation of scars. And reduce the severity of already existing formations.

In other words, indications for lpg massage are: reduction of muscle tone, the need for correction of bodily forms, excess weight, cellulite, recovery after plastic surgery. In parallel, you can achieve improved posture and coordination of movements, which provides neurosensory effects.

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Hardware vacuum massage belongs to the category of medical and cosmetic procedures, therefore, despite the apparent simplicity of performance (by the way, this massage can be carried out at home, if you previously purchase a special portable device for vacuum massage), it can, of course, have its own contraindications for use, which must be taken into account before the procedure begins.

Usually, even at a preliminary consultation, a specialist of a medical center or a beauty salon collects information about the state of his health from the client's words. However, not all diseases can be so obvious that a person could know about them, therefore, deciding to try the effectiveness of vacuum massage on themselves (as well as any other), it is nevertheless necessary to be convinced of the absence of contraindications, which include:

  • Serious pathologies of the cardiovascular system in the stage of decompensation (in any case, if there are problems with the heart or blood vessels, it is necessary to consult a doctor about the possibility of performing massage procedures),
  • the recovery period after surgery on the heart or vessels,
  • transplantation of the heart or its individual parts,
  • presence on the body of vascular and fatty neoplasms, moles,
  • Skin diseases caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi,
  • presence of pelvic or lumbar hernia,
  • lymphadenopathy (inflammatory processes in the lymphatic system),
  • inflammation of the bone marrow (osteomyelitis),
  • any infectious and inflammatory processes both inside the body and on the skin (abscess, phlegmon, inflamed acne),
  • inflammation of venous vessels, a tendency to thrombosis,
  • damage to the skin (scratches, wounds),
  • oncological diseases,
  • the initial days of menstruation in women,
  • an acute period of infectious pathologies, especially those that occur with an increase in body temperature,
  • hyperthermia,
  • diseases in which blood coagulability decreases and a tendency to bleeding appears,
  • increased convulsive readiness, which is observed with epilepsy and some other diseases,
  • severe pathology of the liver, kidneys, respiratory system with a violation of their functions,
  • the pathology of the endocrine system with a severe course of the process (diabetes mellitus, nodular goiter, etc.).

The procedure is not carried out with a strong edema of the body, as well as in the localization of nodules of varicose veins. In pregnancy, manipulation can be carried out only by the program "venous insufficiency" with a low intensity of exposure, and only after a preliminary consultation with the district doctor-gynecologist.

As you can see, there are a lot of contraindications. Some of them completely exclude the possibility of a hardware or manual mechanical impact on the body, others are considered relative and require some caution. Therefore, any indispositions must be reported to your doctor and a specialist who will carry out the massage procedure. This will help to avoid unpleasant consequences after the procedure.

If there are no problems preventing the holding of a hardware massage, you can safely start preparing for the upcoming manipulation. At the same time, preparation should be comprehensive: the procedure must be prepared both physically and morally. Still, one procedure is not limited to, usually you have to undergo a set of procedures (from 8 manipulations and more). We must be prepared for the fact that the mechanical effect with a hardware massage, as with manual massage, will not always be particularly pleasant, perhaps even the appearance of mild pain.

Hardware vacuum massage actively stimulates the work of many organs and systems of the body, which means that you need to prepare yourself for this load. Experts recommend several days before the procedure to drink plenty of water (at least 1.5-2 liters per day). And immediately before the procedure, drink 2 cups of purified or mineral water without gas.

A day or two before the procedure is not recommended for large physical exertion. If a person is accustomed to them, it will not do harm. But you do not need to start playing sports, attending gyms, experimenting with options for active rest to an unprepared person.

Some restrictions should be followed in the diet. For example, it is not recommended to eat large, sharp, fried, smoked dishes, fatty foods, alcohol, coffee, sweet soda for 3-4 days before manipulation. It is also worthwhile to refrain from smoking.

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Technique of the apparatus vacuum massage

Depending on the type of procedure (hardware massage can be carried out with the help of vacuum or vacuum-roller devices), the skin is prepared for manipulation. The skin should be thoroughly cleaned from dirt and grease. If the procedure is carried out in the face area, all cosmetics should be removed from it.

