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Choosing a bicycle is a process that at first glance is more than fascinating. However, a huge number of models that offer both specialized bike salons, online stores, and just the markets is huge. Also the list of manufacturing companies is great, and if you consider that almost all the bikes are unusually beautiful, then the buyer-beginner in the literal sense of the word flies. If you get a competent consultant in the store, consider that half the problem you decided. The specialist will be able to tell you what types of bicycles exist, what types of bicycles can suit you. However, do not interfere with their own knowledge and knowledge, because the choice of a bicycle - it's also a financial cost.

A bicycle really becomes an increasingly popular means of transportation and a favorite "child" for those who prefer active leisure. Today, according to statistics, the vast expanses of our planet are ridden by more than one and a half billion cyclists, among which thousands are added every day happy owners who managed to make the right choice of a bicycle.

What is a good bike?

The ideal bike, such that one and for life, obviously, have not yet been invented. Therefore, before you determine which types of bicycles are right for you, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the signs of a good bicycle: 

  • A bicycle should not be too heavy, since this "true friend" will not always carry you, sometimes you will have to carry it in your own hands. 
  • Regardless of what kinds of bikes attract you externally, remember that the bike simply has to be reliable. 
  • Your bicycle may require periodic repairs, so you must be sure that in your locality (city, town) there are bike shops where you can buy the necessary parts and spare parts. 
  • The bike should be easy to manage. 
  • The bicycle is burnt to have stability and to be a safe means of transportation. 
  • A bicycle must have an acceptable cost, so that the costs of the coveted model are adequate not so much to the irresistible desire as to common sense. 
  • You should like the bike, because, in fact, you get not just a vehicle, but a two-wheeled "friend."

Why do you need a bicycle?

The choice of a bicycle depends on how you are going to use it and the following questions that you should ask yourself before buying: 

  • Why do you need a bicycle and how will you ride it - every day for work or is it needed as a sports equipment for classes and competitions. 
  • On what terrain are you going to ride a bike - along the road, undercoat or off-road 
  • If you are going to do sports, what kind of freeride, cross country, country or other. 
  • The choice of a bicycle depends on your weight, do not hesitate to weigh yourself before buying a bike. 
  • Do you plan to regularly inspect your two-wheeled friend, how often are you going to take care of him and whether you have any time for these troubles at all.

If you honestly answered yourself to these and, perhaps, others, "surfaced" in the course of reflection questions, you can begin to study the types of bicycles.

Types of bikes

Models of bicycles can not be counted. There are bicycles for girls, there are bicycles for teenagers, the most popular bicycle for the city, in a word, the choice is great.

All this "velomonality" can be systematized with the help of two main categories and six types of bicycles:


  1. Bicycle for the city or everyday 
  2. Bicycle for sport

Bicycle Types

  1. Road, track - racing bikes.
  2. Tourist bicycles. 
  3. Mountain bikes. 
  4. Road bicycles. 
  5. Mixed mountain-tourist. 
  6. Special bicycles.

Racing bicycles

The dimensions of the bicycle frame of this type differ in the same way as many of its structural details from simple, everyday bicycles due to the specific use. This is the lightest model in weight - no more than 10 kilograms. The dimensions of this type of bike are selected in order to minimize the weight of the bike, all its parts are made of high-strength lightweight metal and even chain stars, the brake levers have through cutouts that facilitate the whole construction. Racing type bike has excellent maneuverability, but it is not too comfortable when traveling long distances. Track and road bicycles assume physical endurance and sports training, as they are classified as sports bicycles. The task of such bikes is to win competitions, and not to deliver convenience in a distant, leisurely journey.

Touring bicycles

The dimensions of the frame of this bike should usually correspond to the growth of the tourist, in addition the tourist bike as well as the racing bike should be light enough - not more than 11 kilograms. The helm of the bike is slightly raised, the wheels are equipped with strong thick knitting needles, which are specially designed for a long journey and overcoming road obstacles. Feature of tourist bicycles - pedals - tuklipsy. In some models, the tuklips are not provided, this allows the tourist to apply adjustable forces when climbing a mountain. The tails of these models are more comfortable than their racing "brethren" and equipped with a lot of accessories - a bag or trunks, special attachments for jars and so on. Bicycle tourism involves participation in campaigns and representatives of the weaker sex, so among the models of this species there are special bicycles for girls.

Mountain bikes

Extremely popular among lovers of extreme sports. The size of the bicycle frame of this type is not much different from the size of the tourist bike, they are slightly smaller, because on the rough terrain, it is necessary to equalize the load by shifting the body to the side or back.

Recently, manufacturers began to produce mountain bikes with racing-type frames, that is, more steep. The wheels of these bikes are quite wide, the tires are equipped with grousers. The choice of a bicycle of this kind is the lot of experienced, seasoned cyclists with solid experience and certain skills.

Mountain Tourist Tales

This is a kind of hybrid of the previous species, in which all the advantages have been combined - reinforced brakes, the shape and size of the bicycle frame, intermediate width tires, various accessories for accessories. This kind of bike is suitable both for the travel lover and for the inhabitants of suburban settlements, which daily get to work in the city. The mixed type of construction made this bike popular due to its versatility. Thus, mountain-tourist models - this is a bicycle for the city, and a vehicle for long trips, and a wonderful transport for summer residents. These bikes are often called - urban or suburban.

Road bicycles

Universal and convenient so that in this form there are options for children's bicycles, as well as bicycles for girls. Despite the fact that these bikes weigh more than sports - up to 14-15 kilograms, they are popular due to the strength and stability of the structure. In addition, road bicycles are equipped with a very comfortable, wide saddle. Ferocious bicycles are also a kind of city vehicle suitable for any bicyclist's age.

Special bicycles

These are tandems, that is double bicycles, these are motocross models that are extremely popular among children and teenagers. Also special types include freestyle bicycles, folding bicycles and other exotic models. Such models, as a rule, acquire purposefully, therefore the choice of a bicycle of this type does not need additional advice.

The choice of a bicycle is a troublesome business, but also a pleasant one at the same time. Obviously, in connection with the protracted world economic crisis, the old phrase "the car is not a luxury but a means of transportation" has lost its truthfulness, it is enough to look at the cost of gasoline. It's time to replace it with a more relevant one, for example, such a "bicycle is not a luxury, but a means of active lifestyle and convenient movement".

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