Face care after 40 years

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Forty years is a great age. The woman is still beautiful and energetic, but she is already experienced and knows the price. It is full of desires and is ready to achieve them, the benefit has a personal, family, professional experience, helping to set goals and achieve them. Excites one: appearing on the face signs of fatigue and withering of the skin.

Face care after 40 years

What problems with a person expect a woman of post-Balzac age? There are several of them:

  • Loss of tone, uneven shade;
  • dryness, fuzzy contour, reduction of the volume of the lips;
  • mimic wrinkles near the eyes;
  • expanded pores;
  • bags under the eyes;
  • lowered cheeks;
  • flabby neck.

Fortunately, these symptoms do not appear all at once: actual are usually at the same time for three or four shortcomings. Proper care for a person after 40 years can prevent all signs of wilting.

For the prevention of wrinkles, cosmetologists offer effective skin care regimens after 40 years. One of them allows you to do this at home. Four products are used for daily care:

  • Serum with antioxidants - in the morning;
  • moisturizing cream with a filter of 50 in summer and 30 in other months;
  • cream with retinol - at night;
  • cream for the eyelids - twice a day.

For the lips apply a protective balm with a filter of 20, the contour is induced with a cosmetic pencil. More effective means - hyaluronic injections, adding volume.

Other cosmetologists offer 40-year-old women four blocks of external skin care: nutrition, moisturizing, lifting and care of the ophthalmic zone.

Nutrition should not be limited to creams: nutritional masks, including homemade ones, are also needed.

Additional moistening is achieved by increasing the intake of water and the appropriate masks.

Lifting-tightening of the skin consists of home procedures (massage, ice-masks, masks) and salon (mesotherapy, ultrasound, vacuum massage, photorejuvenation). A better effect is achieved by a combination of these methods.

For the prevention of facial wrinkles is useful gymnastics for the face - facelift. It is important to constantly monitor facial expressions, especially with eye strain, while staying in the sun or under strong light. Minimizing puffiness is helped by moisturizing creams with caffeine. Dark circles lighten the means containing vitamin K, and also a sound sleep.

Expanded pores on the cheeks, chin, warns the cream with retinoids, cleansing of dirt and dead cells. Salon solution of this problem is regular peeling. A quick result gives microdermabrasion - a procedure that removes the top layer of the epidermis.

For rounding the sunken cheeks and smoothing the nasolabial folds in the salons, lipolyfting and special injections (hyaluronic acid, restylane) are done.

Care for the neck perform creams for the neck and neckline with the effect of lifting. In the salon for this purpose, use ultrasound and other procedures, more radical.

Cosmetical tools

Cosmetic facial care products after 40 years must be replenished with components that are not enough to grow with age. The skin of a 40-year-old woman is necessary:

  • purification;
  • moisturizing;
  • food;
  • protection from ultraviolet radiation;
  • rejuvenation.

Purification of the face is carried out not with soap and water, but with lotions, tonics, and foams, chosen according to the type of skin. Periodically it is useful to perform deep cleaning with scrubs or peelings. In the arsenal of cosmetic brands, there is enough money for these purposes.

Facial care after 40 years provides additional moisturizing. Creams with oils, vitamins, plant extracts and other natural ingredients will benefit all types of fading skin. Cosmetologists advise to give preference to the means of one line: this approach prevents allergy from incompatibility of various ingredients. And also recommend after 40, and even earlier, to apply high-quality chemist's cosmetics.

Nourishing creams and natural home-made masks are used to nourish the face, neck, and decollete. Simple and inexpensive masks - honey and aloe juice.

  1. A mixture of flour and honey in equal parts is applied to the face for 20 minutes. Rinse alternately - then hot, then cold water. The mask nourishes the skin, removes wrinkles near the eyes.
  2. Juice leaf aloe, lain in the fridge for 12 days, lubricate the skin in the morning and evening, screwing the mask with your fingertips. Previously, the face should be wiped with tea, and after aloe, apply a nourishing cream.

Effective facial rejuvenation occurs as a result of a professional massage course. Several courses increase skin tone and reduce wrinkles.

The process of wilting slows down preparations of ginseng, golden root, lemongrass, eleutherococcus, herbal compresses from chamomile, violets, calendula. It is beneficial for the skin to use antioxidants and fatty acids.

