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An affordable and easy cabbage diet is called so therefore, that suggests making this vegetable the main ingredient of all dishes. It can be eaten, in combination with other plant components, as many as you like, regardless of species and variety.

The essence of the diet is that the digestion of each portion of the digestive system uses more energy than is supplied by the product to the human body. Therefore nothing is postponed to the reserve. In addition to cabbage, apples and radish are included in the group with negative energy value.

Due to the low calorie content and high fiber content, some people manage to lose 10 kg for 10 days with a rigid diet. Contributes to the result of simultaneous rejection of harmful products.

  • The use of fiber is double: it not only provides a feeling of satiety, but also excellently cleanses the "Augean stables", that is, the intestines. This helps to reduce the amount of food consumed and to improve the whole gastrointestinal tract.

There are diets that are softer, which do not work very quickly, but effectively. A variety of options allows you to choose a diet, taking into account the pros and cons, as well as personal taste.

A ten-day diet prohibits the consumption of alcohol, salty and sweet. It can be repeated, but not earlier than in 2 months. The advantage is that the person who wants to lose weight does not starve, but cleanses and, in passing, vitaminizes the body - without the special financial and time costs.

Cabbage diet for 3 days

Cabbage diet is thought up as if for those who dream of a quick result and not to starve in the process. For the impatient, a super short cabbage diet is offered for 3 days. Such a diet can be practiced monthly.

  • The day begins with a glass of water - warm and without gas. Breakfast - in an hour: tea or coffee. Sweetening is allowed for sweetening.
  • In the lunch menu - a salad with a prevalence of cabbage and unrefined oil in a minimal amount. Salad is allowed to eat as much as necessary. The next day it is allowed to add a boiled egg.
  • Dinner is offered "luxurious", in comparison with lunch, protein food: a portion of low-fat fish or meat, then - the same kefir.

During the diet is recommended to drink a lot - mostly mineral water and tea. For a variety of diets, use the following salad recipes:

  1. In the chopped cabbage put fruits or berries: currants, apples; season with lemon juice sauce with lean oil. It turns out sweetish vitaminized dish.
  2. Cut cabbage head with straws, add grated carrots and chopped cucumber. Enrich the taste with herbs, season with oil and apple cider vinegar.
  3. For soup, take ordinary or savoy cabbage, 2 onions, 5 tomatoes, 1 celery root and sweet pepper. Sliced vegetables pour 2.5 liters of water, at the end add your favorite spices, varying them for a variety of taste, cook until soft.

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Cabbage diet for 5 days

If you want to follow a cabbage diet, it is important to take the food you eat at the same time. Cabbage diet for 5 days includes not only salads, but also boiled dishes: boiled fish, vegetable stews, stewed vegetables. Example menu for a 5-day period:

  • Breakfast: lettuce (cabbage plus carrots), flavored with lean oil, 2 fried eggs, coffee or tea.
  • Second breakfast: 150 g of homemade cheese, tea.
  • Lunch: soup with sauerkraut or chicken fillet.
  • Afternoon snack: a serving of milk.
  • Dinner: fish 200 g, vegetable stew, tea.
  • At night: a portion of the lactic acid drink is not more than 1% fat.

The five-day diet option has several advantages: efficiency, brevity, preservation of the result with subsequent proper nutrition. It can be recommended to people with pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. Purification of the intestine and the body as a whole improves the skin condition and well-being of a person.

The disadvantages include the following: imbalance, hunger, weakness, decreased attention and performance. Align the situation with vitamins and willpower. In any case, before the intention to follow a diet should consult a specialist.

Cabbage diet for 7 days

One of the options for a low-calorie diet is a cabbage soup-based diet. The menu includes cabbage soup (every day) plus a variety of dishes from other products.

The cabbage diet for 7 days is designed so that every day begins with soup. Unheated hot and cold drinks, cranberry juice are not limited.

  • During the first day you can eat fruit (all is good, except bananas).
  • The second day - vegetable food without butter, raw or braised).
  • The next day on the table should be present only fresh vegetable dishes.
  • On the fourth day, bananas (4 pcs.), 6 glasses of low-fat milk are allowed.
  • Next day - meat: beef or chicken is allowed up to 300g, 6 pcs. Fresh tomatoes.
  • The same food, vegetables without restrictions are shown the sixth day.
  • The last day of the cabbage diet offers brown rice and vegetables in unlimited quantities.

With such nutrition, the body's needs for nutrients and calories are practically met. Although completely balanced, it can not be called. Therefore, it is better to perform a diet during the holiday period or in the absence of urgent and important cases.

