How to gain weight: frequently asked questions

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Last reviewed: 16.10.2021

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It is necessary to recognize that this sounds rather paradoxical, but the question "how to gain weight?" Is for some the same urgent as the question of losing weight for others. Excessive leanness is the same problem as obesity.

We are all used to the fact that so many people are struggling with being overweight. By the way, it costs them a lot of effort. Spend hours on persistent training in the gym, sit on debilitating diets - and all this just to throw at least a few pounds. Such people can hardly imagine that some, unlike them, just dream of recovering. 


How to gain weight and what is needed for this

A slender figure is very beautiful. That's what most people think. And, in truth, in most cases they are right. But what kind of threat is fraught with excessive leanness. Many women, in pursuit of beauty, try to lose weight, but they do not suspect what pitfalls lurk in this river, flowing to the altar of the feminine ideal. Low weight is a threat to health. Doctors have repeatedly pointed out that too thin women can partially or completely lose the reproductive function, which will be much more difficult to restore than lose weight. So, what should you do if you lose weight excessively? The most important thing is to stimulate the appetite, since the organism, accustomed to small portions of food, does not particularly demand that food be often "thrown in" at it. Drink plenty of fluids: juices, nectars, water, you can even have a good non-alcoholic beer. There is a need often - five or even six times a day. But, and this is very important, do not overeat, as it is harmful and you will cause the body more harm than good. Portions should be moderate and not include excessive fatty foods.

If you feel even the easiest hunger - you must eat something. Do not expose the previously exhausted organism to additional stresses. After eating, be sure to rest. Focus your diet on carbohydrate-protein foods. Try to ensure that at least 50 percent of your meals are eggs, chicken, fish and other meats. Very useful, as well as delicious are cheese products and protein cocktails.

Properly eating, you can permanently discard the question "how to gain weight"?

How to gain weight: a special diet

Good eating is a great way to gain weight. But it's important not to overdo it. There is no point in getting better with the goal of further obesity. That's why it's important to stick to the right diet, which will make your body not only healthy, but also beautiful.

For breakfast, you must necessarily eat something cheese, plus something nutritious and light at the same time. For this purpose, oatmeal is ideal, the freshness of which can be sweetened with honey or add nuts for a brighter palette of flavor. For lunch, a vegetable soup, as well as a salad, is suitable. It is advisable to eat some meat. Allowed and pasta or potatoes (preferably mashed potatoes). During a snack, you can have a snack with some yoghurt of high fat content, so that the stomach does not remain empty. For dinner, an omelet with a small amount of meat is ideal. It is also advisable to supplement the menu with fruits and vegetables (tomatoes, apples, pears and the like).

For excessively thin people it will be useful to work periodically in the gym. The only complex of exercises should be directed solely towards strengthening the muscle mass - this is also a great way to gain weight. Before going to the gym, you should definitely consult an expert who will help you develop a special set of exercises.

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