Lip contour plasty

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

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Lip contour plastic is a cosmetic procedure that allows you to return or, and give the lips volume or adjust the shape. We suggest you get acquainted with the features of this and procedure and with all the subtleties.

The essence of contour lip plasty is that a small amount of special substance is injected under the skin, which gives shape or compensates for the required volume. The operation is carried out with the help of modern materials, preparations based on hyaluronic acid, without the use of silicone. As soon as the drug gets under the skin, it starts to act like a sponge, collecting molecules of water, so that the lips and increase in volume.

But this procedure has a validity period, as a rule, it is from 6 to 16 months. After this, the drug is gradually removed from the body, and the lips acquire their previous form. In addition to the positive aesthetic side of this procedure, its advantage is that it stimulates the production of the body's own collagen.

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What is contour lip plasty?

Contour plastic lips - a cosmetic way to change the shape of the lips and, if necessary, eliminate defects and age problems. The procedure makes it possible to make nasolabial wrinkles less visible, which is the first sign of aging, to smooth the mimic wrinkles around the lips. This is a course of medical injections. As the active substance biogels from hyaluronic acid are used.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural preparation that is produced by the body, but in small amounts. Therefore, it is not dangerous for the human body. Before the procedure, the beautician conducts an examination of the patient and chooses the most suitable option. So, to some patients, in order to radically change the appearance it is enough to raise the corners of the lips. The cosmetologist advises the best option and chooses the drug for the procedure.

Preparations for contour lip plasty

Qualitative preparations for contour lip plasty should have natural ingredients in their composition. The most popular today are biogels. Most often use restylane and juviderm. They are absolutely safe, and the principle of their action is that after entering under the skin, the biogel fills the voids, which creates volume and significantly improves the shape of the lips.

  • "NEW FILL" is a preparation based on polylactose acid. Very often this drug is used for cosmetic surgery to correct the oval face.
  • Restylane - used to correct the shape of the lips and to correct wrinkles of medium depth.
  • Restylane fayn line is analogous to the above-described drug. Apply for lip surgery and forehead and eye wrinkle correction.
  • "Collost" - used to correct the shape of the lips, cheekbones and chin. The drug helps restore the elasticity of the skin, heals scars and aesthetic problems.
  • Biopolymer gel is a drug that resembles a liquid silicone in consistency. Thanks to the elasticity, the preparation perfectly restores the shape of the lips and imparts volume.

The choice of a preparation for contour plasty is carried out by the doctor-cosmetologist and depends on the patient's desired financial result.

Contour lip plasty with hyaluronic acid

Contour lip plasty with hyaluronic acid is a popular cosmetic procedure, which consists in administering a preparation under the skin, restoring the shape and giving the lips extra volume.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component that is produced by the body in small amounts. But the natural process of producing hyaluronic acid is quite long and does not always rejoice with its results. To accelerate the process of recovery of this substance and correct the shape of the lips resort to the help of modern cosmetology. Let's consider the peculiarities of contour lip plasty with hyaluronic acid.

  • In its pure form, the drug is not used, since it is sufficiently concentrated and can cause serious allergic reactions.
  • The acid is diluted with biogels that are responsible for removing the drug from the body in six months or a year, and protect against allergic reactions and complications.
  • Injections of hyaluronic acid must be repeated on a regular basis. As a rule, the procedure is carried out with a break in six months - a year.
  • When mixed with synthetic drugs, such as plastic silicone, it lasts longer.
  • Hyaluronic acid when mixed with synthetic drugs can cause serious consequences. The drug can migrate across the entire lower area of the face. In addition, after such injections on the lips can remain scarring, which can be removed only by plastic surgery.



Numerous reviews on contour lip plasty suggest that the procedure is effective and absolutely safe. The quality of the procedure depends on where it is performed. It is best to go to beauty salons and cosmetology clinics, where professional cosmetologists work, who know all the nuances of this procedure.

The procedure itself is short and painless, as it is performed under local anesthesia. Due to this, the patient is not threatened with painful and unpleasant sensations. The procedure takes about an hour. During this time, the cosmetologist introduces the drug under the skin of the lips and corrects their shape with the help of a special massage. After the procedure, it is recommended to conduct a small rehabilitation period for the fastest recovery. Please note that after the contour lip plasty, side effects may occur. So in the majority of patients there is an increased sensitivity of the skin of the lips, swelling, bruising, malfunctions in the work of facial muscles. Side effects occur after 1-2 weeks.


The price of contour lip plasty depends on the preparation that is used and the clinics in which the procedure is performed. The cost of injecting hyaluronic acid depends on the acid ratio in the preparation and the presence of synthetic ingredients. If a full course of contour lip plasty is performed, the cost starts from $ 500. If the patient is subjected to a minimal plastic lip correction, the price will be at the level of $ 200.

A full evaluation of the result of the procedure can be done in a couple of weeks, after all the side effects have passed. Repeated injections should be done no earlier than 2-3 months after the first procedure. Contour plastic lip gives a good result, but requires regular repeated procedures, which means a constant waste of money.

Contour plastic lips - a modern cosmetology procedure that allows you to improve the shape of the lips, and thus the appearance as a whole. The procedure is conducted for both women and men. In order for the procedure to pass successfully and meet expectations, it is necessary to apply only to qualified cosmetologists and use the best natural preparations and biogels.

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