Products for hormone replacement in women and men

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It happens that the hormonal background is disrupted due to a lack or excess of some nutrients that affect the sexual sphere. Accordingly, the situation can be normalized in the same way by introducing into the diet products for the restoration of the hormonal background.

Products for hormone replacement

At the same time, you should adjust the diet and dosage of portions. You need to eat 4 - 5 times a day, the maximum amount of a single portion - up to 300 ml, and the caloric content should be led by breakfast and lunch. Dinner is the easiest. The diet should correspond to the biological clock, and the last meal is important to finish no later than three hours before bed.

After reviewing the recommendations of nutritionists, we can safely say that proper nutrition is a pledge of hormonal balance and overall health of a woman. That is, the products for the restoration of the body as a whole provide and the normal state of the hormonal system.

  • Water

Drink enough, little by little: the first dose - after waking up, then during the day and at the end - an hour before bedtime.

  • Sea bass, trout, salmon

Useful fish fats promote women's health, stimulate brain activity.

  • Squid, shrimp, sea kale

Seafood is a source of iodine, calcium. Stimulate the work of the epiphysis, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, producing various hormones.

  • Natural dairy products of high fat content

Especially necessary products for the restoration of the hormonal background and women's health in general. Normalization of the digestive tract is beneficial for the pancreas and adrenal glands.

  • Fruits, vegetables, greens

Mandatory components of the diet of a woman: make up for the costs of vitamins, pectin, fiber.

  • Beef, bacon

They contain trace elements, zinc, selenium.

  • Nuts

Sources of vegetable fats, protein.

  • Garlic

Rich in phytoncids.

  • Fresh and smoothies

Suppliers of vitamins, minerals, fiber.

  • Natural chocolate

Antidepressant, a source of energy.

Products for the restoration of potency

Since time immemorial, mankind has paid great attention to the intimate life and role of nutrition in this sphere. Among the products for the restoration of the body, even a separate group has been singled out - the so-called aphrodisiacs, named for the honor of the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite.

If you discard such exotic dishes for the European as a camel's stomach or a dog dog with turtle blood, then the rest of the menu for restoring potency is generally approved by modern scientists. They believe that the male body needs special products for the restoration of potency, rich in: a vitamin of "reproduction" A and other (E, B), as well as proteins, cholesterol, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, etc. Minerals.

After all, from what sperm are built? Nucleic acids and bioactive substances are concentrated in the germ cells for their synthesis. Products for the recovery of the body are supplied by these components. In particular, the following:

  1. Nuts.
  2. Vegetables, spicy herbs, dandelion leaves.
  3. Eggs.
  4. Honey.
  5. Turnip.
  6. Mushrooms.
  7. Seeds.
  8. Boiled mackerel, flounder.
  9. Oysters, mussels, cancerous seafood.
  10. Game (pheasant, thrush).

Of great importance is the quality, as well as the amount of food. And overeating for male potency is much worse than malnutrition. And the truth, as always, is in the middle.

Many products for the restoration of potency are more effective in combination with each other, for example, scrambled eggs with onions, boiled turnips with meat, honey with milk, eggs, yeast.

Products for sperm recovery

It is argued that male infertility is caused by inadequate production of sperm in 90% of cases. To activate the process, you do not need to resort to synthetic drugs; for the beginning it is enough to make adjustments in a food and to enter in a diet special products for restoration of a semen.

Among the most effective products for spermatogenesis - and the usual products for the recovery of the body, and classic aphrodisiacs such as oysters that participate in the development of both female and male sex hormones, increase sexual desire and opportunities. Ginseng has a reputation for the root of masculinity, garlic is responsible for the stability of spermatozoa, and blueberries and spinach increase their "skill" and dexterity.

Regarding specific ingredients, men, for the health of the reproductive system, need: folic acid, zinc, magnesium, selenium, iron, arginine, vitamins E, C, useful fats, coenzyme Q10, amino acids. They are able to provide food and drinks made from such raw materials:

  1. Ginseng.
  2. Brazilian nut.
  3. Garlic.
  4. Bird's meat.
  5. Pumpkin seeds.
  6. Popcorn.
  7. Blueberry.
  8. Almond.
  9. Spinach, parsley
  10. Oysters.

Sperm is not restored to men who abuse alcohol, smoking, fatty, fried and other unhealthy dishes.

Products for menstrual recovery

The female organism, receiving the necessary components with food, works in a harmonious and harmonious way. However, not everything depends only on food, and most women of childbearing age have encountered various cycle disorders in their lives. One of the frequent provoking factors - a sharp restriction of nutrition to lose weight.

Why is this happening? The fact is that sex hormones are formed from cholesterol, which is scarce in meager food. And part of the estrogen produces subcutaneous fatty tissue, which in the process of losing weight is critically depleted. Thus, the amount of hormones artificially decreases, which leads to delays, painful menstruation and other cycle disorders.

Can I solve the problem without drugs using products to restore the menstrual cycle? It turns out that a diet chosen for different phases makes a significant contribution to the prevention of menstrual disruptions and the normalization of the hormonal background.

From the general basket with products for the restoration of the body of a woman should choose those that contain more carotene, vitamins E, B6, choline, folic acid, selenium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron. It can be:

  • Bright fruits - make up for the lack of carotenoids.
  • Bananas, pears - they supply potassium.
  • Sunflower seeds are a source of vegetable fat, protein, and potassium.
  • Different varieties of cabbage, spinach - saturate with tocopherol (vitamin E).
  • Wheat germ - rich in vitamin E.
  • Soy products in the range - supplies choline, necessary for the operation of steroid hormones.
  • Vegetable oils are sources of unsaturated fats, tocopherol, vitamins.
  • The liver is a storehouse of iron necessary for the synthesis of hemoglobin.
  • Bread, yeast - suppliers of vitamins, fiber.
  • Fish oil is a source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Eating food is one of the pleasures provided by nature to every person. Food not only sates and restores the necessary energy, but also promotes a high quality of life: good health, vivacity, good mood. The main thing is that the dishes in the daily diet are properly prepared from quality products to restore the body. To fulfill this condition is available to everyone who cares about their own health and strives for a high quality of life.

Products to restore the monthly

If something went wrong in the woman's body and the menstrual cycle failed, self-medication is unacceptable. A compulsory visit to the doctor will dot the "i" and answer the question of how to solve the problem. But since the failure of the system often occurs as an undesirable reaction to a too strict diet, then in any case there will be a question about products to restore the monthly.

To menstruation was regular, it is especially important to eat right before they start, when the blood is as saturated as possible with estrogens. To this end, you should avoid products made from white flour, rice, potatoes. They cause an increase in the amount of insulin that disrupts the natural menstrual cycle and promotes excess body fat. Instead of the so-called. "White products" the body needs to offer a menu with a sufficient amount of useful fats, proteins, including vegetable, vitamin D, flavonoids, antioxidants.

Normalize the cycle will help "colored" products to restore the body:

  1. Tuna, sardines.
  2. Fish fat.
  3. Eggs, yolks.
  4. Lean oil.
  5. Soya beans.
  6. Cottage cheese, cheese.
  7. Cod liver.
  8. Peanuts, almonds, walnuts.
  9. Cocoa, dark chocolate.
  10. Broths of parsley, oregano, other medicinal herbs.
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