Cabbage diet for 10 days

A classic cabbage diet for 10 days allows you to get rid of seven or even ten kilograms during this period. Fresh cabbage is allowed to eat in any amount, washed down with drinking water or green tea, the total volume - up to 2 liters. Under a categorical prohibition - sugar, honey, salt. In coffee, you can add sugar substitute. It is not recommended for cabbage diets to use any spices and seasonings.

The diet menu consists of a vegetable salad filled with unpeeled lean oil, for lunch, portions of coffee for breakfast and 200 grams of fish, a ball or kefir for dinner. Suitable and unsweetened yogurt. In a day at lunch you can use a steep egg.

Such a diet should not last longer than 10 days. It is important for those who have sustained it not to fail and, after voluntary and meaningful abstinence, not to "make up lost", that is not to eat anything: sweets, pastries, ice cream. Intemperance is fraught with a return of weight and moral torment over the waste of effort. And in the worst case, it leads to weight gain more than before the diet.

Cabbage diet minus 10 kg, 24 kg per month

There are many varieties of cabbage diet. The most effective are strictly cabbage and in combination with kefir. Vegetables can be prepared in various ways, combined with useful ingredients. Some nutritionists are only against roasted cabbage, but there are unlikely to be many fans of this dish. An independent dish is sauerkraut, recommended in small portions.

Cabbage diet minus 10kg, 24kg per month - a variant of weight loss, which can not be achieved without a break. After two weeks of dietary nutrition, be sure to pause for several days (up to a week), during which to adhere to the best possible diet. Eat not only cabbage, but not everything, for what the body yearned for in the previous two weeks. Sweets, salted and flour dishes, alcoholic and carbonated drinks continue to be banned.

Sample menu:

  • In the morning - a portion of unsweetened hot liquid.
  • In the afternoon - 200 grams of low-fat meat or fish dishes, with cabbage leaves for garnish without restrictions.
  • In the evening - a salad, an apple, an egg to choose from.
  • At night - a portion of kefir minimum fat content.

With such nutrition, you must take a multivitamin, drink up to 2 liters of liquid, including green tea, unsweetened coffee, pure water. Accelerate the effect of the cabbage diet sports exercises or moderate exercise.

It is necessary to leave the diet carefully, adding first protein foods, and only then, gradually, other favorite foods. The organism needs adaptation, and to maintain the achieved weight loss you need to continue to eat rationally and in a balanced manner.

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Cabbage vegetable diet

One of the varieties of cabbage diet is a three-day cabbage-vegetable diet. Recommended for people who do not have digestive problems. Practiced once a month; If desired, such food can be repeated, but also not earlier than a month.

As in other cases, on an empty stomach be sure to drink a cup of hot water. After half an hour you should have a salad of thinly sliced cabbage, grated carrots, cucumber, with garlic and dill. Do not salt! Refill with acetic-oil sprinkling. You can eat salad as much as you like.

For dinner we cook stewed vegetables-assorted, with a predominance of cabbage. To vegetable oil, add zucchini, onions, tomatoes, apples, greens, parsley root and so on. Between meals should drink a lot of healthy non-caloric liquid.

One of the best dishes for the evening is a salad of the main vegetable and fruit. Prepare it this way: a thin cabbage straw is kneaded, add grated apple, season with lemon juice. Ragged berries of raspberries, currants, strawberries or other seasonal fruits give the dish a piquant taste and increase its effectiveness.

Potato cabbage diet

It would seem that a potato rich in starch does not fit into the dietary diet at all. In fact, this is not so. One of the variants of the cabbage diet suggests including in the daily menu several boiled potatoes. Thanks to this product, the potato-cabbage diet is somewhat more nutritious than, for example, cabbage-carrots.

In a day, you need to eat no more than a kilogram of cabbage and up to 5 potatoes. The ration is distributed for 4-5 receptions, the duration of such nutrition is calculated for 4 or 5 days. Menu option:

  • Breakfast - cutlet from cabbage, coffee, potatoes (1 pc.).
  • Lunch: cabbage salad.
  • Lunch: soup.
  • Afternoon snack: casserole from cabbage.
  • Dinner: the rest of the potatoes.

The drawbacks of any diet are its contraindications. Weight loss with the help of such a diet is not recommended for people suffering from ulcers, gastritis, colitis, infectious or severe forms of other diseases. Preliminary consultation of the doctor will save the patient from ill-considered acts and unjustified risks.

