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Nature did not take care of the absolute perfection of people, most of them would like to improve something in themselves. This is especially characteristic of women, they play a very important role, which is understandable. Regardless of age, I want to please the people around me, like them, love me. No luck with those who were born with a clear defect on the face or have a disproportion of the body: somewhere excess fat, and somewhere you can add. In the 80s of the last century, along with the introduction of liposuction - vacuum fat suction, lipophilization appeared - correction of the body with the help of its introduction into areas requiring correction.

What is good lipofilling?

In cosmetology, many different technologies have been developed, aimed at rejuvenating, eliminating defects. What is good lipofilling and what is its advantage? It allows you to eliminate the deficiencies by filling your own fat tissue with wrinkles, returning the young face, giving it a clear line. The operation of moderate severity, under local, sometimes general anesthesia, a few hours after its holding a person is able to return to normal life. Plastic surgeons talk about the lifelong effect of surgery, but practice shows that it is more correct to talk about a longer duration of action of natural fillers than beauty injections. In most cases, lipofilling does not elicit a response immune response.

Harm to lipofilling

The harm of lipofilling is in the sometimes unpredictable behavior of fat in a new "habitat". There are cases when fatty tissues were introduced unevenly and this led to the appearance of asymmetry, tubercles. Sometimes there are pigmented spots in the place of adipose tissue. Most often, this happened during lipophilia of the lacrimal glands.

Indications for the procedure

Indications for lipofilling are deep nasolabial folds, correction of the volume and shape of the lips, chin and cheek contours, addition to eyelid plastic surgery, facelift. This method allows filling the sunken cheeks, enlarging the chest, giving the beautiful shape to the buttocks, rejuvenating the hands that always give out age, even with a well-groomed and smooth face, raise eyebrows to get rid of the sad Pierrot's effect from the famous fairy tale.



The operation involves several stages and requires some preparation. The preparatory period consists in carrying out a patient's examination, assessing his physical condition, determining zones and fat volume, which will serve as a filler, a study of the problem area, drawing up an action plan, the need for local or general anesthesia. A general blood test, AIDS, syphilis, coagulogram to determine blood coagulability is carried out.


Technique of the kbfilling

The technique of performing the operation consists in the following sequence: first, lipofilling is performed on the operated site. Then small incisions are made in the places from which the fence of fat (on the hips, waist, back, abdomen, etc.) will take place with the help of a special syringe made of plastic. It creates a vacuum due to the movement of the piston, the end of which is a rounded cannula. Its form prevents the damage of nerves and blood vessels, it is absorbed into the syringe, mostly fat cells. They are cleaned of various impurities and placed under the skin or muscle space of the desired area. The operation ends with suturing punctures and sealing them.

Lipofilling sublingus

Motivating motives for resorting to lipofilling under the eyes can be bags under the eyes, bruises, wrinkles, dips. The surgeon before the operation determines where the material will be taken, draws markings on the face, makes anesthesia and incisions at the operation sites, including under the eyes above the bone of the lower part of the orbit. After anesthesia, the material, purified from blood and fibers, is injected evenly under the skin with microscopic droplets. To ensure that they have taken root, for 2-3 months it is not recommended to do physical exertion, expose the face to heat. Several days after the procedure, puffiness is maintained, there may be bruises. On average, during the week soreness appears at the site of the material selection, then the seam heals and the unpleasant sensations pass.

Lipofilling breast

Unlike the implantation of the implants into the chest to increase it, the  lipofilling of the breast  is a non-surgical procedure consisting in transplanting fat from other areas. The advantage of her in the speed of the conduct, the lack of a rehabilitation period, low trauma. The disadvantage is the short duration of the effect - up to two years, then a correction is made. In addition to the usual examination before the operation, consultation of the mammologist, ultrasound of the mammary glands is required. If any medications are taken, you need to inform the doctor about it. Smoking is prohibited 2 weeks before the procedure. It is prescribed no later than a week before the month or 3 days after them. In the future, the algorithm does not differ from the others: after collection of material and purification through the incisions it is introduced by puncturing the mammary glands inside. In this way, you can enlarge the chest by half the size or size. To get large volumes, you need to return to the procedure after a while. The operation is carried out, basically, under general anesthesia and lasts 2-3 hours. For a month, you need to wear compression lingerie. A week and a half will be visible traces, possible swelling, the appearance of bruises. Usually, after 2 weeks women return to normal life course.

Contraindications to the procedure

Contraindications for lipofilling are diabetes, blood circulation disorders, and cases where tissues do not take root for various reasons.

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Consequences after the procedure

Each organism is individual, so the consequences after the procedure depend on such things as age, smoking, taking medications, which part of the body was subjected to correction: rehabilitation after the procedure on the face takes less time than on the chest or buttocks. Sometimes there are edemas and bruises, but most often do without them. Other negative factors include prolonged pain syndrome, a decrease in the sensitivity of the skin for a while, the appearance of an inflammatory focus that is treated with antibiotics.

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Complications after the procedure

Adherence to all recommendations and a reliable clinic negates all possible complications after the procedure. Nevertheless, there are cases of tuberosity and unevenness of the skin, asymmetry, which spoils the aesthetic appearance. Sometimes there is a need for correction by surgery.

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Care after the procedure

Lipofilling requires special care and special attention to both the correction object and the source of the material. The latter should be in a state pasted with a surgical patch. To the place of plastic surgery for two to three days, cold is applied to remove edema. On average, it takes a week and a half to return to normal, while you can not sunbathe, go to the sauna, take hot baths. The final result will be evident in 2 months.

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Feedback on lipofilling is mostly positive. Patients are satisfied with small time costs for the procedure, the ability to kill two birds with one stone (the operation is combined with liposuction), the minimum possibility of complications, the long-term effect, the exclusion of allergic reactions due to their own native material, and relatively low cost. There are also statements that although the procedure gives a good anti-aging effect, but the time of its action is exaggerated. Doctors explain this by individual features: in one organism the implanted fatty tissue remains for a long time, in another it quickly resolves.

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