Vacuum massage by the banks against cellulite: how to do it correctly?

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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

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Vacuum massage is an effective way to get rid of the "orange peel", which does not require much physical effort. Massage is performed with the help of special cans or apparatus. Inside the container, a vacuum is created, through which the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue are drawn into the can, which causes blood flow to the tissues. Massage with the help of special professional devices is carried out in cosmetic clinics. Massage from the "orange peel" activates the skin receptors, causing mechanical damage to the accumulation of adipose tissue. Strengthening hemodynamics leads to the fact that the skin covers acquire firmness, elasticity and smoothness. Massage is successfully used to restore muscle fibers after a long intensive sports activities.

Does vacuum massage help against cellulite?

The effectiveness of the vacuum massage procedure against cellulite is due to:

  • normalization of lipid metabolism in the subcutaneous fat layer;
  • stimulation of collagen production;
  • normalization of hemodynamics;
  • strengthening the walls of blood vessels.

Massage allows you to get rid of skin stretch marks after childbirth, heal sports injuries of muscles and tendons, stop spasms and pain, achieve a deep relaxation.

Vacuum massage from cellulite is effective, but in complex. The use of one massage will not help in the destruction of all excess fatty tubercles and the creation of a beautiful figure, but it enhances the effectiveness of a competently prescribed weight loss program. Before the session, it is necessary to perform physical exercises to reduce body weight, this will increase the effectiveness of vacuum massage several times. It is not superfluous to revise your diet. Food restrictions on high-calorie foods or a properly designed diet will accelerate the decrease in body volume, make this process quick and easy.


Indications for the procedure

The procedure is useful for the following conditions:

  • pathology of the musculoskeletal system;
  • cicatricial formation;
  • muscular compaction;
  • osteocondritis of the spine;
  • myositis and neuromyositis;
  • radiculitis;
  • myofascial pain in the cervical region, back, upper and lower extremities.

For the complex treatment of neurological pathologies and disorders of the vascular system - neuritis, neuralgia, the initial stages of cerebral circulatory insufficiency, tremor paralysis, cervico-brachial osteochondrosis.

In traumatology - pain in the cervical region, joints, soles, posttraumatic recovery of the body after surgical interventions, sports injuries.

In cosmetology - premature wilting of the skin, atony of the facial muscles, double chin, cellulite.


Before proceeding to a vacuum massage from the "orange peel," preparatory measures should be taken. 30 minutes before the session, drink a glass of water to saturate the body with moisture. Carry out cleansing and warming up of the skin. Scrubbing agents are used for cleaning. To warm up the skin using a manual massage. On the body, apply oil for massage or anti-cellulite cream and develop problem areas. It is recommended to use the following massage techniques:

  • stroking;
  • kneading;
  • planting;
  • vibration;
  • effleurage.

The procedure for warming up the skin before a vacuum massage is performed in order to reduce painful sensations when exposed to cans. The preparatory method improves the blood supply of muscle tissue, activates metabolic processes.

Oil for vacuum massage from cellulite

Directly before the vacuum massage from the "orange peel" the upper layers of the skin are moistened with a special oil or cream. Do not perform the procedure on dry skin, this provokes the appearance of bruising and intensifying unpleasant sensations. For better gliding of the cans, the anti-cellulite cream is mixed with the massage oil so that the resulting mixture remains on the skin for a long time. To this end, use oils purchased in the store, as well as manufactured houses. The basis of home remedies is olive oil or oil, which is infused on the bones - grape, peach, apricot. Enhance the anti-cellulite effect of essential oils. The standard ratio is 10 ml of the base and 3-4 drops of the essential. Against cellulite, all types of citrus essential oils, as well as cinnamon, lavender, fir, are effective.

Geranium oil accelerates the outflow of lymph and removes excess moisture from the body, giving skin elasticity and elasticity.

Juniper oil improves metabolic processes, evacuates toxins and reduces puffiness.

