Useful drinks from ginger for weight loss

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The most famous ginger remedy in the fight against excess weight is teas. They are thought up enough to choose the option you like and enjoy tea drinking for your own pleasure.

Teas for weight loss with ginger are a great opportunity not only to correct the figure, but also to strengthen immunity and improve one's own health. Ginger, as a "burner" of extra calories will help to part with excess kilograms and folds on the hips. But this does not mean that now you can already have "everything in a row". With this approach to nutrition, beautiful ladies will not be helped not only by ginger, but also by gyms.

Variations of teas with ginger

General recommendation - warm ginger tea is drunk half an hour before eating. The first call - in the morning, after awakening, on an empty stomach. It is better to start with a few sips to get the body used. And in consequence, gently go to a dose of half a glass-glass.

  • Recipe № 1. The most simple tea with ginger

The root of ginger is washed and cleaned, and then rubbed on a coarse grater. One teaspoon of ginger mass is poured with water, approximate temperature to boiling water. The liquid is infused for half an hour, and then it adds honey and lemon to taste. It is best to brew ginger in a thermos, so the necessary temperature of drinking will be preserved by the time of consumption.

  • Recipe № 2. Tea with ginger

A small root of ginger is washed and cleaned, and then cut into thin plates. Plates are placed in a large thermos and poured with two liters of water, close in temperature to boiling water. It is better to hold the procedure in the evening, so that the drink will not bother until morning. And in the morning on an empty stomach it is already possible to drink. It is also good to drink ginger tea instead of usual. But the best option is to drink a drink half an hour before eating. Thus, its effect on metabolic processes in the body will be maximum.

To ginger tea was delicious, in each glass of the drink it is worth stirring a teaspoon of honey.

Ginger and cinnamon for weight loss

There is also a prescription for weight loss, like ginger with cinnamon. These spices have long been combined with each other not only for the purpose of reducing excess weight, but also for general improvement and strengthening of immunity. Also it is necessary to say that warming tea, which is used in winter, includes powder of ginger and cinnamon.

Ginger and cinnamon for weight loss are used, mainly as drinks and teas.

  • Recipe № 1. Green tea with ginger and cinnamon.

Three or four centimeters of ginger root are washed, cleaned and rubbed on the grater. After that, the ginger mass is mixed with two pods of cardamom, a pinch of cinnamon and one teaspoon of green tea. The prepared mixture is poured with half a liter of very hot water and thoroughly mixed. After that everything is poured into a saucepan and put on a small fire. The liquid is cooked for twenty to twenty-five minutes, and then the beverage is removed from the fire, cooled, and so much honey is added to it, which will be tasty for the consumer. Usually, it is a few tablespoons.

If you add to the drink half a slice of lemon slices, the drink will get a sourness, and it will also be much more useful because of the high content of vitamin C. Next, ginger fluid should be allowed to infuse for fifteen minutes, then drain and then use as directed.

  • Recipe № 2. Ginger with coriander, honey and cinnamon.

For these purposes, a powder of ginger, which is sold in a store in the department of spices, will do. There you can buy ground cinnamon and ground coriander.

At the tip of the knife you need to take a powder of ginger, cinnamon and coriander. Spices are placed in a glass and poured very hot water. The drink is brewed until cooled, and then, when it becomes warm, a little honey is added to it. If desired, a glass of lemon is put in the glass.

Kefir for weight loss with ginger

Fermented milk products are in themselves beneficial to the body. Kefir stands out from them by its accessibility and prevalence.

Kefir for weight loss with ginger - a kind of cocktail of important substances that stimulate digestion, as well as metabolic processes. In addition, kefir helps to strengthen immunity by improving the state of the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract.

So, the recipe for a kefir cocktail with ginger. Two hundred (or two hundred and fifty) grams of yogurt are consumed with a fat content of not more than one percent. It will also require a dry powder of cinnamon in the amount of one teaspoon and a pinch of powder of hot red pepper. Well, and, of course, ginger.

The washed and peeled ginger root is rubbed on a fine grater or grinded in a blender. One or two teaspoons of ginger mass is added to a glass of kefir, after which cinnamon and red pepper gets out. The mixture must be mixed thoroughly. And it's best to do it in a blender or with a mixer. Everything, the drink is ready, and it can be eaten.