Carrots cabbage diet

The name "carrot-cabbage diet" fully corresponds to its menu. This is a fairly strict version of the cabbage diet, because the daily ration consists of only two kilograms of vegetables - equally cabbage and carrots. They eat them in the form of raw and boiled food - salads, soup, casseroles, mashed potatoes.

Sample menu:

  • In the morning: lettuce.
  • During lunch: carrots.
  • For lunch: soup from both vegetables.
  • Afternoon snack: vegetable cutlets.
  • Early dinner: vegetable casserole.
  • Late supper: carrot puree.

Like other options, the carrot-cabbage diet completely excludes sugar and all sweets, salt and alcohol. The balance of the liquid is achieved through useful drinks - simple or non-carbonated mineral water, green tea. They are drunk in between meals, about 2 liters per day.

With the help of cabbage and carrots, the mass is massively lost, the activity and condition of the digestive tract is normalized: the contents, poisons and wastes are evacuated. With further adherence to a healthy diet, excess weight is not threatened.

Cabbage Apple Diet

You can get rid of excess weight in various ways, cabbage-apple diet - one of them. From these inexpensive ingredients, it's easy to cook a variety of delicious food. They are also combined with other products allowed with a cabbage diet.

Often, the diet is called unloading and is used after the holidays and the winter period, so that by spring you can regain the harmony of the figure and improve the condition of the whole organism. This is due to fiber, the amount of which does not decrease during storage (in contrast to vitamins). Plus diet is that it is short-term - 3 days, minus - in a meager set of ingredients.

It is allowed to eat cabbage in unlimited volume and 1 kg of green apples. Example menu:

  • In the morning - a salad of allowed ingredients.
  • The second breakfast is a serving of coffee.
  • Lunch - 1 apple.
  • Lunch - cabbage stew.
  • Snack - smoothies from apples.
  • Dinner - salad and baked apple.

How much weight can be reset in 3 days, largely depends on individual characteristics. The usual maximum is 3 kg.


Cabbage Buckwheat Diet

The cabbage diet option, where vegetables, fruits and buckwheat are allowed, will especially appeal to lovers of buckwheat porridge. The diet is called: cabbage-buckwheat diet. Daily rate - a glass of buckwheat, half a kilogram of cabbage, greens, vegetables, fruits. Duration - one week.

The diet offers a 5-fold reception of fruits, cereals, vegetable dishes. An approximate version of the daily menu:

  • Breakfast: porridge with sauerkraut.
  • Lunch: tangerine or peach.
  • Lunch: cereal soup, stew.
  • Snack: mashed potatoes.
  • Dinner: vegetables with porridge, apple.

Of the more than 100 cabbage species, white-bellied is the most popular. For dietary nutrition is not only suitable because of its prevalence; low caloric value and low cost of green vegetables are important. Vegetable protein, fiber, vitamins make cabbage a useful and relatively satisfying product. And the possibility of consumption in fresh, sour, stewed, boiled form helps to diversify the diet menu.

The effect of diet is weight loss, improvement of skin and hair. Within a week, really lose weight by a few pounds.

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Egg cabbage diet

Different variants of the cabbage diet are available to everyone who wants to correct the imperfections of the figure. There are examples of losing weight by 24 kg during the month of such nutrition. But what might not be enough for supporters of budgetary mass dropping, so it's willpower. It will be required by those who are going to "sit down" on the seven-day egg-cabbage diet, which is called magical by effect, but very strict in nature. Therefore, in the presence of health problems, it is not recommended to choose a similar weight normalization program.

  • Two meals are offered: lunch and dinner. Breakfast - only coffee or green tea, in snacks, - fresh cabbage and plentiful drink. This will help reduce your appetite. Decrease in weight is noticeable on the third day.

At lunch it is recommended to eat the following foods (on days of the week): 2 eggs and a slice of cheese; egg and apple; 150 g cabbage, egg and 6-8 plums (fresh or dried); red cabbage salad and unsweetened apple; egg quail, cheese and green apple; lean soup and 50 grams of homemade cheese.

For dinner, the following foods are needed: salad with olive oil; kefir 1%; egg; salad with olive oil; egg; salad; egg and 2 apples.

Cabbage Kefir Diet

Cabbage-kefir diet belongs to relatively easy and most productive. It helps to lose 10 kg of weight, cleanse the body and at the same time almost do not suffer from hunger. Suffer this version of the cabbage diet for 7 to 10 days.

