Testosterone hormone: what does it mean for the body?

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Last reviewed: 20.11.2021

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Distributors of all stripes and layers that offer hormonal drugs, especially perfumes, about testosterone in their composition claim a lot. For example, that if you buy their unique cream on some basis, you will get "building blocks", testosterone and estrogen, which will be based on progesterone. Where is the truth here, and where is the lie? Consider important information.

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Is Testosterone a myth or an invention?

Is Testosterone a myth or an invention?

"Building blocks" are really needed so that fat cells are burned and testosterone helps build your body sexier and more beautiful. Can cosmetics with chemical composition, which are offered by distributors, really contain testosterone? After all, from simple biology, it is known that for the production of testosterone requires the participation of the ovary in a woman and testicles - in men.

There are a number of exceptions when testosterone is no longer produced or its level is significantly less. For example, if you have a moment of menopause.

There are a number of other reasons:

  • for some reason you underwent a hysterectomy (excision of the uterus)
  • you had a ligature of the fallopian tubes

And, perhaps, there were other surgical interventions that led to a disruption in the production of testosterone. 

As a result, in your body too much hormone progesterone is produced in high doses, and when there is a lot of it, testosterone is not produced.

Most people think that testosterone levels decrease when the menopause begins. It's right. Even before the menopause comes with the cessation of blood discharge, the adrenal glands reduce the production of androgens by half. From this it follows that testosterone, which under the power of your ovaries, is stopped at all.

Blocks of molecules, the importance of hormones, the opinion of doctors

Who is to blame for the insufficient production of testosterone during menopause? These are so-called molecules - the "block", whose level is reduced by half because of inadequate production of hormones in general. Most doctors are mistaken in the choice and do not realize that the loss of estrogen leads to the lack of testosterone precisely because of the disappearance of the so-called "block" -cells.

From this it follows that, due to the low level of testosterone, the muscles lose their strength and decrease in volume. And here is the result: before menstruation ceases (a couple of years before), women are rapidly gaining weight. In addition to all the disadvantages, the main thing is a strong decrease in their sexual desire and excitability for sex. Here is the reason for the low birth rate in the country. Think, why not pass the test for testosterone level in the blood on time?

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Sex and testosterone

In our time, a normally developed woman has to live sexually for about 30-40 years after the menstrual period ends. It turns out that a woman has to live half her life without enough hormones. Have you ever heard of a man who would like to live half the life without testosterone? 

The output is hormone replacement therapy, which is prescribed by the doctor.

Female horror - how is it?

If the female body had to undergo a hyperectomy, during which the ovaries were removed, it means that more significant changes in your health are waiting for you.

Within a day or two after the operation is done, the amount of hormones has time to fall to the critical norm, the amount of testosterone decreases at once and no longer so rapidly spreads along with your blood through the body.

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Testosterone and you

Testosterone is needed at least for qualitative satisfaction during intercourse, so you should appreciate the importance of this hormone. How without it? In the absence of testosterone, in addition to sexual activity, a person loses a lot of other useful processes. For example, weight control.

Do not allow this, controlling the level of hormones in the body. This can be done, every six months, turning to the endocrinologist for hormone analysis.

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