A small remark. Kefir cocktail is recommended to be prepared immediately before use. Because only in this way the drink will be most useful in order to lose excess weight.

Milk with ginger for weight loss

Milk drinks with ginger - a known means to maintain optimal weight. Milk with ginger for weight loss is prepared as follows.

Two glasses of milk are taken, one glass of water, one or two teaspoons of ginger and so much honey that the drink is tasty and acceptable for drinking.

First of all, a small piece of ginger root is rubbed on the grater. After that, the necessary amount of spice is poured into a saucepan, milk and water are poured into it. Everything is brought to a boil, and when the liquid boils, it should be allowed to remain in a boiling state for half a minute, and then reduce the fire to a minimum. The next step is to hold the ginger-milk mixture on a small fire for a couple of minutes. After that, the fire turns off, the drink is slightly cooled and filtered. On the end of the warm milk-ginger fluid is added honey to taste.

Milk with ginger and honey is not only a fine figure corrector, but also a great doctor. After all, this combination helps to strengthen immunity or to cope with cold and flu in the shortest possible time. In any case, such a drink will not be superfluous not only for those who want to lose weight, but for all those who simply take care of their health.

Ginger juice for weight loss

It is known that freshly prepared juices are the most useful for the body. Not an exception and the juice of ginger, which is great for healing and losing weight.

In the juice of ginger, there are vitamins necessary for maintaining health, as well as minerals and amino acids, which enhance metabolism and burn fats in the body.

Of course, drinking fresh ginger juice is an art that is combined with great courage. The taste of the drink is such that to use it in its pure form, few will dare. But in combination with juices from other vegetables or fruits, ginger juice is a perfectly acceptable drink for its taste qualities.

You can prepare ginger juice in two ways. The first one assumes that the root should be grated on a grater, then put the resulting mass in gauze, folded into several layers, and squeeze out the juice. The second way is to cut the ginger root into pieces, and then pass them through the electric juicer.

Now you need to take care of other ingredients, which will also need to extract juice and mix the resulting liquid with ginger.

  • The recipe for juice № 1. Ginger-carrot-apple juice.

Six medium-sized carrots are taken, five apples (necessarily sweet), a slice of ginger root.

Carrots are washed and cut into pieces. Apples are also washed, peeled and cut into slices. Ginger needs to be washed, thoroughly cleaned with a knife and cut into suitable pieces. After that, the prepared components are passed through the juicer.

  • The recipe for juice № 2. Ginger-fennel juice.

You need to cook two apples, two medium sized carrots, one lemon, one fennel (with root and leaves), a piece of ginger root.

Apples are washed, cleaned and cut into large slices. Carrots are also washed and cut into large rings. Lemon is washed and cut into pieces with skin. Fennel is also used together with leaves and roots, which need to be cut into pieces. Ginger is washed, cleaned with a knife and cut into pieces. Then all the ingredients are passed through the juicer and immediately used. A glass of a mixture of ginger juice with other juices, drunk in the morning on an empty stomach - is a source of cheerfulness and health, which will give lovely ladies a beautiful figure.

Chicory with ginger for weight loss

Chicory has such useful properties as reducing the feeling of hunger. This is due to the fact that it contains pectin. In addition, chicory helps to optimize the level of sugar in the blood. What is very important for people with diabetes. And also for those who want to lose weight. Therefore, chicory will be useful in overeating, especially, sweet and flour dishes.

Chicory with ginger for weight loss are used in the form of a drink. In this case, you need to know that the right thing to buy is soluble chicory, but in pure form, without any flavoring or cream of vegetable origin. It is known that a chicory drink successfully replaces coffee, as chicory is famous for its ability to tone the body. The ginger-chic alliance is successfully used to activate metabolic processes in the body and helps to lose weight. Here are the recipes for chicory drinks with ginger.

  • Recipe number 1.

A small spine of fresh ginger is taken, which is ground with a small grater. To the ginger mass, add three tablespoons of soluble chicory, and everything is poured into two liters of hot water. When the liquid becomes warm, it adds as much honey as possible to make the drink pleasant for consumption. After the drink is infused for about half an hour, it must be filtered to avoid excessive bitterness. You can also add a few slices of lemon to the drink.

