Vacuum massage by the banks against cellulite

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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

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Cellulite or the medical term "gynoid lipodystrophy" is a structural change in the subcutaneous layer. Fat cells of small size due to stagnation are grouped into nodules and disrupt the normal circulation of blood and lymph. Later, fibrosis of the tissues takes place, the tubercles become visible on the surface of the body, the so-called "orange peel" is formed, which is very disturbing for women who follow their appearance. Vacuum massage - an effective method of combating cellulite, because forcing the body to retract into the cans, it provides an increased flow of blood to the surface and irritation of the skin receptors, as a result of which fatty clusters are damaged, the skin is leveled and becomes more elastic.

There are two types of vacuum massage: can and massage. The latter is held in salons by specialists and this is a separate topic, and massage with cans can be done at home.

Can massage

There are glass and silicone vacuum cans on sale. You can use both, but silicone is safer (do not beat) and maneuverable. There is a certain technique of massage, simply sliding on the surface of the body will not bring results. Anti-cellulite massage is used for thighs and buttocks. We'll figure out how to learn how to use vacuum banks on your own.



First of all, you need to prepare for the massage problem areas. To do this, you need to grind a dry body using a massage brush. Movement is carried out on vertical lines from the tips of the toes to the front, from the heels to the shoulder blades from behind. To other methods of preparation can be considered a warm bath and anti-cellulite wraps. Further, with light massage movements, an anti-cellulite cream or any base oil is applied and rubbed.

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Technique of the vacuum massage from cellulite

Slipping by the banks along the body should occur in the same direction along the blood flow. After running the can from the beginning of the line to the end, you need to smoothly remove it and put it back in the beginning. For one session of movement on each site should repeat 5-6 times, and in the beginning the vacuum becomes easier, and with each following it is added. When massaging the buttocks, the massage lines in the upper part extend from the sacrum to the outer side in opposite directions, in the lower part - on the contrary, from the outside to the inside. With a massage of the thighs, in the back part of them we mentally conduct the line of separation of the lymphatic in the center and move the banks at an angle from the bottom upwards, and in the inner region from the top to the bottom. To fix the effect, you must do the movements from the bottom upwards from the inside of the knee to the center. The front part of the thigh is massaged from the outside inward: above the knees horizontally, above - at an angle. Massage is not performed on the inside of the thigh and in the groin. The first procedure lasts 5-6 minutes for each zone, in the future the time increases to 15-20 minutes. To get the result you need at least 10-15 sessions.

Contraindications to the procedure

Vacuum can massage is contraindicated in damages to external tissues, high temperature, varicose veins, high blood pressure, pregnant women, during menstruation. Harm from its conduct can be caused by patients with diabetes mellitus, with qualitative and malignant tumors, blood diseases, bile and urolithiasis.

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Consequences after the procedure

The unpleasant consequences of the vacuum massage procedure include pain after the first session, bruises and bruises. It is inevitable, it is just necessary to experience such phenomena. With excessive skin sensitivity, it is best to abandon it.

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Care after the procedure

After the procedure of vacuum massage, you need to massage your body lightly with your hands, take cover and remain at rest for some time. For a complete relaxation, you can drink herbal tea and listen to music.



Judging by the large number of reviews, many women have tried on themselves a method of combating cellulite with the help of vacuum massage. Most of them note the tremendous effect of the procedure: the skin has become smooth, even, more elastic. True, do not hide that behind this are pain and bruising.

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