During the diet, sugar, pickles, smoked food, milk, meat are excluded. In addition to various cabbage, vegetable food, cereals are allowed. These products are enough to replenish the body's reserves of useful components and energy. Therefore, a person does not get tired and does not feel a headache.

The daily dose of kefir is 1.5 liters. The drink is used in pauses. In a limited amount allowed to drink green tea, but apples or carrots - 1 pc.

Recommended dishes:

  • cream-soup of kohlrabi and cauliflower;
  • rice with broccoli, cabbage and carrots;
  • Peking cabbage with celery and carrots;
  • puree from spinach, broccoli and rice;
  • Brussels sprouts with rice and vegetables;
  • steam oat-cabbage patties;
  • smoothies from various combinations of vegetables and fermented milk products;
  • buckwheat with boiled egg.

To support the result, similar weeks can be arranged regularly. Or practice unloading days on kefir with cabbage every ten days. And at other times, fat and sweet to eat moderately.

Cabbage Protein Diet

The variant of the program of growing thin, at which it is allowed to eat quite a lot of products, is a cabbage-protein diet. Each person can combine cabbage with other vegetables and low-fat protein foods according to personal taste. Like other techniques, the cabbage diet helps to cleanse the body of poisons and excess weight and, with the right organization, produces striking results.

However, cabbage diet does not suit everyone, and this should be taken into account when preparing for its observance. Contraindication - diabetes and diseases of the digestive tract, kidneys, liver.

The average duration of cabbage nutrition is 10 days. Who likes to make snacks, can organize a day regime with a 5-6-fold power. Already in the first days the weight decreases by three kilograms, and for a week - by 5 kg.

The recommended volume of a liquid - from one and a half liters.

  • For breakfast shred cabbage, watering it with lemon juice, cook 2 fried eggs and tea with low-fat milk.
  • The second breakfast consists of barley tea and 150 grams of cottage cheese.
  • The best dinner will be soup from sauerkraut, salad with olive oil and 100 g of chicken.
  • In the afternoon, you can drink tea (from the dog rose) or a glass of skim milk.
  • Dinner also combines cabbage and protein: cabbage-squash, plus 100 grams of fish.

Cabbage is the main ingredient in the protein-vegetable diet, which recommends alternating protein and carbohydrate days. This scheme is often used by athletes and ordinary people who want to lose weight.

Cabbage Beetroot Diet

The introduction of beets into a cabbage diet is fully justified. After all, a red vegetable is a natural sorbent, effectively removing all harmful substances from the body. Supporters of cabbage and beet diet are confident that such a diet has a beneficial effect on the liver, stomach and other internal organs. The 6-day diet method:

  • the main course is a cabbage-beetroot mixture;
  • fractional food - 5 receptions;
  • drink - fresh, water, green tea;
  • coffee is banned.

Vegetable mixture is prepared from a pound of chopped cabbage, 2 pcs. Beets, 1 onion, as well as 3 tbsp. Water, 3 tbsp. L. Lean oil. The ingredients are placed in a saucepan and boiled for 15 minutes, then insist half an hour without fire.

There are other ways to lose weight with beets: 3- and 7-day diet - in combination with kefir, on beet kvass. They are effective, but not safe. For example, a beetroot drink is contraindicated for diabetics, people with hypotension, acute pathologies of the digestive organs and kidneys.

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Menu cabbage diet for the week

Cabbage diet techniques are designed for different categories of people, so everyone can choose the right one, according to their preferences and needs.

The cabbage diet menu offered for an example can be improved for a week and slightly "adjusted" to personal taste. But by far the main food of the diet is soup, additional vegetables and fruits (bananas are allowed only once), low-fat meat, fish, milk, rice. These products supply minerals and vitamins, and brown rice adsorbs and removes harmful substances.

  • For soup you will need: 600 g cabbage, 6 green onions, 5 pcs. Celery and white onions, 2 tomatoes and sweet peppers. Tomatoes are preliminarily covered with boiling water to easily peel and grind them.

Vegetable set cook for 10 minutes. In a saucepan without a lid, then cover and stand on the fire until soft. Separately, cook brown rice, for 20 minutes, then insist under the lid for another half hour. Rice with chopped onion is added to the ready-made vegetables and a little bit of salt. The dish turns out fragrant and tasty, it can be eaten without restrictions.

Menu by days:

  1. Soup, fruit.
  2. Soup, vegetables.
  3. Soup, fruit or vegetables.
  4. Soup, bananas, milk.
  5. Soup, 450 g of meat or fish, tomatoes.
  6. Soup, vegetables, meat.
  7. Soup, juice, vegetables.

