Vacuum face cleaning (peeling)

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Last reviewed: 23.04.2024

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Use of vacuum aspiration to remove excess skin secretion, comedones, increased blood circulation.

Vacuum cleaning is performed by the apparatus for vacuum therapy. The air compressor generates a negative pressure. A set of nozzles with different areas and different diameters is supplied with the device. The thinnest of them - cannula with a diameter of 0.2 mm - are intended for the cleaning procedure. The rest are for vacuum massage.

Indications for conduction

  • oily, porous skin with wide mouths of sebaceous ducts;
  • combined skin with comedones.

Directivity of the method

Cleansing the skin of horny scales;

  • disclosure of "pores";
  • removal of comedones.


The method of vacuum facial cleaning

When carrying out the vacuum cleaning procedure, the entire area of the skin on the face is treated with the use of a minimum vacuum aspiration to remove excess sebum. Moving the cannula is performed strictly on the massage lines to avoid stretching the skin flap. In the areas of congestion of the comedones, the cannula is positioned at the sites of their projection and an increase in the amount of aspiration is produced to extract the stagnant contents.

Vacuum cleaning is accompanied by the inflow of blood and improvement of microcirculation, due to which the skin is more actively saturated with nutrients and oxygen. Before the vacuum cleaning procedure, it is recommended to carry out vaporization, disinfestation, brossing (both combining these techniques with each other and alternating them) or apply other methods that promote pore expansion and fat splitting. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to remove all comedones from the first procedure, since an increase in the phenomenon in the cannula can lead to trauma to the skin, the formation of petechiae and hemorrhages.

Depending on the condition of the skin, this procedure can be used alone or in combination with mechanical cleaning, as well as in complex facial skin care. It is less effective than mechanical cleaning.

Alternative methods

  • brossage;
  • ultrasonic peeling;
  • superficial microdermabrasion.


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