Before the apparatus vacuum-roller massage on the body put on a special tight suit. Vacuum massage on the recommendation of a specialist can be carried out both with the use of special massage and medical-cosmetic creams, and without them. Creams massage movements are applied to the prepared body immediately before the beginning of the procedure. It is desirable to warm up the skin manually by special kneading movements as a preparation for hardware manipulations.

In itself, hardware vacuum massage is not something innovative. A similar effect has a can of massage, known since ancient times as an effective remedy against cellulite (remember only that inside the jar there is nothing but a vacuum that stretches the skin).

Device for hardware massage is an air compressor, the movement of the piston in which either downwards or upwards either pushes air or sucks it. The device is equipped with various nozzles, which are needed to influence different parts of the body. Also, several protocols are attached, compliance with which allows you to achieve good results for each specific problem.

Exposure to the skin is carried out according to a certain scheme. Each problem zone is processed separately for 10-15 minutes. The massage bowl (nozzle) is tightly attached to the skin (without strong pressure) and smoothly moves along it, carrying out the suction action due to the vacuum device attached to it by means of a tube. The movements of the apparatus may be different: in a circle, in a straight line, in the form of a zigzag. The specialist can move the nozzle both along the course of the lymph flow and against it.

The duration of the procedure can vary from 15 to 60 minutes, depending on its goals and the current problem. At the end of the massage, the specialist who carries out the procedure performs a manual soothing massage, after which the remnants of the massage from the skin are removed.

A good help for canning massage is a vacuum apparatus massage of the back, which increases the flow of oxygen to the tissues, strengthening the metabolism in them. In this case, the effect of the apparatus is considered more uniform than the static fixing of cans with rarefied air. The session usually lasts about half an hour. The first results can be seen after 3-5 procedures.

Apply such massage not only for the purpose of losing weight (it destroys the subcutaneous fat layer), but also for skin rejuvenation (fight against pigmentation, wrinkles, flabbiness). In addition, this massage will help improve posture, shorten the rehabilitation period after injury to back tissues, reduce pain syndrome.

Back and body massage is usually done 2 times a week, unless the beautician appoints a different scheme.

Hardware vacuum massage can be carried out on various parts of the body, including the face and tender decollete zone. The first development for the hardware vacuum massage of the face was the "Cosmechanics" technology. After a decade, other developments ("Liftmassage" and "Endermolift") began to be actively used, designed to improve the condition of not only the face, but also the neck and décolletage zones.

A facial massage is performed without any specific preparation, but taking into account contraindications. It is enough only to thoroughly cleanse the skin. Creams and oils are generally not used.

The first results can be seen after only 1-2 procedures, the skin becomes smoother and tighter. However, for the effect to be fixed for a long time, it may take 10 or more procedures (in some cases, even up to 20 sessions).

For facial massage, both vacuum and vacuum roller machines with a special facial attachment can be used. The frequency of retracting the skin into the manipula (nozzle) varies from 4 to 16 times per second, depending on the desired effect. The intensity of the impact is also regulated in the apparatus.

The course of face vacuum massage can consist of several stages. The first stage consists of at least 9 procedures, which are carried out 2 times a week. At the second stage, the results are consolidated. It consists of 6-7 sessions (once a week). The third stage is restoration and habituation (from 3 to 4 sessions 1 time in 2 weeks). In order for the effect to last longer in the subsequent 1 or 2 times a month, it is necessary to undergo maintenance therapy sessions.

Vacuum-roller massage

Particular attention should be paid to vacuum-roller massagers, which are actively used in programs for weight loss and fight against cellulite. Such devices have a double mechanical effect on the skin and subcutaneous fat layer. Vacuum draws the skin, forming on it a fold with water-filled fat cells, which naturally dissolve. This is facilitated by the active kneading of the subcutaneous fat by rollers placed inside the manipula.

One of the most popular salon equipment for vacuum massage is the b flexy device. The device is used both to reduce the manifestations of cellulite, and for almost complete cure. It works practically painlessly and effectively.

The device ib 8080 is already in the category of professional apparatus for vacuum massage. It is used both in beauty parlors and in medical centers. The program of the device provides for several types of procedures:

  • impact pulsating vacuum,
  • vibratory action,
  • use of photon light,
  • exposure to a weak current,
  • vacuum-roll hardware massage.

