What to do with body volumes and why you do not need a scales

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When a woman is over 40, she is trying hard to maintain a good figure and control the weight. For this, a woman buys scales. And he does not even suspect that this is an extra thing on the farm, because it can do more harm than good. Why?

Libra can cause depression

Libra can cause depression

The balance can display weight. According to him, the woman is oriented, she lost weight or recovered. But a woman does not take into account the fact that fatty tissue can be replaced by a muscle tissue with a reasonable approach. In this case, the person is slimmer, healthier, but his weight - alas - does not decrease.

Weight can even come, but it only means that the woman acts correctly, doing sports and changing the menu. Why is she gaining weight while doing this? Take note of the fact: the muscles weigh 6 times more than the fat tissue. Therefore, weight and a bad figure are not the same.

What happens when you use hormones to lose weight?

If you are prescribed the right hormones, which make up for the lack of some hormones in the body and remove too high a level of others, you can effectively reduce weight.

Record these indicators in a notebook (or fill in the file) every 30 days. So you will see how the state of your body changes, whether fat tissue disappears and muscle growth.

  • Figure: Adipose tissue - up to 30%
  • How does the waist volume correspond with the thigh size - up to 0.8
  • Waist up to 84 cm
  • Body mass index - up to 25

What does the term "physique" mean?

By this term, physicians refer to the ratio of muscles and bones (these are non-fatty tissues) and fats. Fatty tissue is needed for a person to get energy, the ability to become pregnant, and also in order not to freeze in the cold (fat tissue acts as a kind of protective depot).

Why should a man have fat?

In adipose tissue, estrogen hormones are formed, which have the property of helping people to recover under stressful situations.

How many fats in the body indicate obesity?

The female body differs from the male organism in that it has more fat reserves. It is necessary for a woman to conceive a child and to bear it.

The facts show this: obesity in women is 33% of fats in the body; obesity in men - a quarter of fats in relation to the rest of the body's tissues. That is 25%.

Every year, women with an insignificant part of fat tissue (up to 25%) quickly break down bones, there are often fractures. Therefore, do not bring your body to exhaustion, constantly losing weight. This will damage your bones. Especially in the age of 30.

Know that 25% of fats is that mark, below which you should not drop a woman aged 30 or over, removing fats from the body.

Optimum amount of fat

It is difficult to define it. There are scales that help a person do this. True, they have a low level of accuracy. More reliable methods are electrical resistance, hydrostatic weighing and ARL.

There is another method - purely visual. Standing on the scale, you can see minor changes in weight - an increase or weight loss is only 1-2 kilos. But you will see that the outlines of your figure have changed.

Clothes sits on you completely differently, I thawed and thighs became more pronounced, the folds from my back disappear, and my stomach magically diminished.

This means that the fatty tissue has partially turned into muscle tissue. You have become slimmer, easier for you to move, you feel better.

And the weight has not changed much, because the bone and muscle tissue weighs much more than fat.

What type of figure are you?

There are different types of figures. Usually they are compared with vegetables and fruits - so people are easier to navigate. The degree of obesity makes a person look like a pear or an apple. Pear is a heavy lower part, especially buttocks and hips, and the upper part - chest and shoulders - is rather narrow.

The apple is a large store of fat in the abdomen area, such a person has almost no waist.

For women, the figure is more typical in the form of a pear, and men are more like apples.

Both types of obesity are dangerous for the cardiovascular and respiratory system, there may be a risk of developing diabetes. The ratio of the volume of the thighs to the circumference of the waist will tell you what type your figure is. How to determine this more accurately?

An apple or a pear?

Take the usual sewing centimeter and measure the waist in the thinnest part of it. Now the hips are in the most solid part of them. If you divide the waist by the volume of your hips, you will get a figure that will show the type of your figure.

Normal figure - this ratio for women is less than 0.8 (we take dimensions not in centimeters, but in inches). For men, this indicator is more sparing - up to 1.

If the figure is greater, then you have obesity by the type of apple or pear - this is determined visually. Who does not like to bother with counting, measure only the waist size. If the waist is more than 83-84 cm, then the weight exceeds the norm.

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What is the body mass index?

It is abbreviated as KMT. It is calculated from the formula with growth and weight data. To calculate the KMT, you need to divide the weight (in kilo) by the height in meters, squared.

What is your body mass index and obesity, it can be found in special tables with KMT data.

For those who are over 35. If your KMT is more than 27, then you have obesity in one way or another.

At the age of 35 obesity is the KMT greater than 27.

At the age of 35 and obesity is KMT up to 25. If at this age your body mass ratio is 30 or more, then this is a very severe stage of obesity. In this case, you can suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and malfunctions in the respiratory system.

Are the tables showing the weight / growth ratio correct?

Do not rely on them literally, given every figure. The fact is that these tables can be radically different. In addition, each age assumes its weight and height ratio.

Tables are imperfect because they do not take into account the weight of fat, muscle and bone tissue. Therefore, a person who has dense and heavy bones may be complete according to the table, although in practice this is not the case.

So, to determine if you have obesity, additionally consult an endocrinologist.

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