To support the skin at the age of forty, you need a comprehensive care, stimulation from the outside and from the inside. After all, it is with food that the majority of "building materials", vitamins and minerals come into the body, on which the appearance and condition of the skin depends. Unbalanced diet, lack of healthy fats, vitamins and trace elements adversely affect the face. According to the prescription of the doctor, you can use food supplements and vitamin complexes that improve the condition of the skin, hair and the body as a whole.


Face care after 40 years in summer

In the fifth decade, visible changes begin in the skin of the face: it grows old, it becomes drier and flabby. These unpleasant processes occur due to deterioration in nutrition, a decrease in metabolism, thinning of the fat layer. The elasticity of muscles and the activity of the sebaceous glands decrease.

Permanent skin care consists in cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing, stimulating the production of nutrients, and facial care after 40 years of summer includes also increased protection from ultraviolet radiation.

The rules of facial after 40 years:

  • Daily: in the morning and in the evening perform self-massage with olive oil or a nutritious cream.
  • Weekly: apply contrast masks with herbs - calendula, chamomile, tri-color violet, and also masks by skin type.
  • Monthly: make protein or paraffin masks, and if possible, salon procedures (on the advice of a cosmetologist).

In summer, the skin is exposed to aggressive heat, dry air, ultraviolet. To prevent undesirable consequences of such factors, it is better to wash the infusion of chamomile rather than water, apply creams very thinly so as not to clog the pores and not to provoke sweating. It is desirable to use the cream on an aqueous or oxygen base.

Try to stay less in the sun, and if necessary shade and protect the face with special creams. Do not wash your face with warm water with cold water, but wipe with a sponge soaked in sour cream or curdled milk, then lubricate with a moisturizer.

Some tips for sunburn. To tan laid down smoothly and without burns, it is useful to wash alternately with carrot juice and tea. Sunbathe only in the profile, substituting for the sun's rays one or the other cheek, lubricated cream with protection against ultraviolet. After sunburn, the cream should be washed off immediately.

Bathe in the sea, you should protect your face from salt. To do this, before the water procedures, enough to lubricate the skin with olive oil, and after drying - sunscreen. Tender skin near the eyes to protect with dark glasses, in a strong heat moisten with mineral water.

There are procedures that are banned in summer. This is cleaning, peeling and bleaching. Cleaning opens the pores, which easily get dust, sweat, dirt, causing inflammation, and the remaining procedures remove the epidermis, leaving the skin defenseless against ultraviolet. If you can not do without a whitening mask, then you should remember that two days after it you can not sunbathe.

Undesirable in the summer are also operations with the removal of papillomas, moles, vascular and other neoplasms: under the influence of the sun, pigment traces can be formed in their place, which later also have to be removed.

Face care after 40 years in winter

When the outside is cold and the day gets shorter, unprotected skin of the face of the first person suffers from this. The rooms are warm, but the heating also drains the skin. Especially dry skin suffers, since the skin fat in winter is less, and this leads to peeling and the formation of a vascular pattern. Day-to-day face care after 40 years in winter must necessarily take into account these seasonal features.

Even those who are limited to moisturizing creams, you should know that you need to lubricate your face no later than one hour before leaving the room. It is even better to apply it only at night or without going out into the street, and in the daytime apply a nutritious product. For winter it is recommended that the products are made in thermal water.

  • For cleansing, cosmetologists advise to avoid abrasive scrubs, and use soft gommage, that is, creamy peeling. Gommage does not injure the skin and does not need to be washed off.

Face care after 40 years involves applying masks, but only nutritious: for dry and sensitive skin - 3 to 4 times, for oily and combination - once a week. Under the ban - washing the face with water and soap, leading to dryness and tightness of the skin.

A professional face care program in winter is also offered by beauty salons. Masks, cleansing, peelings are performed taking into account the seasonal needs of the skin. SPA procedures and massage help to transfer the unfavorable conditions (temperature drop, cold, insufficient humidity) more easily.

However, it is during this period that it is best to grind, rejuvenate and some other procedures that are undesirable in the summer, as well as serious cosmetic operations, including changes in the shape of the nose, lips, and ears.

Fans of extreme recreation or winter sports should stock up with preparations for emergency skin protection: greasy creams and special ointments to protect against severe frost and wind.

The proverb says that two things a person values only when they are no longer: youth and health. The inherent natural beauty of the young is the best that can be, but it, unfortunately, is not eternal. And the face of a 40-year-old woman requires other means than the young skin. Regular and comprehensive facial care after 40 years can rejuvenate the skin, and not only feel, but also look younger than his age.

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