Cedar enriches cellular structures with oxygen and activates local hemodynamics.

It is desirable to replace anti-cellulite creams from time to time, because the skin ceases to react to its components and their effect is reduced. It depends on the frequency of using the means for massage.

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Technique of the vacuum massage from cellulite

It is not possible to perform self-massage with a special apparatus at home, because precision in the movement of the device's attachments is required and this procedure can not be carried out by yourself. Vacuum massage from cellulite in the home is carried out using silicone or glass jars. The number of errors is significantly reduced, however, labor intensity increases. Before the massage, the jars are wiped with warm water. In order to obtain the expected effect, it is necessary to know the technique of performing the massage, to properly prepare the body for this procedure. The skin is steamed, taking a warm bath for 5-10 minutes, which is added a couple of spoons of sea salt or rock salt. Then carefully rub the skin with a hard washcloth with a gel and a few drops of essential oils with an anti-cellulite effect. The skin should be rubed to a reddening and slight tingling. The reception of such a bath activates metabolic processes, blood flow and lymph drainage. If at hand there is no hard wool, then use a scrubbing agent, made from improvised means. To prepare the product at home, take ground coffee, sea salt, honey, essential oils. After the bath, the skin is prepared for a vacuum massage from the "orange peel". During the procedure:

  • the pores of the skin open and the anti-cellulite components freely penetrate into the right places;
  • hemodynamics is activated and blood is transported to the places where old age fat deposits accumulate.

The bank is placed on the problem area in the direction of the lymph flow. A slight pressure on the bowl creates additional pressure. After 5-7 presses, the container must be dragged to another location. The bank produces circular and undulated movements along the work area. To remove the jar, press your fingers on it. Duration of the procedure is 15-20 min. It is recommended to conduct courses from 10 to 25 sessions every other day. During the year, 2 or 3 courses are allowed, depending on the extent of the spread of cellulite formations.

Hardware vacuum massage from cellulite

Session lymphatic drainage massage with the use of a special device has a positive effect on the epidermis and the whole body as a whole. Thanks to the procedure occurs:

  • increased blood flow and, as a result, cell saturation with oxygen, minerals, vitamins, nutrients improves;
  • activation of the lymph current, which facilitates the evacuation of excess moisture and toxins from the body;
  • relaxation of muscle fibers;
  • normalization of secretory cell function;
  • stimulation of collagen.

Hardware vacuum massage occurs when the air is pumped up and removed in the treated parts of the body through the instrument's nozzle. The procedure is divided into 3 phases:

  • Preparatory. On the cleansed dry skin, the expert applies a massage aid, which provides comfort when moving around the body of the massage nozzle.
  • The procedure itself. Massage bowl is placed on the treated area. The nozzle is connected through a tube with a device that pumps or sucks air. The masseur moves the bowl along the lines of the lymphatic flow.
  • The final one. After the session, the specialist removes excess cosmetic from the skin and soothes them with gentle stroking.

The minimum duration of one procedure is a quarter of an hour and depends on the scale of the treated area and the amount of lipid deposits.

Vacuum roller massage from cellulite

This is a modern technique for working out muscle layers and subcutaneous fat, which combines vacuum cans and a roller nozzle. The procedure is performed in cosmetic clinics. At home it is difficult to carry out because of the awkwardness of the equipment. Massage is carried out with special manipulations - plastic jars, in which an airless space is created. Inside the container there is a roller. In any part of the body, under the action of the manipula, a vacuum is formed and the upper layers of the skin are stretched. When the pressure reaches the required values, the skin is affected by a roller moving inside the can. The diameter of the bowl is selected for each site individually. For the face, smaller arms are needed, and for the abdomen and hips larger. During the procedure, the masseur moves her around the treated area. To smoothly slide over the body, massage oil is applied to the epidermis beforehand.

