Shrages behind the back

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Last reviewed: 15.05.2018

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You will need:

Bar and bench


With this exercise, you can easily pump trapezius muscles

Initial position

Place the bar on the floor at the edge of the bench. Sit on the edge of the bench with your back to the bar, hands are lowered behind the body. The partner must give you the bar, take it by the arms on the width of the shoulders, the palms look back.

Basic movement

Keep your back straight and slowly lift your shoulders as high as possible. Resist the urge to bend your hands for help. Pay attention: Do not worry too much about the form, just keep your back straight and do not bend your hands. Movements should be soft.

Final position

Lock in the top position, then slowly lower your shoulders as low as possible.

Note: For a change, you can perform this exercise with dumbbells or standing.

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