What products reduce hemoglobin in the blood: a list

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Last reviewed: 25.06.2018

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Most often we hear about the problems associated with low hemoglobin, but exceeding its norm is also an indicator that with the state of health, everything is not in order. The most common causes of increased hemoglobin levels are diabetes, cardiovascular pathologies, pulmonary insufficiency, cancer, high blood density, etc. There is a violation of fast fatigue, loss of appetite, pallor of the skin, constant drowsiness, impaired vision, dysfunction of the urinary system. Such symptoms indicate the need to go to the laboratory and take blood tests.

The level of hemoglobin is affected by iron entering the body from the products. Depending on the rate of assimilation, it is divided into two types: heme and non-heme. The first rapidly increases hemoglobin and is found in foods of animal origin. Non-heme iron gives plants, dairy products. If there are no significant deviations of hemoglobin from the norm, it will be sufficient to correct it with the help of a diet, without the connection of medications.

Products that reduce hemoglobin in women

The normal concentration of hemoglobin in women is 120-140 grams per liter of blood. Its high level is an excess of the norm by 20 units. If the survey did not reveal any compelling reasons leading to an increase in protein and requiring treatment of the disease, efforts could be directed at selecting products that reduce hemoglobin and excluding those that raise it from the menu. What should you eat for women? First, you need to drink a lot of fluid, dehydration leads to an excessive concentration of hemoglobin.

Many women often take multivitamin complexes. Folic and ascorbic acid, vitamins B2, B6, B12 also contribute to an increase in protein content in the blood.

Calcium is known to interfere with the absorption of iron, so products containing this trace will also help reduce hemoglobin. These include sour-milk products, milk, cottage cheese, low-fat cheeses, seafood, cereals, except buckwheat, vegetables, fruits and berries, except for red. So, 200gr. Parmesan cheese contains calcium 3 times the daily requirement, cheddar cheese - 1.8, cheese - 1.3, cream cheese - 75%, cottage cheese - 38%, goat milk - 36%, yogurt - 30%, boiled shrimps - 27%, chicken eggs - 14%, etc. From the first dishes, rich soups should be replaced with light vegetable, in the summer - cold: okroshka, gazpacho, beetroot.

Many women like to eat sweet confectionery, but they should be limited in use. The idea that this measure will not only help stabilize hemoglobin, but also reduce weight, should help cope with the infringement of gastronomic desires.

Products that reduce hemoglobin in men

For men, normal hemoglobin - 140-160 g / l. On figures exceeding these, you need to pay attention. Separately about products that lower hemoglobin in men, one could not stop, if not for their commitment to meat and meat products, as well as the propensity to sometimes excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol contains a harmful combination of ethyl alcohol and iron, accelerates the absorption of the latter, and hence raises hemoglobin. Its consumption will have to be strictly limited, and it is better to cancel it.

Products of animal origin will also have to be excluded from the menu, especially red meat, liver, offal, they have a lot of protein. Men can even be more difficult to deprive themselves of these pleasures than women baking. However, they will be saturated with low-fat meat: chicken, turkey; seafood: squid, shrimp, mussels, white lean fish; nuts; beans.

Having made a bet on hemoglobin correction with the help of a diet, it is necessary from time to time and men and women to check its content, so as not to reduce its level to low indicators, dangerous for health.

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