Diet on cabbage: reviews and results

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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

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Cabbage, which occupies an honorable place on the tables of many peoples, is not just tasty and useful, like most vegetables. It can easily be cooked, marinated and sour, used fresh. All kinds of plants contain substances that promote weight loss. This property is laid in the basis of various methods of cabbage diet, designed to normalize weight and improve the body.



Initially, cabbage diet was created for patients who underwent serious surgeries. Today the main indication for the appointment of a diet is excess weight. Choosing a scheme, it is preliminary important to decide what task to put, that is, how many kilograms you want to lose weight. And also - whether there are any contraindications for this method of nutrition.

In addition to losing weight, this diet helps to cleanse the bowels of toxins, saturation with useful components, general improvement of the body.

  • Variants of soft and hard rations of various duration are known. Hard offers to "sit" only on salads, soft allows you to combine different types of cabbage with meat, vegetables. The menu is complemented with sauerkraut. In both cases, alcohol, calorie and harmful food are excluded.

Cabbage preserves vitamins for a long time, therefore it is possible to prescribe cabbage diet in any season. And if we talk about a sour vegetable, the amount, for example, of vitamin C in it increases many times, that it is a sin not to use it in the winter period, in which, actually, the quasine is harvested.

Exotic species such as kohlrabi, savoy, broccoli are available if not fresh, then frozen, from them, too, you can prepare quite a variety of dishes. A creative approach will help everyone not only use ready-made recipes, but also to invent their own.

Cabbage is indicated for reducing sugar levels, improving liver, kidneys, stomach, eliminating articular and headaches, gout, mastopathy, increased nervousness, apathy.

Pure cabbage nutrition is not recommended for more than two weeks. Next, you can not give up cabbage, but gradually supplement the diet with more caloric ingredients.

Cabbage Diet for Weight Loss

Thanks to the popularity of cabbage, a large number of dishes are prepared from it - salads, snacks, hot dishes; it perfectly combines with meat, cereals, other vegetables, sour cream, lean butter, sauces. Among them, there are enough recipes that will suit lovers of the cabbage diet.

The quantity of a vegetable is not limited, especially if a person feels hungry. An important role is given to drinking: in a day you need to consume at least 2 liters of green tea and water. Morning is recommended to start with coffee, the function of which is to accelerate metabolism.

Cabbage diet for weight loss also includes bans, in particular, for such products:

  • salt;
  • sugar;
  • all kinds of alcoholic beverages;
  • flour dishes;
  • baked pastry.

Sour cabbage contains many minerals and vitamins that strengthen immunity. Daily use of sour vegetable for weight loss perfectly eliminates toxins and slags. There are facts when in three days people lost up to 7 kg, using sauerkraut instead of lunch.

Correctly organized cabbage diet allows you to get rid of six kilograms of weight in 10 days. For a variety of dishes are prepared from different types: color, broccoli, Brussels, Savoy cabbage. This variant of nutrition can last for various periods: 3, 5, 7, 10 days, 2 weeks or a month.

  • Classical diet - up to 10 days. Then it's best to take a break. Go to the normal diet should be gradually, without overeating caloric food, which can again be deposited in the stock.

In general, there is a rule that the shorter the diet, the higher the probability of weight gain. Therefore, express weight loss is recommended only when you urgently need to wear your favorite clothes. Long-term diets give a slow, but more reliable effect, without harm to the body, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism.

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Cabbage is a low-calorie vegetable rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, which helps to cleanse the body. For cabbage diet all sorts are suitable, but more often it is used white-cocked. The benefit of the diet will increase if, in addition to fresh vegetables, twice a week to eat sauerkraut.

  • The main effect of cabbage mono-diet is weight loss. It is also important that, with the right approach, the lost kilograms do not return after the end of the diet.

Vegetable fibers perfectly clean the intestines and normalize digestion. Cabbage has a positive effect on the kidneys, liver. For its processing, more effort is expended than it is delivered to the body, thanks to which the result is noticeable in a few days.

Scientists do not cease to be surprised, discovering new properties of a miracle-vegetable. They say that cabbage can even inhibit the development of cancerous processes. It is recommended for gastritis, increased sugar, colds, pains in the spine, gout, mastopathy. Leaves are used for headaches, they reduce stress and apathy.

What can and what can not?

What can you eat with a cabbage diet, in addition to the main vegetable? In the list of allowed - carrots, onions, low-fat fish, meat, chicken in small quantities. At night - a portion of kefir or fruit (without grapes and bananas). Cabbage is necessary only fresh and qualitative, the quantity of it is not limited.

  • During the cabbage diet, it is especially important to maintain a fluid balance. It is ideal to drink daily 2 liters: 1.5 liters of quality water and at least 0.5 liters of juice and green tea.

Unsweetened coffee is recommended to stimulate metabolic processes in the morning. According to some nutritionists, coffee on an empty stomach is harmful; they advise pre-eat oatmeal cooked on water without sweetening, and only then pamper yourself with an invigorating drink.

In order not to break cabbage diet, it is important to know what can not be eaten?

  • Taboo products are subject to slowing metabolism and deposited in the reserve in the fat layer.
  • Alcohol, soda, flour, butter, fat, canned food - extra calories for the body.
  • Excluded are spicy spices, high-calorie sauces, dressings (mayonnaise, sour cream).


Before you go on a cabbage diet, you should consult for lack of contraindications. Cabbage can badly affect the gastrointestinal tract and cause an exacerbation of digestive problems. Therefore, in the risk group, patients with gastrointestinal problems, kidney problems, high obesity, diabetics.

  • Diet is forbidden for pregnant women and children under 14 years.

It is necessary to leave the diet carefully, so as not to harm the body. First, add an egg or a slice of chicken for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, instead of cabbage salad, eat something different. Sweet, salty to enter delicately, so that the organism could adapt.

In order to avoid the return of excess weight after the cabbage diet, you need to stick to the rational nutrition and balance of calories longer.

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Possible risks

When observing a hard cabbage diet, the body receives a minimum of carbohydrates, which causes fatigue, indifference, reduced efficiency, depression. The reaction and attention worsen, the head hurts. This organism demonstrates "dissatisfaction" with the fact that it is forced to waste energy stored for future use.

  • Risks associated with the diet should be taken into account by drivers and people of other professions who use technology and mechanisms in their work.

The absence of fats adversely affects the sex cells and the work of the brain, so you should take breaks in the cabbage ration. And some experts believe that in general it can not be followed more often than once a year. Moreover, in a week the body starts using muscle mass as an energy material, because of which the body loses its elasticity and becomes flabby.

There are risks of dietary frustration, provoked by the monotony of the menu. For prevention it is necessary to diversify food as much as possible, and to make up for a lack of vitamins, take medicine preparations. And mobilize your own willpower to overcome all the risks associated with the diet.

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Cabbage diet can not be attributed to a balanced diet. It is with this associated possible complications.

In order to avoid mineral-vitamin imbalances, you must additionally use pharmaceuticals.

An unpleasant companion of the cabbage menu is flatulence.

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Reviews and results

In the reviews and results, people who have tried cabbage diet, lead positive examples of losing weight: they drop 12 to 18 kg per month, 6 kg per week. On their own experience, they are convinced that the expected result is accelerated with the use of vitamins and active physical exertion.

Among adherents of various methods of losing weight is popular because it is short-term and inexpensive, and the main ingredient can be eaten a lot, filling the stomach and suppressing hunger. In many programs there are other low-calorie foods. Having weighed all the pros and cons, one can choose his own version of recovery with the help of ordinary cabbage.

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