Microelements for strong bones and weight loss

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Last reviewed: 23.04.2024

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To ensure that the bone tissue is strong, and the weight is controlled, you need sufficient doses of trace elements. What vitamins and trace elements are needed to control bone strength and weight control?

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Calcium for weight regulation

Calcium helps the bones to become stronger, regulates metabolism, helps to stabilize the mood, a person thanks to calcium calms down before going to sleep, and also his muscles become more elastic.

If the body has little calcium, the bones and nails become brittle, the hair falls out, restless sleep, mood swings and frequent depression. And yet, despite this, people use less calcium than they deprive themselves of a full life.

According to statistics, only 500 mg of calcium can enter the human body with the products, and the daily dose is 2-3 times more - up to 1000 mg. That is, every day a man deprives himself of at least half the daily dose of calcium.

This is especially dangerous for women who are in the menopause. During this period, the bones become especially brittle, hair and teeth may fall out or lose their vitality.

Then a woman needs to take calcium and for its better digestibility - estrogen. During the intake of estrogen, the daily intake of calcium should be increased to 1500 mg.

Many women do not know, but the lack of calcium in the body does not give the opportunity to fully maintain weight - a lack of calcium provokes its accumulation.

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Nutrition and calcium

If a woman takes insufficient milk and products from neg (cottage cheese, sour cream, kefir), she deprives herself of natural natural calcium. Especially it is wrong if a woman wants to lose excess weight by refusing milk. The result will be exactly the opposite, because calcium just helps normalize the weight.

If we drink soda and alcoholic beverages, even low-alcohol drinks, then we deprive ourselves of calcium even more. Phosphates and phosphorus, which are contained in these drinks, interfere with the absorption of calcium by the small intestine.

The richest source of calcium is milk and its products. Vegetables are also good as suppliers of calcium, but they stand in second place after milk. Fruits are a source of calcium, although not as rich as vegetables and dairy. But it is worthwhile to know that the fiber, which is contained in vegetables, does not allow us to assimilate calcium by 100%. Therefore, if you can not get calcium from food, you need to take it in pharmacy.

How to strengthen bones with minerals


Helps bones grow and reduces their fragility, promotes good muscle tone, stabilizes blood pressure

The daily dose of 400 - 600 mg

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Legumes, flakes, bran, seafood products from wholemeal flour, ideally - with bran


It controls the synthesis of proteins as well as DNA, helps muscle tissues to be more elastic by forming collagen fibers, promotes their growth, regulates blood glucose levels

Daily dose

400 - 600 mg

A source

Meat of animals and birds, beans, brown rice and preferably unprocessed, vegetables, seafood


Helps to remove from the body the remains of vitamins E, C, B when exceeding their doses, and also controls energy metabolism in cells, helps to keep blood glucose levels, promotes good thyroid function, in particular, the formation of the thyroid hormone T4, strengthens the immune system.

Daily dose

10-25 mg

A source

Seeds, nuts, cereals and sprouted wheat, carrots, cabbage, especially broccoli, tea leaves, bran


It simulates the work of muscles and their development, promotes human growth, in particular, the growth and development of its bones, the strengthening of bone tissue, helps to normalize sleep

Daily dose

1000-1 200 mg before the onset of menopause and assuming that a woman does not take estrogens, 1500 mg after menopause has occurred

A source

Milk and dairy products, juices, vegetables, especially broccoli

Vitamin D

It helps to better assimilate calcium in the body, in particular, it controls its secretion in the kidneys, helps strengthen bone and muscle tissue, is good for the prevention of osteoporosis

Daily dose

400 international units

A source

Eggs, milk and dairy products, fish


Helps strengthen bones and cartilage, promotes less release of magnesium and calcium

A source

Green vegetables, for example, green peppers or tomatoes, as well as cabbage

What medications should I watch out for?

Very often they offer natural preparations with calcium, which are found in seashells. For example, oysters. But these drugs should be avoided, because they can contain toxins in the form of lead, arsenic and mercury.

Calcium supplements can also contain calcium citrate, which doctors consider harmful to the body. Advertisers, on the contrary, write that this drug is well absorbed by the body. In fact, this is not so. In addition, calcium citrate is an additive in which calcium contains too small doses. Therefore, you need to take not one or two tablets, but several, but this is not written on the package.

How to test the possibility of calcium absorption?

To do this, you need to pass a daily urine test. It will show how much calcium is absorbed by the body and how much excess calcium is excreted in the urine. It is especially important to do this analysis if a person has had hormonal therapy after fractures or bone repair.

It is also important to check how much calcium is absorbed, with a large loss of bone mass in certain diseases, for example, osteoporosis.

If the level of calcium in the body is low, then, the absorption of calcium is broken. Then the balance of calcium in the body needs to be restored, taking it along with the hormone estradiol. Then calcium is absorbed much better than without estradiol.

If the level of calcium in the blood is too high, then you are taking too large doses of this drug, or the body is not absorbing calcium well. And more you need to take care of taking sufficient doses of estradiol.

Vitamin D and its properties

If there is a lack of vitamin D in the body, then the person does not have a well-balanced menu. Scientific studies conducted in England in 1999 showed that 50% of women live with a deficiency of vitamin D. These women had particularly brittle bones, often fractures. The lowered norm of vitamin D is less than 30 nmol / l.

The risk of fractures is reduced if you take enough vitamin D and do gymnastics of the limbs. At a normal level of vitamin D, the diet quickly regenerates bone tissue. In addition, a person quickly loses weight, if the body lacks vitamin D, weight control is very difficult.

The norm of vitamin D is not less than 400 nmol / l, its overdose, like a defect, is unacceptable.

Boron for strong bones

Boron takes an active part in metabolic processes that occur in bone tissue. It is a part of vegetables, especially green, in particular, in tomatoes and pepper. If you buy multivitamins, be sure to check if there is a boron in their composition.

It should be no lower and no higher than the norm.

Overdose of boron increases the risk of osteoporosis, provokes bone damage, destruction of bone tissue.

The lack of boron provokes weakness, fatigue, problems with the hormonal background.


What you need to take with boron

Among the minerals to be taken with boron, there must be zinc, magnesium, manganese, vitamin D. These substances help to develop bone tissue better, stabilize sleep, work of the nervous system, reduce pain, reduce irritability, and help muscle tissue improve.

To the body better absorbs the drugs, it is better to take them in liquid form, rather than in the tablet.

A sufficient amount of minerals in the diet will help get rid of excess weight, strengthen bones and muscles. Only their norms should be balanced. For this you need to get a consultation with an endocrinologist.

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