The sessions of vacuum-roller massage from excessive accumulations of fat also contribute to:

  • strengthening of muscular tissues;
  • training of the musculoskeletal system with a sedentary lifestyle;
  • Puffiness reduction during rehabilitation after surgical operations.

Vacuum massage improves the functioning of the lymph system, ensuring an intensive outflow of excess moisture from the cellular structures. Hardware lymph drainage massage from cellulite promotes a tightening of saggy skin with a strong reduction in weight. After 15 sessions of massage, the skin becomes elastic and elastic.

Vacuum foot massage from cellulite

When carrying out vacuum massage of the lower extremities, it is necessary to watch closely that movements are performed along the lines of venous outflow. It is necessary to start the massage from the periphery to the central part. Massaging the posterior surface of the thigh movements should be directed upward into the shoulder region. If excess fatty deposits appeared on the legs, then the massage is covered by the shin and rises upwards along its posterior part.

Moving the bowl in one direction is difficult to perform, and therefore it is moved along certain figures - ellipses, circles, zigzags, returning the cup to its initial position. Massage is completed at the point of venous outflow. During the massage the patient experiences a rush of heat, a slight burning sensation, sometimes pain, swelling and flushing of the epidermis. Massage movements should not be injured. The massage session takes 10-20 minutes, and after accustoming the duration is increased to 25 minutes. When setting the duration of the massage proceed from the sensations. If the pain and burning sensations are severe, the procedure is performed in the shortest possible time. At the end of the massage, you should relax for a minute or 20 minutes. Massage is done at intervals of 1-2 days. If the fatty deposits are not strongly expressed, then to get the effect, 4-5 procedures are enough, and if the "orange peel" is pronounced, then more than 10 sessions are needed.

Vacuum massage from cellulite at home

At home, lymph drainage massage from fatty tubercles is carried out by cans of glass or silicone. The procedure will also require an anti-cellulite or massage aids. Along with shop creams, popular cooking oil is popular. It is necessary to prepare a mixture of 50 ml of any oil - peach, vaseline, olive oil with aromatic oil, which has anti-cellulite effect (geranium, citrus, juniper, bergamot).

To perform the procedure, you should squeeze the bowl in your hand and release the air, attach it to the massaged area, perform ascending movements (bottom up). Massage movements in the hip area are made to the inguinal lymph nodes, in the abdomen the movements are carried out along a circle in the direction of the clockwise movement.

For greater effect, vacuum massage from fatty tubercles is combined with manual massage. The session time will be shortened if you use two bowls synchronously, when both limbs are massaged. It is not advisable to leave the jar for a long time in one place, otherwise the probability of hematoma will increase. When treating the legs, you can not massage the inguinal region, the inner thigh, popliteal fossa, or the inguinal canal zone.

At first the duration of the procedure is not more than 10 minutes. After mastering the techniques of vacuum massage from cellulite, increase the time of the procedure. The number of sessions depends on the degree of accumulation of fatty deposits. The standard course consists of 10-20 sessions of 20 minutes per day for each treatment site.

At the end of the procedure, the skin should be treated with frozen water. To make an ice cube to freeze a decoction of herbs or orange juice. Circular movements walk through the problem areas of the ice cubes. If you have free time after the procedure, you can wrap the massaged portions with a plastic wrap and make a charge.

For vacuum massage from cellulite at home are suitable medical jars made of glass. In addition to cans, you need:

  • alcohol;
  • cotton wool;
  • kornnat;
  • lighter or matches.

On korntsang wind a piece of cotton wool, dip it into medical alcohol and ignite using a cigarette lighter. The tweezers should be placed in a glass jar for 2-3 seconds and immediately attached to the body. If there is pain, then remove the container and apply again.

Drive slowly along the work areas, not forgetting the rules of self-massage - from the bottom up. To make movements of a massage bowl in the form of circles, zigzags and spirals. Complete the procedure with a manual massage, patting and stroking.