This norm of the infusion is prepared for a day, and all two liters of liquid must be drunk during the day.

  • Recipe number 2.

It is necessary to take a couple of centimeters of ginger root, it is good to wash it and peel it. After that, ginger rubs on a grater, placed in a thermos bottle and poured with one liter of boiling water. There are two spoons of soluble chicory. After half an hour the thermos can be opened and let the liquid cool down to about seventy degrees or a little lower. Then in a vessel it is necessary to put two table spoons of honey, half of the lemon cut into slices and again to close a thermos lid, that the drink was insisted. In ten minutes you can open the thermos, and drink a chic drink, preferably half an hour before a meal.

  • Recipe number 3.

This is the simplest recipe, because for the preparation of this drink you need to take soluble chicory and ginger powder. Half a spoonful of chicory and ground ginger on the tip of the knife are placed in a glass and filled with boiling water. After a while, when the drink has cooled to a temperature of seventy degrees, honey and lemon are added to the liquid to taste.

Ginger and rosehip for weight loss

Many people know about the beneficial qualities of the dog rose. First of all, it contains a record amount of vitamin C, which is more than ten times lemon. Also, rose hips have a diuretic, choleretic and laxative effect, which helps to cope with the problem of excess weight.

Ginger and dog rose for weight loss is not only a means for correcting a figure, but also a powerful restorative drug. There are several recipes for this drink. Here are some of them.

  • Recipe number 1.

It is necessary to prepare the following ingredients: a small root of ginger, one apple, five to seven hips of dog rose, one stick of cinnamon and honey to taste.

The apple is cut into thin slices, the dogrose is chalked in a coffee grinder. From the root of ginger cut a small piece, clean it and share with a knife, into four slices, like "straws".

After that, a few apple slices are put in the glass, the whole dog rose, a cinnamon stick and pieces of ginger are added to them. All the ingredients are poured with boiling water and left for five to ten minutes, so that the drink is infused and cooled. After this period of time in the ginger drink you can add the necessary amount of honey and drink in your pleasure.

  • Recipe number 2.

Take two tablespoons of dry hips, grinded on a coffee grinder and poured into a thermos bottle. After that the crushed berries are steamed 600 ml of boiling water. The thermos is covered with a lid and the drink is left for a couple of hours. Then, ginger powder is poured into the thermos in the amount of half a teaspoon without a slide, and the thermos is again covered with a lid. After half an hour you can use a drink, filtering the desired amount through a strainer into a glass and adding some honey to the liquid.

A mixture of ginger with rose hips is taken in a warm form, one hundred grams twenty minutes before meals three to four times a day.

Turmeric and ginger for weight loss

Curcuma is a well-known and useful spice. It is also considered a remedy for many diseases, like ginger. But now it's not about this, it's about the ability of turmeric to correct a person's figure.

Thanks to such a substance as polyferol, which is found in turmeric, the growth of fat cells is suspended, which affects the amount of fatty folds on the body. Turmeric helps to normalize metabolic processes and burn excess calories. Due to its diuretic properties, turmeric removes unnecessary liquid from the body, which also affects weight reduction.

In addition, doctors noted that regular consumption of turmeric in food helps reduce the need for sweet and fatty foods. And if the number of buns and cakes starts to decrease in the diet, this will undoubtedly affect the appearance.

Curcuma and ginger for weight loss work with redoubled force. Because of their qualities to stimulate the metabolism, the effect of spices is enhanced. There are many recipes for drinks with turmeric and ginger. Here are some of them.

  • Recipe number 1.

In the teapot are placed three tablespoons of green tea, three small pieces of ginger root, a pinch of cinnamon and one tablespoon of turmeric. Everything is poured into two glasses of boiling water and left to be infused for ten to fifteen minutes. After the drink is infused and cooled to an acceptable temperature, the liquid is filtered into a glass with a strainer. At the very end of the procedure, a little honey is added to the drink to taste and can be drunk.

It is best to drink ginger infusion before breakfast and two more times a day for half an hour before meals.

  • Recipe number 2.

A glass of ginger powder is poured into the glass and a little more turmeric powder. Spices are poured with boiling water and left to stand. After the drink becomes very warm, it adds honey and lemon to taste. A remedy is taken half an hour before meals, in the amount of one glass three times a day.

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