Lemon juice with water and soda for weight loss

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Last reviewed: 17.06.2019

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Many people have heard about the lemon diet. Although biting the body with a lemon or lemon juice for weight loss is not everything. Perhaps this is due to lack of awareness about the properties and ways of using acid citrus. After all, losing weight without limiting oneself in food is easy and simple. This is the way that some variants of the lemon diet are offered.

The Benefits of Lemon Juice

The use of lemon juice for weight loss is due to its ability to split fat cells. Such an effect is performed by organic acids, with which lemons and limes are filled with interest, as well as essential oils.

Due to this composition the most acidic in the family of citrus fruits have unique properties:

  • break down lipids;
  • suppress the feeling of hunger;
  • normalize metabolism;
  • detoxify;
  • strengthen the hair;
  • improve the condition of the skin and nail plates.

The main principle of a lemon-based diet is not to limit the amount of food, but in addition to the usual diet of lemon juice and clean water. Taboo is imposed only on particularly harmful foods and dishes: fried, fatty, floury, sweets. In addition to juice, it is advisable to use rubbed peel - as an ingredient in soups and salads, sprinkle with fish and meat dishes, add juicy slices in teas and compotes.

Tea is better to choose green, without sugar. It is rich in antioxidants, which doubles the useful properties of the drink, and this, in turn, accelerates weight loss and at the same time increases immunity.

But before you start using lemon juice for weight loss, it is advisable to get acquainted with the intricacies of the "acid diet" and consult about your own health. Instead of doing good, do not harm the body.

What can threaten the lemon diet? The fact is that lemon juice acts as a strong acid, irritating the mucous membrane of the digestive organs. It is clear that with increased acidity the situation will worsen and may provoke an exacerbation of gastritis and other inflammatory processes in the digestive system. To apply the diet, you must first cure hyperacid gastritis.

Another risk is associated with the aggressive effect of acid on tooth enamel. To protect your teeth, when using concentrated lemon juice for weight loss, it is advisable to use a cocktail straw, and then rinse the oral cavity with water.

Lemon Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

There are many ways and diets, including lemon juice for weight loss: with ginger, green coffee, fruit salad, infusions - with cinnamon, garlic or cucumber. Even radical combinations of lemon with cognac are offered. Let's dwell on some recipes of lemon juice for weight loss:

  1. On an empty stomach, use a spoonful of honey, squeezed with milk. After two hours, drink a glass of fresh from a lemon. The second glass should be drunk about four hours before bedtime. Food during the day with such a diet is not limited.
  2. Juice from 5 kg of acid fruits diluted with water (1: 3), boil without adding sugar. This is a serving of drinking for 2 days. Next, you can prepare a new dose and repeat the procedure, but in general the diet should not last more than 2 weeks in a row.
  3. To accelerate the effect, a special diet is used, when the body is exposed to sour juice simultaneously from the outside and from the inside. External influenced by a bath with sea salt, which adds juice from three fruits. Inside, use two liters of water, acidified with the juice of three lemons.
  4. Undiluted juice can be consumed after a heavy digestion food, which for some reason can not be abandoned during the diet. It will help to eliminate the unpleasant consequences of copious treats and diet disorders. In order not to damage the teeth, pure juice, we recall, must be drunk through a tube.

Interesting conclusions were drawn by an American neurologist who investigated the effect of odor on appetite. The well-known fact that food flavors stimulate appetite, the scientist considered from a different angle, wishing to answer the reasonable question: are there smells having the opposite effect? And found that some of the flavors act this way, that is, they depress the desire to eat. These include many essential oils - lemons, mint, roses, bananas, apples, lavender, rosemary, anise.

In the context of losing weight, this discovery is very useful for those who are taking it. Of course, you will not be full of one smell, but in such an easy way it's easy to reduce your appetite twice! It is recommended such a procedure before meals, you need to inhale six times each nostril. The process of losing weight is accelerated if the aromas alternate.

Lemon juice with soda for weight loss

Quickly and permanently lose weight can be with the help of lemon juice with soda for weight loss. When the ingredients are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs and a pleasant "pop" is formed, which dissolves the edible fats even at the digestion stage. Due to the pre-emptive impact, nothing superfluous can save time.

  • Recipe for soda with lemon juice for weight loss: a glass of warm water take a quarter teaspoon of soda and juice half a lemon. When mixing, bubbles of gas should form. Lemon-soda water should be washed down with food, eaten at breakfast, lunch, dinner.

The drink captivates with ease of preparation and inexpensive price. However, not all so simple. First, you can not drink it longer than two weeks in a row (during this time, the mass decreases by 3 - 4 kg). Secondly, an aggressive pop is not to all stomachs "to taste." Therefore, people with high acidity and ulcers such a drink is contraindicated.

Not recommended lemon-soda diet is also hypertensive and coronary, pregnant and nursing mothers.

Water with lemon juice for weight loss

Water with lemon juice for weight loss is consumed during a 2-week diet according to a special scheme. At the heart of the recipe for the so-called lemon diet are simple proportions: the juice of one lemon per glass of water. Water should be warm or at room temperature, so as not to slow down the digestive process.

Begin with one glass of drinking, increasing daily serving of another glass. As a result, on the sixth day, six lemons are needed, of which it is necessary to squeeze out the juice, and as many glasses of water. A reasonable question may arise, is it easy to drink such an amount of an acidic drink on an empty stomach? The diet allows you to divide the drink into several doses and drink on a dose before each meal.

  • The seventh day is unloading. It is recommended that you give up any food. During the day, only a liquid is needed: in general, 3 liters of water with 3 lemons juice and a spoonful of honey. The sweet component should relieve the feeling of weakness and fatigue that result from starvation.

The next week the drink with lemon juice for weight loss is taken exactly the opposite way, that is, start with a six-fold portion, reduce it every day to a glass and at the end of the week go to the initial amount: the juice of one lemon per glass of water. The last day is again unloading. The diet can be repeated several times a year, but not too often.

There are also more rigid variants of the "lemonade diet". They are very effective, but fraught with risks to the stomach, so they require a balanced approach and special care.

The use of lemon juice for weight loss is one of the varieties of the widespread passive way of losing weight. Undoubtedly, it's healthier to combine lemon juice and other healthy ingredients with physical activity - in the gym or at least in the home. Refusal of harmful foods and drinks, unhealthy habits and lack of mobility speeds up the desired result and makes it more stable.

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