The effect of vacuum massage on cellulite is enhanced when combined with a shower. Before the procedure warm up the abdomen, thighs, buttocks hot, but not scalding water. Rub the skin with a solid massage mitt. Apply cleansing gel on the problem areas and slightly pressing the silicone bowl to attach it to the skin. Grind the problem areas. Take an invigorating shower.

Contraindications to the procedure

It is forbidden to prescribe lymphatic drainage massage from cellulite tubercles under the following conditions:

  • SARS with hyperthermia;
  • hypertension;
  • pathological conditions of SSS;
  • neuroses;
  • convulsive alertness;
  • affective states;
  • purulent or mycotic skin lesions;
  • third trimester of pregnancy;
  • diabetes;
  • inflammation of the venous walls;
  • malignant and benign neoplasms;
  • menstruation;
  • kaheksiya.

It is forbidden to conduct a procedure in the area of mammary glands, eyeballs, ears, during pregnancy on the abdomen. Before vacuum massage from a cellulitis it is necessary to consult with the doctor of the doctor.

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Consequences after the procedure

Lymphatic drainage from cellulite promotes:

  • improvement of blood circulation in the cellular structures of the skin;
  • reduction of fatigue of the skin;
  • correction of the figure;
  • start the process of cell regeneration;
  • disappearance of the primary signs of cellulite;
  • elimination of toxins and toxins.

In addition to positive effects, vacuum massage from cellulite can bring irreparable harm to health. Before starting the session, it is necessary to evaluate the sensitivity of the epidermis. If it is sensitive, during the session there will be bruises and bruises, which will have to be treated for a long time. In this case, take a contrast shower and lightly massage the areas covered by the "orange peel".

During pregnancy, vacuum massage is not performed. Abstain and after childbirth up to 1.5 months. Then they evaluate the state of health and begin to increase the load. It is undesirable to carry out the procedure when the immunity is weakened by the infectious disease. The use of massage will strengthen their manifestation.

With pathologies of the cardiovascular system, gynecological diseases, ischemia, massage sessions are prohibited.


Complications after the procedure

As a result of vacuum massage on the skin, small bruises appear during the week. The shade of the bruise indicates various pathologies in the body:

  • hematoma of a crimson color - stagnation in deep tissues;
  • red bruises with hemorrhages - a violation of microcirculation in the skin;
  • dark cyanotic hematomas - accumulation of toxic substances in the skin;
  • edematous and swollen bruises - hormonal disorders.

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Care after the procedure

The number of sessions of anti-cellulite massage depends on the degree of damage to the "orange peel", the individual characteristics of the organism. At the initial stage, enough 4-5 sessions lasting 1 hour. At the second degree - 5-7 procedures, and at the third 8-10. The procedure of vacuum massage from cellulite is recommended to be performed every other day.

It is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of liquid. A quarter of an hour after the procedure, you want to drink. To maintain results, it is undesirable to take food and drink for the first 2 hours. During the massage procedure, excessive moisture is removed, the lipid cells are in a stressful state. If you start drinking water or something after the procedure, the fat cells will absorb much more moisture than it was before the session. Within 2 hours the body will be able to get used and the cells will not gain excess moisture. The next day should drink at least 2 liters of normal water without additives before lunch.

In addition to compliance with drinking regimen, the body needs rest. After lymphatic drainage massage, you can lie down for 30 minutes and listen to soft relaxing music. Immediately go out, especially in the cold season is not recommended. When the massage is warming up the body and if you go out into the cold air, you can catch a cold. People leading a sedentary lifestyle should more walk in the fresh air.



About vacuum massage from cellulite on the Internet left a lot of feedback, both from patients and from specialists. Most of them are positive. In them, network users talk about a noticeable and rapid decrease in body volume, excess weight goes away, the skin becomes taut and smooth. Among the deficiencies is noted soreness, the appearance of hematomas. If the rules of the procedure are followed and contraindications are taken into account, the negative consequences are reduced.

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