This device is used to reduce edematous syndrome, remove bags and circles under the eyes, improve breast, improve blood circulation, increase muscle tone, reduce the severity of cellulite, as well as treat respiratory system pathologies, radiculitis, osteochondrosis, inflammatory pathologies of the neuromuscular system.

For home use you can buy portable devices: LPG-A0, S'ONE, model 120, etc. In this case, a hardware vacuum massage can be safely carried out both at home and in the field.

Contraindications to the procedure

All of the following are not dangerous and pass fairly quickly without any complications after the procedure. Another thing if the procedure was conducted without taking into account contraindications. Here the consequences will be more severe, requiring medical measures.

For example, in the presence of various neoplasms on the skin, their trauma can occur, which sometimes turns the process into a malignant process. In the presence of local infectious diseases, stimulation of the lymph flow can trigger a spread of infection throughout the body. With external bacterial diseases, massage can be carried out only in areas unaffected by the disease, so as not to spread infection on the skin.

A hardware vacuum massage with a hernia increases the danger of infringement. Strengthening of venous blood flow during the procedure can cause complication of phlebitis or clot lysis during thrombosis of veins. It is clear that active mechanical action on the skin, which has injuries in the form of wounds, does not contribute to their rapid and problem-free healing.

With oncological pathologies, vacuum lpg massage can cause increased cell division and tumor growth. When menstruating there is a danger of a strong increase in the volume of blood. At a high temperature and severe pathologies, massage provokes worsening of the patient's condition and the development of various complications.

If the procedure is performed correctly (and it is considered safe enough) and taking into account contraindications, then special care for the body after it is not required. You can apply a soothing cream on the body, which will reduce swelling and redness. In place of the appearance of bruises, it is also recommended to apply special agents that reduce their severity.

Consequences after the procedure

Like any active mechanical effect on the body tissues, vacuum massage can leave behind unpleasant traces. Active kneading of the skin increases the flow of lymph into the intercellular space. If a person has problems with the lymphatic system, this can lead to a noticeable swelling of the tissues after the first sessions. Over time, everything comes back to normal and swelling does not appear.

The same can be said about slight skin hyperemia due to active exposure to it. However, reddening in this case goes even faster than after a manual massage.

Some patients report a slight chills after the procedure, caused by mechanical irritation of the skin receptors. You can get rid of such side effects with the help of a warm drink.

With very sensitive skin and increased fragility of the vessels on the body, small bruises and bruises can remain after the procedure. This must be told to your beautician (when using a special suit on the part of this you can even not notice), which will further reduce the intensity of exposure.

During the entire therapeutic course, one should remember the abundant drink. Drink a lot, giving preference to clean water. And, of course, to enhance the effect of the procedure for weight loss will help physical activity and nutrition.

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Reviews about the procedure

Hardware vacuum massage is a procedure that is welcomed by both cosmetologists and doctors. After all, a massage session can have multiple positive effects on the human body:

  • increased blood flow and, as a result, good tissue saturation with oxygen and nutrients,
  • strengthening of the lymph flow, which helps to remove excess fluid and toxic substances from the body,
  • relaxing effect on muscle tissue,
  • improving the work of sweat and sebaceous glands,
  • stimulation of collagen and elastin production,
  • acceleration of the process of fission of fats,
  • removal of pain,
  • improving the shape of the body,
  • weight reduction,
  • improvement of skin color and condition,
  • improvement of immunity, etc.

Cosmeticians refer to the apparatus massage as a good support to questionable diets for weight loss, which, unlike the above procedure, can bring not only good, but also a noticeable harm to health. In addition, the usual weight loss does not help increase the elasticity of the skin, and as a result we get a thin, but flabby body. In the case of hardware massage, the client kills two birds with one stone: it reduces its weight (volume) and rejuvenates the skin, giving it elasticity and radiance.

This is about the opinion of specialists. Do the clients of cosmetology clinics and medical centers agree with him?

Feedback from those who have undergone a procedure of vacuum vacuum massage, only confirm the opinion of doctors. Most women note a marked improvement in skin condition, a decrease in the manifestations of cellulite and body volume, an improvement in the general condition due to the anti-stress effect. And, despite some discomfort and minor painful sensations with a strong intensity of exposure, they are ready to go through the "test" with a vacuum again, to remain beautiful and young for a long time. 

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