Cabbage Diet Recipes

Many consider the observance of cabbage diet as a simple matter, because it is easy to cook a variety of dishes from a vegetable - boiled, cold, baked with other ingredients and sauces. There are many recipes for cabbage diets. Here are some of them:

  1. Boil 2 eggs, cabbage and mushrooms (250 and 200 g). Cut, mix, add dill.
  2. Boiled in slightly salted water, cabbage 500 g is spread in a mold, sprinkled with shabby cheese. Bake for 20 minutes.
  3. Cutlets can be prepared from separate kinds and a mixture of cabbage. White-headed, broccoli and color are perfectly combined. Blanched vegetables are first ground in a blender, then mixed with oat flakes or a manga, add a raw egg and again blender. Formed cutlets, wrapped in ground flakes, cooked in steaming or in the oven.
  4. Dessert of banana and yogurt: chopped fruits filled with yogurt, sprinkled with oat flakes.
  5. 150 g of salmon and 200 g of sauerkraut are sprinkled with lemon juice or poured with yoghurt.
  6. Finely chopped cabbage and a steep egg with olive oil.
  7. Boiled cauliflower inflorescences, chopped boiled beets and sweet peppers mixed. Season with whipped olive-vinegar sauce.
  8. Mixture of several kinds of cabbage and carrots bake in the oven. Pour a little water into the mold. Shortly before the completion of the process, pour 2 raw eggs and mix.

Diet on cabbage soup

This version of the cabbage diet lasts a week, although if desired, you can observe it for up to 10 days. It is built on the use of exclusively soup throughout this period. Diet on cabbage soup is an effective method of losing weight, although it has a minus - monotony. This soup is soon eaten. But if you show persistence, then the effort will pay off.

The dish is easy to prepare. Recipes of soup from white-headed cabbage:

  • Cut cabbage head, 6 carrots and onions, 5 tomatoes or a glass of juice, green beans 500 g, celery - all cook together. For taste, you can add a little broth.
  • The head of medium-sized cabbage is cut into strips and thrown into boiling water. Add three tomatoes and onions, two sweet peppers, a stem or celery root. Cook until soft, finally throw a bunch of parsley and dill. This soup is eaten thrice a day.

In pauses between traditional methods of eating allowed to eat fruit, except bananas and grapes. Of the drinks, regular water and green tea are recommended.

Diet on cabbage salad

A three-day diet on a cabbage salad is one of the most effective, but rather tough, option of a cabbage diet. It prescribes during the entire period to eat exclusively salad from Beijing, Brussels, white, color or other available cabbage.

Salad is prepared from raw or, for a variety, a boiled vegetable, with the addition of greens and dressing from vegetable oil. From other vegetables, you can add a little grated carrots or apples.

  • The proposed diet has a minimum of calories, but it is not easy to keep it. Therefore cabbage mono-diet is sometimes enriched - for example, with lean yogurt. Otherwise, the body is threatened by an imbalance of vital substances.

Kefir is introduced as a compromise; it quenches the feeling of hunger and supports the forces of those who want to lose weight - to prematurely not disrupt the diet regime. Up to three servings of a sour milk drink are allowed. Both products should be consumed separately - drink kefir between salad receptions. This method of nutrition leads to a good result: body weight is significantly reduced.

Diet with cabbage decoction

The variant of a diet with cabbage decoction has an important advantage over other ways of losing weight: thanks to the heat treatment, the vegetable loses polysaccharides, and without them no gasses form in the intestine. So cabbage diet of this kind can please even people with a weak stomach.

In addition, the broth is able to satisfy hunger, which is important with a sparse diet of any diet. But there is a drawback: a cabbage drink is not enough for anyone. Therefore, psychologically it must be taken for a medicine that does not taste pleasant.

  • The broth is prepared quickly according to this recipe: for 3 cups of water - about 200 g of vegetable, cook for 20 minutes. Wash off the liquid and remove the flesh. Drink a drink before bed, without adding salt or seasoning.

The effect of vegetable "broth" is that in the stomach hot drink creates a feeling of satiety, relieving hunger and improving one's health. After a few days, weight loss becomes noticeable externally, and within a week it is quite real to miss out from 5 to 7 kilograms.

Natural drink from cabbage excellently affects the skin and hair, enriches the body with iron, improves blood circulation, soothes nerves. And yet - he protects finances, as cabbage is never inaccessible at a price.

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